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Blockbuster movies such as Life of Pi, The Avengers, The Hobbit and Harry Potteralongside many other productions with stunning visual effects, are created with the latest cutting edge technology and made by experts in the VFX industry. Think that sounds cool? You're right! But there's more to it than that. The VFX industry is a thriving, young and innovative industry that provides numerous opportunities for a successful and rewarding career anywhere in the world, as well as the opportunity to work on amazing projects. If you haven't yet decided which career path you wish to pursue and you're tech-savvy and interested in visual and film arts, or perhaps excel in mathematics, physics or programming, you can display and apply your talents at the Crater VFX Training Center in the most interesting, challenging and creative way, whilst creating visual effects that can be used in films, on TV shows and in the video gaming industry. A dynamic and creative 3D job is ideal for visual artists of all backgrounds including architects, industrial designers and all those who use computerized visualizations in their work. Find out more about courses>


Why Crater VFX Training Center?

Crater VFX Training center is a branch of one of the most successful regional studios for the development of visual effects for film and television - Crater Studio 

Through the experience and knowledge we have gained working with artists at Crater Studio, we have seen how healthy communication and cooperation in a team, while gently nurturing each individual talent, produces the highest results and customer satisfaction. With this in mind, we decided to put our experience to use at the Crater VFX Training Center. Learning and perfecting skills in visual effects offers those interested practical, applicable knowledge and the opportunity of an inside look into the profession as well as the chance to learn to specialize, integrate and communicate in a professional environment in which positive results are always expected. The aim of our education is to give graduates the necessary experience to create visual effects of the highest quality in a positive atmosphere while fulfilling the highest professional standards and, in this way, to ensure they're ready to compete in the global market and create world-class visual effects.


VFX Magic

Everything you wanted to know about visual effects but didn't have anyone to ask

Today in the movies, nothing is impossible. Aliens take over Earth, dinosaurs attack people and monsters emerge from the sea to destroy New York skyscrapers. And everything looks so real! Movie magic in contemporary film wouldn't be possible without VFX artists. If you pay attention to the end credits of any Hollywood blockbuster, you will notice that there are thousands of people involved in the production of a film, many of whom are VFX professionals. All of them work very hard to create illusionary worlds enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.
Any image that is created, altered or enhanced using a computer for film or any other motion picture media that can't be produced during live-action shooting, falls under the umbrella of visual effects. Therefore, the art of visual effects usually takes place during post-production. Today, there are many digital tools that can create fully computer-generated characters, environments and architecture. These have become a standard industry tool for any filmmaker's kit.


VFX Profession

Art and technology - a winning combination!

Visual effects artists create special characters and effects for - movies, TV shows and commercials, computer games and performing arts. In practice, work on visual effects represents a combination of art, technology, skill and science. This job combines several disciplines, making teamwork an essential factor. Alongside team spirit, anyone intending on building a career in the VFX industry should possess good communication skills and work hard on creating a portfolio and demo reel or short film.  A demo reel is particularly important for any future VFX artist, in this industry the quality of one's demo reel is considered a more accurate reflection of the quality of one's work than any academic degree. Art and technology have always been in close connection. Painting developed from using raw dyes to oil paints. Later, lenses and emulsions were developed and the camera was born and not long after this, film. Technological progress in visual arts was initiated by the artists themselves in order to create more realistic, more believable and more stunning visual effects. Above all, these artists wanted to tell a story in what they see as the best possible way. It is important to underline that the predecessors of today's VFX artists were also artists. In the way that Leonardo Da Vinci, Muybridge and Melies developed technology and simultaneously created great art, today's visual effects artists use computers as a powerful tool in creating fantastic visual experiences. The magic that the public enjoys when watching a movie or a TV show or when playing a video game, is the work of a visual effects artist, a product of his imagination and his skill to use the technology available to him in the most innovative way.


VFX Education

Why is education in this field important?

It seems that pursuing a career in the field of VFX has never been so popular. During the 20th century, the VFX industry and market were relatively underdeveloped. Since the industry changed and developed so rapidly, universities and film and art schools rarely introduced specialized degrees in visual effects. Therefore, for decades the only way for someone to gain experience and to start a career in VFX was through an internship at a VFX production company. Much has changed over the last 20 years and nowadays visual effects play an important role in the media and entertainment industry. Educational institutions are now actively involved in the training of future VFX professionals. In Serbia, VFX education is only just beginning, making courses at the Crater VFX Training Center an excellent starting point for what we hope will become an academic institution for VFX education.


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