3D Visualization

3DS Max for architects, environmental architects, industrial designers, set designers, etc.

So you want to learn the basics of the Autodesk 3d Studio Max program? You have come to the right place. This course is designed for all those who wish to master one of the most resourceful software products for 3D material design. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced graphic designer, architect or visual artist, this course will help you realize your creative ideas and concepts in a 3D environment, where the limits are set only by your imagination. Discover the exciting world of 3D graphics, from the fundamental principles of the program, to the working environment, the creation of elementary and complex objects using lines and powerful tools for polygonal modeling, the creation of material, lighting, camera and, finally, the visualization. 


Basic information:
course duration: 7 weeks
requirements: basic computer skills
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Course program:

  • Description of graphic surroundings, movement in a scene, working with files, views, selecting objects  
  • Transformations: Move, Rotate and Scale commands, Clone, Align and Mirror commands
  • Standard primitive objects. Exercise - a car

  • Precise movement of objects
  • Advanced primitive objects, grouping objects
  • Basic modifiers, working with modifiers and working on a sub-object level
  • Exercise – a table with a teapot

  • Creating lines, working with dots, types of lines
  • Working with text, options for rendering curves, applying modifiers on text
  • Exercise - chandelier
  • Changing curves, Editable Spline modifier, Boolean operations
  • Independent exercise – a book

Polygonal modeling

  • Basics of polygonal modeling
  • Edit Poly modifier, elements of a sub-object level, selections within the Edit Poly modifier
  • Commands for work with dots, edges and polygons
  • Exercise – a house

Importing CAD drawings
  • Creating walls (modifier Extrude, Edit Poly command Bridge, Extrude, Quick slice), mezzanine constructions (creating basic contours
     using Line and adding the Shell modifier), creating windows and doors     
  • Creating floors (Array command), a roof (Cut command, Boolean operations) and adding details

  • Getting acquainted with the concept and role of materials, surroundings, Material Editor, Vray
  • Examples of basic materials and their traits. Exercise – glass, metal, rubber, plaster, wax, water
  • Maps and textures, examples of basic materials and their traits, UVW Mapping modifier

  • Concept and types of light (standard and photometric light)
  • Intensity, color of light and shadow, decline in intensity
  • DAYLIGHT SYSTEM Lighting of an architectural object during the day and at night

  • Basic principles
  • Bouncing ball
  • Camera along a path

  • Getting acquainted with the panel for rendering Environment and Effects menu

  • Adding an object to a photograph
  • Camera settings, setting up a camera and its horizon

Final exercise
  • Classroom



Group of authors, Ucenje programa Autodesk 3ds Max 2008, CET publishing, 2008

Randi L. Derakhshani and Dariush Derakhshani, 3Ds Max 2014 Essentials, Kompjuter Biblioteka publishing

*all literature is available to students at the Crater VFX Training Center library


Upon completion of the course students will receive the internationally recognized Autodesk Certificate of Completion, as well as the Crater VFX Training Center Certificate.


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