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This page and information about the courses at Crater VFX Training Center is aimed at English speaking students. Enrollement lasts throughout the year and course beginning dates will be announced as soon as sufficient number of participants have signed up. When registering for a particular course each candidate will be required to attend an interview with the professor of the course in question either in person or over Skype, depending on where you live, before being offered a place. Basic knowledge of English is a prerequisite for taking a course with us as all the courses, the terminology and literature is in English.

Available courses include courses for adults and courses for teens, within our Creative Animation section.

Courses for Adults:                                                                              Courses for Teens:

•    Digital Photography                                                                   •    Photoshop
•    Digital Image Editing and Creation/Photoshop                         •    After Effects
•    3D Visualization /3DS Max                                                          •    3DS Max
•    3D/VFX Essentials /Autodesk Maya                                             •    Maya                                                            
•    Digital Lighting, Shading and Rendering /Autodesk Arnold
•    Rigging /Autodesk Maya
   Character Animation /Autodesk Maya
   Digital Effects /Houdini
   Digital Compositing /NUKE
•    Motion Graphics /After Effects
•    Videography /Premiere
•    Graphic Design and Priniting /Illustrator
•    AutoCAD 2D
•    AutoCAD 3D

Courses for Teens encourage participants ages 13 - 17 to become creators and innovators in the field of computer technology in a interactive and fun way which enables them to gain skills that they simply must have in the 21st century: knowledge of programs which are the alphabet of the new age, critical thinking, problem solving, team work and socialization. All courses are beginners level.

Courses for Adults are designed to accommodate students at various levels of knowledge and experience. Beginner courses are created for students who have no prior knowledge related to computerized graphics. [Digital PhotographyDigital Image Editing and Creation3D Visualization, After Effects, Videography, Graphic Design and PrinitingRevit Architecture, AutoCAD 2D  AutoCAD 3D]. 

The 3D/VFX Essentials course is an introduction to the VFX profession and is therefore also aimed at beginners. This particular course was designed as an introduction to various professions and provides students with the opportunity to become VFX generalists. Upon completion, students will have gained enough knowledge in each VFX field to further their career in any direction they choose. The course can be taken alone or as preparation for one of our specialized courses.

Specialized courses are designed to provide students with focused knowledge for work in the field of contemporary VFX production.[Organic Modeling and TexturingDigital Lighting, Shading and RenderingRigging, Character Animation, Digital Effects, Matte Painting and Environment Design - Basic and Digital Compositing]. 

Specialized game art courses, apart from 3D/VFX Essentials  and Organic Modeling and Texturing are Game Art Course based in 3Ds Max (to be released soon).    
Each of the above mentioned courses can be attended as an individual course independent of the others, providing one meets the criteria for necessary prior knowledge, which can be found on the individual page of each course, or if you wish to,  you can take more than one course at a time. Candidates will be required to provide evidence of the prior knowledge required for the course of their choice. This may be done by providing evidence of completed courses and/or degrees at other institutions, or by presenting examples of one’s work; displaying sufficient knowledge. Moreover, if one does not meet said criteria, enrollment in one of our other courses will be recommended in order to fill the gaps in one’s knowledge. More information about the courses can be viewed here.
Crater VFX Training Center is Autodesk Authorized Training Center, Adobe Authorized Training Center as well as an Certiport Certification Center. Upon completion of any of our courses that use Autodesk or Adobe software, students will receive an internationally recognized Autodesk or Adobe certificate, along with a certificate from Crater VFX Training Center.* Furthermore, all students are given the opportunity to sit the following official Autodesk examinations: User Exam and Professional Exam and Adobe examinations: Certified Associate and Certified ExpertMore about the exams can be found via e-mail to:
A payment plan is arranged prior to the start of the course, full payment up front or monthly installments throughout the duration of the course in question. Full payment grants you a discount of 5%. For those students wishing to apply for more than one course, additional discounts are offered. Payment is to be submitted in Serbian dinars (at the daily conversion rate for Euro of the National Bank of Serbia). Course price list can be viewed here.

You will master all the tricks necessary to become a VFX professional, while being taught and mentored by the best people in the industry in a positive environment. This is an excellent opportunity to learn all there is to know from A to Z about the VFX craft and to discover the industry's best kept secrets from our guest lecturers who have already established themselves in some of the biggest studios in the world. Once you become a VFX professional, the sky is the limit! A gallery of works by former students and their testimonials can be seen and read here 

Talent in the VFX industry is highly valued and therefore we at Crater VFX Training Center provide practical experience at our studio with the Crater Studio Internship Program. Upon the completion of your course you will be offered a one month internship at the studio.  For those who excel during their time as an intern, they may be offered an extension on their internship**. Alongside our Internship program, we offer scholarships to those who demonstrate exceptional talent in the beginners courses but do not have the means to continue learning with us.  For more information, contact us via e-mail: A gallery of works by former interns and their testimonials can be seen here.

The VFX industry is extremely developed. We at Crater Studio want to put Serbia on the global VFX map. Various jobs are available in the VFX field and all are considered jobs of the future. There will always be great demand for VFX professionals, making work easy to find especially in the years to come. 

Here is a list of some possible careers in the VFX industry:
• VFX Artist/3D Generalist
• 3D Modeller
• Texturing Artist
• Lighting Artist
• Character Rigger
• 2D Animator
• 3D Animator
• Digital Effects Artist
• Digital Compositor
• Concept Artist
• Matte Painting Artist
…and many more…

If you decide to enroll in one of our general or specialized courses here at Crater VFX Training Center, you'll learn everything you need to know to start a career in the VFX industry.

For  questions or to apply,  please send an e-mail to: or call the following phone numbers:  00 381 11 2620-597; 00 381 11 2620-624;  00 381 63 565-132

 At Crater Studio & Crater VFX Training Center we look forward to working with you on furthering your education and career.


* Completion of your final project is a requirement for getting your Crater, Adobe and Autodesk certificates.

**  The internship is offered based on the studio's current availability.  Some students may be offered an internship at a later agreed upon date. We do not have available
 internships for all courses. 
For more information on which courses have available internships please see Course List

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