Photoshop for Teens
Want to learn to create your own digital art? 

Learn one of the most popular and useful tool for graphic design with us. Adobe Photoshop could help you enhance your school work; the science poster, the history presentation and more. And there is no software more often used and more helpful for project requirements as well as personal hobbies (e.g. photography) as Adobe Photoshop! You can alter photos, fix them, and even create images from scratch. More and more, the ability to use Photoshop is becoming an essential skill for everyone. 

Potential benefits to your child: 
  •  the course helps direct your child’s energy towards useful activities 
  •  it helps them acquire knowledge that will be very helpful at school
  •  it reinforces the attitude for continuous learning, which becomes a mantra for future generations
  •  the training teaches your child a software that can help them express their imagination and ideas in different, creative ways

Basic information:

course duration:  6 weeks
requirements:   basic computer skills 
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*price based on minimum 5 participants

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Course program: 

Introduction, taking photos for exercises using a camera, photo manipulation  
  • Introduction 
  • Adjusting the Monitor 
  • Raster sources - digital camera, scanner, tablet, computer-generated graphics
  • Taking photos of students to create exercise material
  • Transferring photos from camera to PC
  • Working in Adobe Bridge

Installing Photoshop, the first run and setup, user interface and display manipulation
   Photoshop system requirements
   Installation and first startup
  • Resetting Photoshop's preferences
   Exploring Photoshop user interface and tools
  • Initial setup (zoom, history, OpenGL support)
   Image Navigation

Basic concepts, cropping images, history palette
   Basic concepts related to raster graphics (various formats, size, resolution)
   Straightening and cropping images using the Crop tool
  History palette 

Contrast and brightness, filters, saving files
   Adjusting the brightness and contrast
  • Sharpening the image using the Unsharp Mask filter and reducing noise using the Reduce noise filter
  • Retouching student photo's (adjusting contrast and brightness, increasing sharpness and reducing noise level)
  • Using the Filter Gallery tool
  • Saving files in different formats (jpg, png, gif, tif and psd)

Practical exercise - Avatar portraits
  • Creating avatars from student photos
 Brushes and retouching techniques using a mouse and Wacom graphics  tablet
  • Using and adjusting brushes (using the mouse and Wacom graphics tablet)
  • Local image editing using the Clone Stamp, Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Eye, and Content-aware fill tools
  • Local image editing using the Dodge, Sponge, Burn, Blur, Sharpen, and Red Eye tools
  • Replacing colors using the Replace Color tool
 Selection and transformation 
  • Various selection tools and their use
  • Selection tools: Quick Selection, Magic Wand, Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso
  • Transforming the image using the Free Transform tool (moving, rotating, mirroring, warp) 
  • Transforming images using the Puppet Warp tool
  • Adjusting selection edge (Feather setting)

Usage of layers and layer effects
  • Organizing PSD file using layers 
  • Manipulating layers (re-ordering, turning layers on and off, locking  and unlocking layers)
  • Applying effects to layers
  • Working with multiple files and exchanging layers between files
  • Merging layers

Working with channels
  • Working with channels
   RGB, CMYK, LAB color spaces 
  • LAB sharpening

Blending modes and basics of working with masks
  • Blending modes - color interaction between layers
  • Creating masks
  • Fine tuning the mask (masking hair)
  • Using the Gradient tool to create a transition between colors

Practical exercise - replacing backgrounds
  • Replacing backgrounds in photos

Adjustment layers
  • Histogram and adjusting Shadows/Highlights
  • Adjusting the Hue/Saturation and Vibrance

  • Stitching photos to make a panorama

Text creation
  • Adding and editing text
  • Creating masks from text 
  • Deforming text using the Warp tool

 Introduction to vector graphics
  • Creating and editing a paths
  • Creating selection from path
  • Creating shape layers
  • Creating and modifying predefined shapes
  • Placing text along a path

Saving and printing 
  • Saving images for the web using the Save for Web & Devices tool
  • Overview of offset and digital printing
  • Managing color spaces and profiles
  • Different color gamuts
  • How to get as close as possible to WYSIWYG (Gamut Warning and Proof Colors tools) 
  • Working with the Print tool



Upon completion of the course students will receive the internationally recognized Adobe Certificate of Completion, as well as the Crater VFX Training Center Certificate.


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