Autodesk challenge

Autodesk and Connect are inviting all our students ages 18 to 25 to take part in "Design for Industry" challenge, inspired by successful Fusion software release. You can expect interesting awards, so don't hesitate to get into action. 
Send your works until 31st October 2016.

Find more details about "Design for Industry" competition here:

Like last year, we are very pleased to announce that we have voted for the best student project at the New Media Department on the Faculty of Fine Arts. This year first prize goes to Petar Kovačević for his project ‚‚The Bugs‚‚. The prize is a free course 3D/VFX Essentials. It is interesting to say that Petar won the second prize last year. Congratulations, Petar! ... >>

From Escape Studios London School, Games Art Tutor Philip Meredith has come to hold the Unreal Engine Course in Belgrade. During next two weeks, he will revel our students the secrets of Unreal Engine software  ... >>

We would like to remind you that on Friday, from 6-7 pm, in Crater VFX Training Center, during our Public Lesson, you can get familiar with Digital Compositing as a profession.Bogdan Amidžić will tell you more about that. Bogdan is our lecturer on the course of Digital Compositing and he is also VFX Supervisor in Crater Studio. He will share with you his knowledge and experience in this field. He will also answer all your questions about this topic. At one point he will pay special attention to connection between Compositing and Matte Painting.Entrance is free, everyone is welcome!See you! ... >>

Collecting references is certainly an important part of our job and it can be very interesting, at least it was to our internship team. In order to make more realistic 3D models of airplanes that they are making during the internship, our mentors took them to a trip to the Museum of Aeronautics in Belgrade, so they could collect necessary material. It was very practical, educational and fun for all! ... >>

Like previous years, one more time we are organizing an internship for our best students in Crater Studio, to help them master skills and gain experience in a real production environment. Several foreign students from Escape Studios, London UK, have joined this year's internship as well. They will work together on project ''Drava'' mentored by Crater's artists. We wish them all a lot of success! ... >>


Thank you guys for showing up and for the great support to our speakers and record duration of Q&A (reinforced by Firestarter magazine :) . Thanks to Ivan, Matthias and Florian for their inspiring talks! ... >>

During "Creative Good morning" panel, Miljana Jovović chat with other panellists about creative industries from business perspective, within Webiz conference in Zrenjanin. ... >>

Congratulations  !!! ... >>

Congratulations !!! ... >>

Participants who won free training through the National Employment Service, last week started their internship in the best national VFX studios, including Crater. Soon they'll be all receiving certificates, when we would find out more about their impressions and take a look at their final projects. ... >>

Thank you to all visitors of our first public class Photoshop - After Effects - Matte Painting.This was just the beginning, follow us, because we have prepared for you a lot of interesting public lectures on different topics. ... >>

We enjoy creating the VFX magic, but we are especially happy when the audience likes the effects we created, which happened in one of the most popular and the most expensive Bollywood films to date. People rushed to the theaters to watch Robot 2.0, the project Crater did compositing and morphing simulations for. ... >>

It is a great pleasure to collaborate with enthusiastic people, who are constantly researching, pushing the boundaries and improving their knowledge. One of them is Dusan Kovic, the Arnold lecturer on the course Digital Lighting, Shading and Rendering. Have a look at the project, published on Dusan's blog, stating the progress he made in experimenting with photogrammetry using photography for shooting and mapping in measuring distance between objects. Bravo, Dule! ... >>

Watch The Pig on the Hill, a short animated film, the co-production of Crater Studio and Lightstream Animation Studios, on January 16th, at 8pm, at Dom kulture Studentski grad, as part of the New Year Animated Wednesday. ... >>

Are you ready?08.01.2019

We are! We've enjoyed a New Year and Christmas holidays and now we are heading for new adventures in 2019! Be sure to join us if you wish to improve your skills or to gain new ones in the field of computer graphics. To find out more, reach us on phone + 381 63 565 132, by mail or make an appointment to visit us.Use special New Year's offer, valid until January 15! ... >>

Looking for to expressing yourself through arts?Why not try the most exciting way to do it - computer graphics! A wide range of profitable digital professions in the field of film, television and gaming industry is available if you have know-how. Crater VFX Training Center provides necessary knowledge to you on basic and specialized computer graphics courses.Special New Year offer is there for those who want to learn something new or improve their skills, with a 10% discount.Sign up until January 15th!Treasury of knowledge is one click away at link: ... >>

Ten students have won REEL REVIEW & FEEDBACK SESSION in various VFX studios as part of CGA conference on November 28th. Elena Madelaine Mathias and Aleksandar Paskaš came to Crater Studio. They found out about the necessary qualifications for internship at Crater and how to improve their work, as a first step to a successful career from Crater's lead artists, Bogdan and Maksim. ... >>

The CG scene in Serbia is becoming more noticable and thanks to the CGA Belgrade Conference, we can share the skills and achievements of the entire industry to the people in Serbia, as well as to present Serbia at the international level as a location for creative industries.An excellent feature on this topic is shown in the Al Jazeera Business show: The Balkan Digital Revolution, covering Crater Studio among others. ... >>

Interesting coincidence - two projects that we have been working on the visual effects are in the program of Sundance festival 2019. The horror movie "Sweetheart" that will be premiered at the festival will compete within the Midnight category. Sweetheart is the story about Jenn, who found herself on a desert island and the cruel nature is not her only enemy, but also evil, dark forces that operate during the night."The Witch hunters" movie, which delighted the audience in Serbia, will be presented in the category - Children's film. The main characters, Jovan and Milica, will lead you to the incredible world of imagination and superheros, in this inspiring debut of Raško Miljković. ... >>

The premiere of the Chinese humorous/adventurous fantasy is going to be in December 2018. Crater Studio made sure that the visual effects in 67 shots are hi-end. In addition to the compositing, our artists have created digital effects, smoke/fume, sparks, water, lightning, blast effects and mandalas. Watch out the trailer... ... >>

The five-day training for Maya technical directors, held by Serguei Kalentchouk from The Mill / New York, has been successfully completed. Here are some impressions from artists from Crater Studio.Nikola Canic, Animator: "I understand now how the software works and I got an insight into what I should pay attention to as a beginner. Serguei's lectures were inspiring at several levels, because he is a really great expert and has a priceless professional experience.Aleksandar Babic, Lighting artist: "The TD course was very useful. It helped me to understand better how Maya works and will help me in the future work to solve problems more easily, automate some processes and therefore save time." ... >>

Find out how does Crater Studio work on American blockbusters and Bollywood hits from Tanjug's story, published by Radio-televizija Vojvodine.Read more... ... >>

It is awesome being part of the organization of this hugely attended international event, especially for watching the happy faces of visitors and both local and foreign guests. We believe that we have inspired you, helped you upskill and provided networking opportunities for your career to grow.CGA is a platform to which each of you is welcomed to contribute with comments, suggestions, proposals, personal participation... Thank you and see you in 2019. ... >>

Serguei Kalentchouk from The Mill reveals how to take full advantage of the hi-end features Maya program has to offer in the creation of the efficient CG pipeline. We hope that the Serbian industry will get advanced Maya technical directors, thanks to the collaboration between the Crater VFX Training Center and Film in Serbia, who organized the course within Film Skills Academy as the perfect addition to the CGA Belgrade conference ... >>

Training for the unemployed persons in the field of visual effects started in our training center on Wednesday, 14th of November, with the support of the National Employment Service. For the next couple of months, students are going to learn about vfx generalist career in programs Maya and Arnold and become interns in the prospective VFX industry. We wish them all a lot of success! ... >>

More than 150 students from Mihajlo Pupin - School of Electrical Engineering had been carefully listening to the lecture Computer graphics - profession in expansion, at their school in Novi Sad. Their eyes sparkled especially when the lecturer Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic demonstrated tasks from the proposition of the contest My first After Effects animation. This is the first lecture in schools of Novi Sad where 3Lateral Studio and Crater VFX Training Centert teamed up, in order to promote professions in the field of computer graphics. Looking forward to receiving your works from the contest!  ... >>

Animation Magazine published the list of short animation films, including The Pig on the Hill, co-production of partner studios -Lightstream Animation Studios (USA) and Crater Studio (SER), qualified for the nomination for the 91st The Academy Award 2019.The film had its premiere in June 2018 at the renowned Annecy International Animated Film Festival as part of the official selection.Based on the London author John Kelly’s beloved children’s book, the film is heart-warming story about next door neighbours who are worlds apart.Don’t miss the Pig on the Hill Serbian premiere at CGA Belgrade, on Friday, November 16th and reserve the spot to find out more about the film from Zoran Cvetkovic, Art Director at Crater Studio. ... >>

Crater VFX Training Center: Call for Entries: Character Concept Art - Contest for students of Academy of Fine Arts!ELIGIBILITY: All students of the Academy of Fine Arts. One author can submit one projectMEDIA: Photoshop, or paper (Scanned in minimum 300dpi)THEME: Character Concept Art presented in minimum 4 phases of work in perspective+character bio (min 300 characters)DEADLINE: December 14th, 2018More information about the contest on the link ... >>

Hey! Did you hear? You can finally get your name on the list for CGA 2018!To register, go over to ... >>

"Experts for visual effects are in high demand" is the title of the national tv reportage, which was recorded last week at Crater Studio. In addition to the subject of creating visual effects for foreign film production, the report speaks about possibilities of training young people for professions in the field of visual effects in Serbia.Prilog ... >>

Collaboration with Rade Koncar, School of Electrical Engineering, has been going on for several years now. We had the opportunity to meet a new generation of their students yesterday, through our Professional Orientation Programme and tell them a VFX story... ... >>

Are you ready for another round? We know we are! CGA Belgrade is back for its second edition November 16 -17, Yugoslav Film Archives headquarters at St. Uzun Mirkova 1! Get ready for another EPIC journey through trends, tips &tricks in VFX and computer graphic!To be the first to know about what we've got in store for you this year, subscribe to our newsletter at ... >>

Trailer for a huge Hindu movie project that Crater Studio creates visual effects for is being released!"Thugs Of Hindostan" is a Bollywood blockbuster, produced by YRF - Yash Raj Films, which premiere is announced for the end of the year. Crater Studio's VFX artists work on the segments of this movie: CG sea rocks, water simulations and destruction of ships in the ambush scene.Watch the trailer... ... >>

In the VFX industry, disability is not a setback, but an opportunity to recruit new talents.Therefore, on September 27th, we will be at the Job Fair for persons with disabilities, from 10am to 2pm, in the building of the municipality of Vračar. If you're part of this group and you love visual arts, visit our booth and find out what options are for you within the VFX industry. Svetlana Karanović, our HR assistant, will be waiting for you. :) ... >>

Crater Studio and Crater VFX Training Center hosted a panel How To Break Into Film Scoring Industry Internationally organize by Multikultivator. Petar Jovovic, VFX Supervisor at Crater Studio, were one of the panelist. ... >>

It started 11 years ago... Happy birthday Crater! ... >>

A touching story of sincere friendship between Jovan - a boy who can be anyone he wants to be in his dreams, and Milica - a girl who can bring down all the walls Jovan built to protect himself. "The Witch Hunters", the debut film directed by Raško Miljković, multi-awarded, arrives in theatres on September 27th! ... >> web portal has created a blog where we present our current projects. We have began with the American black comedy " A Series of Unfortunate Events", produced by Netflix, which second season was recently shown.Read it here. ... >>

Get 10% discount on our general and specialized courses by registering till August 31st 2018.September brings new courses after summer break and we hope you will be ready to take some action.Check our courses offer!For more information write us on* Discount is available only for new applicants for the first next group on the course. Multiple courses and students' discounts are not available during this period. We still offer 5% discount for payments in advance. ... >>

We've taken a peek on Dusan Kovic's "Digital Lighting, Shading and Rendering" class and captured the mood. Two more weeks till the end of the course and new generation of junior lighting artists is about to be formed. ... >>

Under slogan "Don't predict future, create one!" , Metropoliten University in Belgrade, Serbia gathered creative experts coming from leading industry companies at MET Design Talks at the beggining of July. Cassandra Bakic, visual effects production manager from Crater Studio, Belgrade, Serbia was there talking to students about visual effects on film and television. ... >>

Media Sfera alks about Crater Studio and Crater VFX Training Center!Read... ... >>

As part of our cooperation with Academy of Fine Arts, we took part in judging for the best students' project at New Media Department. Andjelija Randjelov won first prize for "My imaginary friend" project - 3D VFX Essentials course free of charge. Second prize - 50% discount for the same course won Petar Kovačević for "Moving BOYES" project.Congratulations to the winners for their awsome projects  ... >>

"At The Border" is now available to wider audience after travelling festivals for couple of years, on Laurent Rouy's Youtube channel. Laurent is the film author and long time radio and tv correspondent from Belgrade. Crater VFX Training Center's students took part in creating visual effect for this interesting project. ... >>

During the first week interns met other team members, as well as their mentors, who assigned them their first tasks. They started with an internship project while some of them were fine tuning final course projects. ... >>

The atmosphere was great - spending time with teachers, professors, pupils, students and presenters from various companies felt amazing. We hope to connect with all of you this year and to give a chance to the young to reach their dreams. Anita Dikić, Elektrotehnička škola „N. Tesla” chatted with our college Jelena Vučković. Find out what on Pancevo City portal. ... >>

Serbian kids adventure "The Witch Hunters" is winning film festivals: TIFF Kids in Toronto, Chech Zlín Film Festival and Transylvania Film Festivals in Romania. It was both a great pleasure and a challenge for Crater Studio to bring Jovan's magical world to life. ... >>

We visited Fotorama Fest Serbia in Kragujevac!Thank you for the invitation Fotorama and thank you all for being part of presentations of CGA belgrade lecturers Bogdan Amidžić i Zlatko Milojičić. ... >>

Interns, are you ready for some action? Wishing you all the luck!Students from couple of our courses will start their internship in vfx industry working on realtime project, a scene from the latest Vojnofilmski centar "Zastava film" movie. We visited the shooting yesterday.  ... >>

Two guest lectures will take floor of University Library in Kragujevac at 8pm on May 31st taking step forward from art photography pros Fotorama2018 and introducing them to computer graphics. Stage will be shared by Bogdan Amidžić, Lead compositing artist at Crater Studioand lecturer of Crater VFX Training Center, explaining the compositing process on Hollywood projects realised by Crater, and Zlatko Milojičić, editor at VFX Serbia, who will lay out the workflow in production of visual effects. Don’t miss it if you are around! ... >>

How important is for people who work in VFX industry to practise traditional art skills such as drawing, sculpting, acting, etc.? Bogdan Amidzic answeres to this question on Academy of Fine Arts as part of regular student classes. Bogdan is Lead compositing artist at Crater Studio and lecturer on our Digital Compositing course. This is first in series of initiatives aiming at strengthening cooperation between Crater Studio and AFA. Stay tuned for more ... ... >>

The second CGA Warmup event - Open Day 2018 was held for the Belgrade audience at the Crater VFX Training Center. Thank you, you were an awesome audience Our guests, Spring Onion Studio, Foundry, Lazar Kačarević, Escape Studios, Bottleship VFX, Ederlezi Rising, Primer Studio, Fried Pictures, Lazar Bodroža warmed us up and prepared for a serious CGA training in November.  ... >>

CGA Belgrade and Crater VFX Training Center for the first time in Novi Sad, at CGA WarmUp / Open Day 2018 event!Thanks to all the visitors and speakers who joined us and helped create a true warm up for CGAbelgrade conference in November. Thanks Startit Centar Novi Sad for hospitality!Take a look at the awesome atmosphere from Novi Sad with Dušan Koviće, Foundry, Lazar Kačarević, Escape Studios, Bottleship VFX, Ederlezi Rising, Primer Studio, Fried Pictures, Lazar Bodroža .. ... >>

How important is for people who work in VFX industry to practise traditional art skills such as drawing, sculpting, acting, etc.? Bogdan Amidzic will answer to this question on Academy of Fine Arts as part of regular student classes. Bogdan is Lead compositing artist at Crater Studio and lecturer on our Digital Compositing course. This is first in series of initiatives aiming at strengthening cooperation between Crater Studio and AFA. Stay tuned for more ... ... >>

Visitors of CGA warmup event - OPEN DAY 2018 will enjoy an exclusive opportunity to watch Ederlezi Rising, sci-fi melodrama announced as the best "Serbian movie" on 46th Fest this year.As Lazar Bodruža's debut this interesting story is dealing with intimate relationship between human and android and is exploring limits of human nature. Director will be our guest at the show, while artists from Primer studio and Fried Pictures will showcase a VFX creation process for the film before screening. ... >>

Dusan Kovic, CG artist and lecturer on Digital Lighting, Shading and Rendering course at Crater VFX Training Center  will do a live demo "Skin Shading with Arnold 5" on CGA Warmup event & Open Day 2018 Novi Sad on Friday, May 11th at 12:00h. He will present basics of skin shading in Arnold using Emily O'Brien scan. ... >>

Hristo Velev, founder of Bottleship VFX, Bulgaria, is going to take you on exciting ride during "Bottleship - smash and go" presentation as a part of CGA Warmup event - OPEN DAY 2018. Bottleship VFX is a company specialised for creating explosions, destruction, water and magic and Hristo is going to share it's ups and downs with us. ... >>

Skills and knowledge necessary for successful animation team work? How to overcome obstacles and finish the job on time? These are some of the questions Kostadin Martic, Lead character animator from Spring Onion Studio, will answer during "Artistic and Technical Approach to Animation" on Saturday, May 12th at Crater VFX Training Center as part of CGA Warmup event & Open Day 2018 Beograd. ... >>

Wanna start career and find out which professions are the most required within VFX industry ? Andrew Brassington, Head of Strategic Projects from Escape Studios will answer these questions from London's studios stand point in "Working in VFX" presentation. Lectures will take place on May 11th in Novi Sad and May 12th in Belgrade.See you soon! ... >>

"3D in service of concept design for movies and video games - Modo" lecture by Lazar Kacarevic, illustrator and concept artist, is part of our Open Day. Lazar will present new trends in design and review variety of complex tools and the place Modo fills.Come and find out more. ... >>

Over the last years, Foundry has been our partner at Open Day annual events sending their specialists to present new features of software they are developing. This year, Martin Mayer, Head of Creative Specialists is coming from this software company. Martin will present "What is NEW in Modo 12 and Mari 4.x" on CGA Belgrade Warmup event - Open Day 2018 on May 11th in Novi Sad and May 12th in Belgrade. We are looking forward to welcome them in Serbia, what about you? ... >>

Get ready for OPEN DAY 2018 in May, as part of warm up for CGA Belgrade conference in November!Once again we open our doors and invite you all to visit us in Novi Sad on May 11th and in Belgrade on May 12th. Open Day 2018 is a warm up event for CGA confrence, with support of Serbian Film Association, VFX Serbia and Crater VFX Training Center.Find out more about the event here.Entrance is free with prior registration here. ... >>

We've been hearing a lot of good stuff about Reboot Develop conference the last couple of years. It is one of Europe's most significant game developers' and game industry conferences, and will be taking place this year from April 19th to 21st in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Among many world renowned names, lecturers from 3lateral, Nordeus, Mad Head Games and Eipix will be joining in. We'll let you know how it was when we get back :) ... >>

It was our pleasure to be a part of fourth Gameup 2018.Thanks to all of you who visited our booth and Live Art Showcase! Thanks to Mad Head Games for invitation! ... >>

In the world of VFX and video games, Substance Painter is used as a tool for texturing assets. Following latest developments, we have implemented this software in our 3D/VFX Essentials course. Nikola Damjanov, 3D game artist with great experience in the field and part of Nordeus' team from the very beginning, will let you know how Substance Painter works. It is our great pleasure Nikola has joined our team of lecturers on the course, Dragan Miokovic and Milos Jovanovic.  Some of Nikola's works could be found here. ... >>

Countdown to Game Up has begun! Come to our booth in __ days, register and chose a program you wanna learn: Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, Zbrush, Arnold, Houdini or Nuke. You'll get a chance to win 3 individual classes completely free of charge with a proffessional, one of our lecturers. Drawing the winner will be in May. Numerous discounts and After Effects live art showcase will be waiting for you as well.See you on Saturday from 10am till 8pm in Yougoslav Film Archive Museum! ... >>

Fourth gathering of local and regional game development community: #GameUp will be taking place in Yugoslav Film Archive Museum on March 31st from 10am till 8pm. Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic, our After Effects lecturer, will take part in Live Art Showcase session. Discounts and "1ON1" giveaway will be waiting for you at our booth. Details will be revealed soon. Registrations for GameUp are free and necessary and you can do it here. ... >>

"The Witch Hunters", new children's adventure movie, in Serbian-Macedonian production, is coming to cinemas soon. The amasing story about Jovan, a boy with partial cerebral palsy, is about child's willpower and beauty of dreaming we all use to overcome everyday problems. Crater Studio participated in creating Jovan's magical world by working on digital visual effects for the movie. Enjoy the trailer ...More about movie find out here. ... >>

"Women in gaming" was panel discussion at #Gamescon2017 where Marina Vasić participated. This "dame of the game" is an organic modelling and 3d game art lecturer in Crater VFX Training Center. A video from this event was released on Bit TV YouTube channel. Enjoy in women's gaming tales! ... >>

Music video produced by Crater Studio, for the song "Blues of the Derelict Dog" by popular club musician Vladan El Gigante Stojanović and his band Vlada and The Conspiracy Theorists, was shot and animated late in the 2017. The video was released at the beginning of 2018. Enjoy the good music and this great video. ... >>

Happy Holidays!29.12.2017.

... >>

A week ago we welcomed students from Belgrade School of Graphics for the last Crater Studio visit in this year. As soon as winter break ends we will be ready as ever for meeting with new friends. We invite you/we welcome/feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about VFX industry. ... >>

With main focus largely on IT industry, worth watching TV show Sajber has been launched.Presenting technology in a popular and educative way, Sajber is introducing the other side of IT business throughout interesting themes and guests.Animated segments of this show were created in cooperation with Crater Studio and Primer studio.Have a look at Sajber 02 and find out more about Crater. Don't miss #Sajber premieres on #eduTV on Fridays at 9 pm or on Sajber YouTube channel. ... >>

Crater kids welcomed Santa Claus with such anticipation and joy on Sunday. They created a feast for him made of fruits and vegetables with Maestro Zagorelić. Santa was so delighted and happily made all kids' wishes come true. ... >>

We took part Gamescon 2017, one of the biggest gaming festival in region, once again! During festival, under slogan #levelovatiasemora, many interesting people, students, teens and kids dropped in at our booth to try #Maya and #Zbrush mentored by Crater Studio's interns and artists.Have a peek at the atmosphere... ... >>

Eager to start your own business? Learn how to do it on Youth Enterprepeurship Fair from December 13th - 15th in Zira Shopping Mall.Numerous exhibitors will be there to answer your questions and cast away any doubts you may have as a beginner. Visit our booth on Wednesday, December 13th from 12-18h!Participation is free of charge with prior registration at: more about the project at: ... >>

Don't miss New Year's special offer from Crater VFX Training Center!Get 10% off for our general or specialized courses for applications until December 31st.The discount obtained can be used at courses until 30th June 2018. ... >>

Following CGA Belgrade Conference, next good initiative this month is coming from Autodesk's distributor, Slovakian #Boneheadz and Serbian reseller PMO, taking place on November 30th - Autodesk Max Maya Masterclass. Autodesk's specialists, Roland Reyer, #Maya Expert and Alex Horst, 3dsMax Expert will let you know what are the new trends in these software.Bogdan Amidžić, Lead compositing artist from Crater Studio and lecturer at Crater VFX Training Center will hold lecture on Maya/MEL Systems at 12:05hEntry is free of charge with prior registration.Find more at: ... >>

CGA Belgrade organises a hand-on challenge for everyone who wants to improve their skills in #Arnold5. During Workshop "Skin Shading with Arnold" participants will gain skin shading basic skills while working on Emily O'Brien model head, aka #DigitalEmily from #Wikihuman project.#Maya software knowledge is required for application. Time is running out as well as free seats, so hurry up and register ... >>

Find out how software house Foundry sees local VFX scene and what are the latest trends at Foundry from the interview with their regional sales manager Vitaly Kobyashev published on VFX Serbia portal.Foundry will present latest version of 3D texturing and painting software, Mari 4.0, with Richi Paramo at CGA belgrade conference on November 25th at 1pm. We are grateful to Foundry for Main Road|Post's appearance on this conference. ... >>

We are proud to announce Computer Graphics and Arts Conference, under slogan "Where Belgrade meets global talents in VFX, Gaming, VR and Digital Arts" on November 24th and 25th at Museum of Science and Technology, Belgrade, Serbia.CGA Belgrade is ​an extension of our continuing effort in promoting computer graphics and a follow up of our annual mini conference Computer Graphics MeetUp during which we made friends, shared knowledge and experience in past 2 years.This year, we joined forces with Film In Serbia and portal VFX Serbia for CGA Belgrade Conference with the aim of being a supporting platform for further professional growth of studios, freelancers, proffesionals, students and educational institutions dedicated to development of computer graphics scene in Serbia.​Join us ... >>

With great pleasure we invite you to the master class hosted by Andrew Lowell, Head of FX Department and Lead Instructor at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects in Vancouver on November 11th. Andrew Lowell gained rich CG experience creating digital effects for films Thor, Transformers, Jack the Giant Slayer, Ender's Game, at vfx companies such as: Rhythm and Hues, Ring of Fire, CIS Vancouver, Animal Logic and Digital Domain Studios. He taught 3D graphics at college, held courses for SideFX, FXPHD, CG Masters...The lecture will highlight the uniqueness of FX and it's role in feature film and other media. These areas include reference gathering of/this includes natural phenomenon, proceduralism / low level software methodologies, and motion through simulation. Time tested FX setups from on-sta ... >>

Announcements for events we are organising with the idea to bring international CG scene closer to Serbia have been published in October's edition of computer's magazine "Svet Kompjutera".First in line is intensive 5 day Houdini course. Andrew Lowell, our guest, presents tips and tricks in Houdini.Another announcement is for our third conference in computer graphics: Computer Graphics Meet Up. This year we rebrended the event into Computer Graphics and Arts Conference working close with our dear friends from Film in Serbia and VFX Serbia portal.More is coming  Stay tuned! ... >>

VFX Serbia interviewed Andrew Lowell regarding upcoming visit and course in Belgrade. Find out what it's like to work on Hollywood blockbusters and how to become a good fx td here.To register for Intensive Houdini course in Belgrade please fill in the form. ... >>

Crater Studio had been working on television commercials for Jelen beer brand from Apatin Brewery this summer. One of the them is "Calling of Friends". Have a look ... ... >>

November 13th- 17th. Film In Serbia and Crater VFX Training Center host Andrew Lowell, lecturer from Lost Boys Studio, vfx school from Vancouver, in order to help Serbian VFX scene grow their skills. Leading you through variety of aspects, protocols, workflows and real time examples, Andrew will reveal how to make realistic simulations starting with rigid bodies, smoke, fluids to the fire and sparks. This VFX area and the knowledge of Houdini can open up new opportunities, whether you are an individual or a company.Intensive training course in Houdini for FX artist is a first in a row of upcoming activities to announce 3rd Computer Graphics Meet Up taking place in November 24-25th.More information about the course at: up for course ... >>

Crater Studio and Crater VFX Training Center will be presented in 5 minutes presentation "Visual Effects - Art & Technology".After the presentation we will be hanging out with NesCafé Alegria and Domaće kiflice.If you want to become a part of HeapSpace community, register here: ... >>

Serbia is up to becoming one of the centres of movie industry in Europe, not only by producing foreign movie projects, but also by creating visual effects for some of the popular world movies. Have a look at this episode of Al Jazeera Business. ... >>

Everyone who finishes any of the following courses in our training center - Digital Image Editing and Creation, Photoshop for Teens and Environment Design and Matte Painting, from now on will receive an Adobe certificate.At our training center we offer Associates and Expert Adobe Exams. Acquiring Adobe certification gives international recognition of knowledge that helps in finding job or to further advance in career.Find out more about Adobe certification at: ... >>

As a part of Serbian gaming industry TV report, starting from minute 11.15 of this show, our school was presented as an educational institution dedicated to, inter alia, training both teenagers and adults for working in gaming industry. ... >>

Register for one of our courses during July and get 10% discount. Join us and start your career in VFX industry!Learn more about our courses offer at: more information please write to us at:* Discount is available only for new applicants for the first next group on the course. Multiple courses and students' discounts are not available during this period. We still offer 5% discount for payments in advance. ... >>

Have a look at the photos from the opening of Annual Exibition of students' artworks at College of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade!Annual Exibition has opened this Monday and will be on until tomorrow, June 22nd. If you have missed to visit it by now, we present you some of the amasing creations made by these young aspiring people. ... >>

Fantastic art works created by students of Faculty of Digital Arts of Metropolitan University have been displayed on annual exibition from June 16th to 19th. We have visited this multimedia event consisting of animations, paintings, visuals, videos, photos and fashion design yesterday. If you missed it, have a look ... ... >>

Presentation for the Metropolitan University's students on "New tendencies in post-production on film, gaming and visual arts" held Vladan Djiri Vasiljević (Crater Studio's compositing artist and lecturer on After Effects And After Effects for Teens courses) on Monday, June 12th.Senior students on Interactive media design course of Faculty of Digital Arts had an opportunity to find out not only about the internal organisation of a typical visual effects studio, but also how to apply for the internship in Crater Studio, as a part of our cooperation with this Faculty. ... >>

Last week we had a visit from Pancevo's School of Electrical Engineering "Nikola Tesla". It was a pleasure to spend time with pupils as a part of our professional orientation, the last one this school year. Starting from September, our doors would be again open to schools' visits. Have a wonderful holidays everyone! ... >>

Last Friday we presented the world of visual effects to students of Belgrade Polytechnics. It was a pleasure to be able to answer all their questions and introduce different proffessions within VFX industry. We had fun. Have a look ... ... >>

VIPOS Valjevo, thanks for the invitation to be a part of 14th Student's Works Festival at Business School of Applied Studies, on May 26th. Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic, our lecturer on After Effects and After Effects for Teens courses and Crater Studio's compositing artist presented visual effects as a future profession to the students and professors. Nevena Simic was awarded for the best graphic work chosen by our jury within Hobbies and Artwork Exhibition at the Festival - education on Digital Image Editing and Creation course at our training center.Have a look ... ... >>

We have spent four fantastic days at Digital Arts Expo as part of Mikser Festival sponsored by Nordeus. Thank you to everyone who visited us, attended our lectures, took part in our workshops and applied for jobs at Crater Studio. Big thanks to our lecturers Marina Vasić (Organic Modeling and Texturing), Vladan Djiri Vasiljević (After Effects and After Effects for Teens) and Bogdan Amidžić (Digital Compositing) for sharing their experience with the audience, as much as to our wonderful HR, Aleksandra Koneski Mladenović, who helped you to find out how to become a member of Crater Crew. Thanks to the Nordeus, Mikser festival 2017 and Smartpoint for wonderful organization! ... >>

A lecture "Organic Form: Modelling a 3D Asset" at Mikser Festival's Digital Arts Expo on Saturday, May 27th in Sylos1!Defining a difference between modeling and sculpting in VFX industry, illustrator's role in organic sculpting, workflow of character modeling (tricks and advices how to get the job done fast), begginers errors and how to overcome them - these are some of the topics that Marina Vasić will cover. Marina is a lecturer on Crater VFX Training Center's Organic Modeling and Texturing course.Don't miss it! It sure will be interesting!Register for Marina's and other lectures at Mikser Festival at: ... >>

"VFX production for feature film" is one of themes of the lectures Crater will be holding on Mikser Festival 2017 at Digital Art Expo sylos on Sunday , May 28th from 5 pm!Through real life examples, learn the typical visual effects creation process staring with raw footage, modeling, animation, all the way to the final look. Bogdan Amidžic, Lead compositing artist, Crater Studio and lecturer on Digital Compositing course at Crater VFX Training Center and Vladan Ðiri Vasiljevic, Compositing artist, Crater Studio and lecturer on courses After Effects and After Effects Teens at Crater VFX Training Center will take an overview of indie production, closing the gap between VFX and gaming platforms and the importance of AI in the future.Register for "VFX production for feature film" and all oth ... >>

After couple of years, here we are again at Mixer Festival, from May 25th to 28th at Žitomlin syloses in Lower Dorćol under the title "Migration".We have prepared After Effects Workshop "Open Credits Techniques" as a part of Digital Art Expo - Nordeus programme for all visitors on Sunday, May 28th from 2:00-5:00 pm.Vladan Điri Vasiljević, Compositing artist, Crater Studio and Crater VFX Training Center lecturer on After Effect and After Effects for Teens courses will be introducing techniques of making intro sequence in After Effects for films and TV series.To take participation in this workshop, knowledge in Photoshop and After Effects is required. Number of seats are limited. Apply here you there! ... >>

We are in full throttle introducing students of all areas of study to the world of visual effects and VFX industry through professional orientation program. Last week we had a pleasure to welcome ​students of Politechnic - High School for New Technologies. Have a look... ... >>

We met students from School of Electrical Engineering from Zemun last week while they were at our studio and school tour and taught them basic post-production course. They inspired us very much by showing great interest in visual effects and by asking many questions. We hope to deepen our cooperation with their school in the future. Have a look ... ... >>

One of the very first projects produced by Crater Production was last year's commercial for Matijevic Company from Novi Sad, done in collaboration with Kuca Cuvarkuca, marketing agency from Novi Sad. You can see the commercial here, and a few captured moments from the shooting can bee seen here ... >>

Second day at our Open Day 2017 began with After Effects and Matte Paint 2.5 techniques workshops, lead by our school's lecturers. Richi Paramo's (The Foundry) lecture about VR production was next, followed by VR and 360 video lecture held by our dear guest Ninoslav Adžibaba, freelance photographer and founder of VRLabs. Our visitors enjoyed journey with VR headsets afterwards. Zoran Ratić's lecture and insight into how it is to be a 3D artist in the gaming industry, closed the event.Thanks to all our visitors for the lovely gathering and huge thanks to the lecturers for the knowledge they shared and arrival despite the closed streets due to Belgrade Marathon Have a look ... ... >>

The event lasted for two days this year and it was fantastic, as it was in the previous years. On day one, the visitors, our ex and active students and artists from Crater Studio had the opportunity to follow lectures held by Bogdan Amidzic, Lead compositing artist, Crater Studio and by our dear guest Richi Paramo, from The Foundry.Have a look how did it all go on Friday ... ... >>

Crater donation24.04.2017

On Friday, we visited Rade Koncar, School of Electrical Engineering, and donated them computers for work in more demanding software. Director's assistant, Professor Danijela Timcic, with whom we have excellent cooperation, and our dear students who had work experience placement at Crater Studio, welcomed us. We talked to the School' Director Biljana Kovacevic, had a tour around the school, and hanged out with students. We are happy that we could help and deepen our cooperation. Have a look... ... >>

Crater Production, in cooperation with partner marketing agency Kuca Cuvarkuca from Novi Sad, started production of a TV commercial for Almex company and their corn processing factory Jabuka. Have a look at the photos from the filming set located in Crepaja, a beautiful village in South Banat, Vojvodina. It is a great experience to collaborate with both our old friends Kuca Cuvarkuca and new ones from Almex and Jabuka. We are all looking forward to seeing the final commercial in the following days. ... >>

3D Artist in gaming industry - another interesting topic that awaits you at our OPEN DAY.Zoran Ratić, freelancer, will be sharing his experience in AAA gaming industry. Zoran started to work on his own in high school and achieved successful career as an 3D artist till 2013. He worked on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Prey, constantly striving for new challenges and opportunities to develop his skills in video gaming. He is going to teach the foundations of game art, work flow, organisation and communication in AAA industry through his lecture.We are working on delivering a new course at our training center that will help you start career in video gaming industry as an 3D artist. Stay tuned ... ... >>

360 VR presents a revolution in experiencing and creating video content, thus we covered this topic in the program of our OPEN DAY 2017.Ninoslav Adžibaba, photographer, developer and founder of VRLabs will be holding a lecture about 360 VR 101 on Saturday, April 22nd at 6pm. He has been working for 10 years with his team on connecting dots between photography and programming by creating 360 interactive photo and video presentations, mainly for foreign market. Some of the companies they have been working for are Boeing, Lurssen, Elle Decor, Ralph Lauren Home, IBM, Mercedes-Benz, Yamaha, Thomas Cook, The Economist, IHG, Luxottica, Volvo, Carlsberg. Ninoslav is a member of IVRPA (International Virtual Reality Photography Association).Learn more about VRLabs and their projects here. ... >>

If you are interested in "Colouring technology in post-production"​ we invite you to our OPEN DAY 2017 on April 21st at 6pm to attend a lecture hold by Crater Studio compositing artists Bogdan Amidzic.The journey starts at evolution of technology from taking an insight into the ways of how human eyesight functions and our abilities to process sensations of light, from first Kodak to contemporary digital sensors. Next set of topics covers challenges with screen and projectors and attempts of standardization, followed by the importance of this technology in post-production by reviewing Gamma, LUT, calibration and color grading. The lecture ends with overlooking the future from the standpoint of new technologies and standardization.Bogdan Amidzic is a lecturer on our Digital Compositing cou ... >>

Matte Paint 2.5D techniques workshop will take place on April 22nd from 1:30-4pm at our OPEN DAY 2017.Matte Painting is a painted 2D representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that is not present at the filming location. In order to breath life into your matte painting, 3D skills are also important: using layers to fit matte painting into environment, adding atmospheric effects and 2D animation. The goal of this workshop is to present most used techniques of 3D projection practically, for both matte painters and digital compositors. Dejan Vukadinović, Senior concept artist from Zero Gravity and Crater VFX Training Center's lecturer on Environment Design and Matte Painting course and Bogdan Amidžić, Lead composi ... >>

After Effects in indie production - this is the theme of the workshop that will take place on April 22nd within OPEN DAY 2017 in our training center.This is an ideal opportunity to work in simulated post production environment in order to learn real life workflow. You'll work on shot analytics, diagnostics and problem solving in After Effects and keep in touch with the lecturer even the week after so you could finish your work under his supervision. Vladan Djiri Vasiljević, Compositing artist, Crater Studio and Crater VFX Training Center's lecturer on After Effects and After Effects for Teens courses will be your mentor.Workshop is in Serbian. Knowledge in Photoshop and After Effects is required. Apply and send your portfolio and CV at: all interested but not s ... >>

Richi Paramo, creative specialist from The Foundry is our guest lecturer at OPEN DAY second year in a row. Richi has profound experience in VFX and postproduction, and he is a part of The Foundry's team for VR technology development.On Friday, April 21st at 7.40 pm, on a lectureabout Nuke Deep Compositing, Richi will unveil the last frontier of digital compositing, the brand new workflow and ease of use that these new techniques will bring to the VFX industry.On Saturday, April 22nd at 4.30 pm, he will be talking about Nuke and CaraVR use in the VR production and the power of the both to tackle and troubleshoot high end, difficult productions.Have a look at Richi's lecture from OPEN DAY 2016. ... >>

OPEN DAY 201707.04.2017

Crater VFX Training Center is opening its doors to everyone interested to visit us on April 21st and 22nd!We prepared an interesting program consisting of lectures and workshops from different fields of computer graphics, aiming to help you kick-start a career in the world of visual effects, virtual reality or gaming or to deepen your knowledge. Aside from artists from Crater Studio, lectures will be held by our guests: Ninoslav Adžibaba (photographer, developer and founder of VRLabs company) and Zoran Ratić (freelancer in AAA gaming industry). Our special guest is Richie Paramo, creative specialist from The Foundry.The entry is free!Registration for workshops is required at: location: Crater VFX Training Center, Knićaninova 3, Belgrade, Serbia.Programme ... >>

RAF IT Days 2017 visitors found out about new trends and tendencies in VFX and gaming industry from Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic, compositing artist at Crater Studio and lecturer on After Effects course in our training center. Vladan worked out a fun and interesting way to give more insight to the young students through the lecture "VFX - Creative ways to code application in digital arts". ... >>

Job Fair 201702.04.2017

Taking part in Job Fair organised by Vračar municipality, Belgrade, on Wednesday, we met a lot of different people, many of whom were interested in VFX industry and becoming a part of Crater crew, either as experienced members or to start their careers with us. ... >>

We had a pleasure to welcome one more school outside of Belgrade. Students from Technical High School of Smederevo had visited our studio and our school, eager to learn more about VFX industry. In this mission, we helped them with lecture, walk around our studio and talk to the artists. ... >>

Congratulations to the lucky winner of our free of charge course "Organic Modeling and Texturing". Who is he find out in this live stream video. ... >>

Crater VFX Training Center is happy to present you our new course - After Effects!With us you have the opportunity to master Adobe After Effects software. Learn not only basic, but intermediate and advanced techniques as well, working with text and shapes, 2D animation, green screen, visual effects, 3D and camera. Our lecturer, Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic, compositing artist at Crater Studio and lecturer on After Effects for Teens course will share with you his experience and knowledge.Registrations for the course are open here: school@craterstudio.comLearn more about the course, go here: ... >>

Find out how to become a part of Crater Team at Job Fair 2017, on Wednesday, 29th March, at Vracar City Hall.If you are looking for a job within the VFX industry, or if you're interested in how to start a career in this field, please visit our booth. Our HR assistant, Aleksandra Koneski Mladenovic, will guide you through the whole recruitment process.See you there! ... >>

We had great time on Game Up 2017 on Saturday!The atmosphere was fantastic, and so were everyone who visited us at our booth to get information on courses and to grab discount vouchers. Our visitors participated in Crater GIVE AWAY for the "Organic Modeling and Texturing" course free of charge. Watch live stream of winner announcement at : on March 27th at 4pm. Marina Vasic, our lecturer at this course, was active through Live Art Showcase - live modeling, and a lecture she held on topic "Organic forms: modeling a video game asset". ... >>

Around 40 students of Mechanical and electrical engineering school from Paracin, Multimedia department, visited us today. It was both pleasure and fun to be a host and introduce them to VFX industry and all the proffessions within.  ... >>

GameUp 2017!08.03.2017

Don't miss out on GameUp 2017, event dedicated to local video games creators, on March 18th at Belgrade Youth Center. ... >>

Students from Rade Koncar, School of Electrical Engineering, in their ambition to learn more about Maya programe package, have taken the work experience placement at our studio once again. Mentored by Aleksandar Babic, modeling artist from Crater Studio, they spent the last week working hard here.  ... >>

Students from Belgrade High School of Information Technology have visited our studio and our school of visual effects two days ago. We introduced them to the VFX industry as one with great future potential for their professional development. They got insight through a lecture, walk around the studio and talk to the artists. ... >>

This year's Oscar for Best Visual Effects went to The Jungle Book. Our friend and college Đorđe Milašinović contributed to this creation as a compositing artist in MPC. Have a look at what he says about this experiance for Telegraf. ... >>

After 2 years of festival life and winning awards, authors Branko Sujic (director, director of photography and compositing supervisor) and Marko Milosevic (scenographer and VFX supervisor) have released their experimental artwork on Vimeo.The featurette has been entirely filmed on green screen. Nikola Djordjic (VFX TD) and Nikola Vucenovic (lead compositing artist, colour grading artist) with the help of Crater Crew have contributed to the overall visual expression. ... >>

Guess what visitors of our mini conference "Computer Graphics Meet up" learned from interesting and renowned guests last December. ... >>

The atmospere was fantastic, and so was the number of visitors. During three days we were meeting many interesting people from education - tutors, teachers and professors to representatives of different companies. Our attendance aimed to present and make more popular VFX industry, and the opportunities to the young, through connecting with other schools and universities. Thank you to everyone who came to visit us at our booth. It has been a pleasure to participate in such an event. ... >>

We are organising a givaway for all our visitors at "New Technologies in Education" fair and conference - 20 vouchers to give 10% discount for Digital Image Editing and Creation course will be given away to those who have the best results on our quiz.Visit our booth, play with us and learn more about the world of visual effects.We are looking forward to see you on "New Technologies in Edication" fair in BelExpo Center from 9th till 11th of February. ... >>

This Tuesday we spent time with students from Belgrade School of Design. They took a tour around our studio, classrooms and cinema, listened to introduction lecture and met the artists. Have a look ... ... >>

Let's have a look at the busy class on Revit Architecture's January group that is coming to an end soon.Next group on Revit Architecture will begin on Saturday, February 4th. There is one place left.Hurry up and register at: ... >>

With the aim to improve the quality in education through use of information and communication technologies, fourth annual conference "New Technologies in Education" will take place in Belexpo center and Holiday Inn in Belgrade, from February 9. -11. 2017.Visit us at our booth, where we will be presenting our school for visual effects founded on teaching digital skills and work in digital environment.This event is being organised by British Council in cooperation with British Embassy in Belgrade, Social Inclusion and Povarty Reduction Unit (Serbian Government), Ministry of Education, Science and Technical Development, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Center for Promotion of Science, Serbian Chamber of Commerce​​, Skill and other partners. ... >>

The last working day in Crater was fun and exciting. Crater Crew was preparing for well earned holiday brake while enjoying our traditional NY event - sharing anonymous presents. We celebrated another successful year together having dinner and party at the end of the day. It was fantastic! ... >>

Santa visited us this year again and made Crater's kids , employees' and lecturer's children, jolly with his splendid presents. ... >>

Thank you to everyone who participated in our mini conference "Computer Graphics Meet Up 2016"! Here is a bit of sum up :)On "After Effects" Workshop we have been working on opening credits for "True Detective" TV show. Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic, Crater Studio's compositing artist and lecturer in Crater VFX Training Center guided us through the whole process. This Workshop is also an announcement for our new course - After Effects for adults which is going to be released on our website in January 2017.Bogdan Amidzic, Nikola Vucenovic and Zivan Petricevic, Crater Studio's compositing artists done a great presentation about typical working process on film shots, through couple of examples of raw footage, track, modeling, render and composite.An interesting lecture about "All you ever wanted t ... >>

Second in a row annual mini computer graphics conference, Computer Graphics Meetup 2016, will be held on the 24th of December 2016 at Crater VFX Training Center. Our aim is to bring together professionals from different areas of computer graphics, arts, film and media as well as those who want to become a part of this thriving industries. Come join us to share knowledge and experiences and contribute to the development of the fascinating art form that is computer-generated images (CGI) in our region. ... >>

Students at Faculty of Mathematics had a chance to learn more about visual effects and how to use their education and knowledge in programming in VFX industry yesterday though a lecture held by Bogdan Amidžić, Crater Studio's senior compositing artist and lecturer in our training center.Have a look ... ... >>

"Hearthstone" tournament was on the last day of Games.CON conference in Belgrade, Serbia, where 64 gamers fought to win valuable prizes in money and goods. At the end of the day only 4 finalists were left to continue their battle through the weekend in Delta City Shopping Mall. Stefan showed his brilliance in gaming and won the first prize.Congratulations Stefan! You rock! ... >>

We have visited VII Belgrade Gymnasium where Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic, Crater Studio's compositing artist and lecturer at After Effects course for Teens held a lecture to students today. ... >>

Through a lecture and conversation, we have introduced students from High School of Information Technology to the world of visual effects last week. It has been fun and educative. ... >>

This hole week we spend time with another group of talented student from Rade Koncar, School of Electrical Engineering, on our work experience placement at Crater Studio. Under the mentorship of Crater Studio's modelling artist Aleksandar Babić, these students have the opportunity to work on a real time project and improve their knowledge in Maya. Have a look... ... >>

It was thrilling experience - tournaments all over the place, presentations of new games, meet ups... We made many new friends, interested in the world of computer graphics, 3D and animation. We have been giving away vouchers with discounts for our courses, our lecturer, Marina Vasic, held two organic modeling workshops, we played table football with Cile - renowned youtuber on channel Srpski Tutorijali. Uros Ciric, had the best score at our quiz "How well do you know Maya" and won Crater GIVE AWAY - "Character Animation" course at our training center completely free of charge. Congratulations Uros!Thanks to everyone who visited us!See for yourself how fantastic it was... ... >>

If you want to challenge yourself in organic modeling, join us on our workshops on Saturday and Sunday at our boot in Hall 2 of Belgrade Fair. Marina Vasic, our lecturer on "Organic Modeling and Texturing" course will be holding/guiding the workshops which will take about 2 hours each. Use this opportunity to create your own 3D model in Zbrush with Marina.Workshops are scheduled on:Saturday, November 26th from 15:00pm till 17:00pmSunday, November 27th from 17:30pm till 19:30pmDue to limited number of seets, you need to register for your attendance on workshop at: ... >>

Visit us at Games.CON this weekend, from November 25th till 27th at Belgrade Fair!We are looking forward to participate in one the greatest festival of gaming and urban pop culture in the region. If you feel like hanging out with us, find us at our boot at Belgrade Fair, Hall II. We offer a very interesting programe for all visitors of Games.CON: live 3D modeling, free workshops, discounts, giveaways and more ...Youtuber Cile - Serbian Tutorials is our special guest, so come to spend some time with him and play table football, take part in a quiz about Autodesk Maya, and win "Character Animation" course at our training center.If you are a pro, looking for a job within vfx industry, join us to sign up for Recruitment Day.Let's meet and have some fun! ... >>

The new Netflix show "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" will be premiered in January 2017.Crater Studio is currently working on around 180 VFX shots on episodes 6 and 8 of the first season of this fantasy adventure series for kids. Have a look at the trailer ... ... >>

Games.CON in Belgrade from November 25th till 27th!During the event, HORIZON - The first business gaming conference will take place on December 25th starting at 10am in Belgrade Fair Congress Hall.If you are interested in newest trends in gaming industry, don't miss out interesting lectures, such as "Games vs Visual Effects" given by Bogdan Amidžić, Crater Studio's senior digital compositing artist.To find out more about the event go here. ... >>

Get an Autodesk certificate at our training center during Certification Open Doors Week from 14th until 19th of November with 15% discount !You have the knowledge, but don't possess the certificate, come to our Certiport Authorised Training Center and get certified.Register and take either Autodesk Certified User or Professional exam during next week and you will get a certification at better price. These certificates are recognised all over the world and will help you find a job. Put your name on the list of Autodesk certified Users and Professionals.Find out more about the offere here. ... >>

During last week we spent time with students from Rade Koncar, School of Electrical Engineering, who were on work experience placement at Crater Studio. While improving their knowledge in Maya and working on a real time project, they had a chance to get to know about our studio environment and team work. Have a look ... ... >>

Lecture "Nuke Keyframe Workflows" will be held on November 6th at 2 pm at Crater VFX Training Center!As a way of boosting their knowledge Marko Milićević, senior digital compositor at Crater Studio will be holding a lecture for all our students at "Digital Compositing" courses so far on Sunday. Marko had gained his rich experience working on huge projects in famous vfx studios around the globe , so don't miss this out. ... >>

We had fun introducing pupils from Belgrade School of Graphics to the world of visual effects on Friday. Have a look ... ... >>

Contributing to the European Code Week, we visited Technical School "Rade Končar" in Belgrade, last Thursday. Crater Studio's compositing artists Bogdan Amidžić and Vladan Djiri Vasiljević held an interesting lecture "Creative application of code in digital arts". Have a look.... ... >>

We would like to thank to everyone who came to our Open Day for Teens last Saturday. It was our pleasure to welcome so many of you, young and creative people and to introduce you to the world of computer graphics. Our doors are open for you at all times, so if you haven't been with us on Saturday you can drop a call and schedule a visit and learn more about our education for teenagers. Have a look how did it all go on Saturday... ... >>

Find out who is the lucky winner of our free of charge course "Organic Modeling and Texturing" and who won the second and the third prize in this live stream video.Congratulations to the lucky winners! ... >>

Nemanja Avramovic, the winner of our giveaway at IT Konekt has recently spent one work day at Crater Studio. Have a look at how did it all go in this video. ... >>

Prošle nedelje izabrali ste Counter karakter čije modelovanje ste želeli da pratite uživo na #TWC2016. Sada pogledajte u kakav 3D model ga je svojom veštinom modelovanja, pretvorila Marina Vasić, predavač na našem kursu "Organic Modeling and Texturing". Uskoro vas očekuje video koji prati ceo proces nastanka našeg counter teroriste.Ukoliko želite da usavršite svoju veštinu modelinga pridružite nam se na kursu koji uskoro počinje! ... >>

Last week you have chosen a Counter character you wanted to watch live modeling at #TWC2016 done for. Now you can see this 3D model finished from the magical hands of Marina Vasić, our lecturer at "Organic Modeling and Texturing" course. Soon you will be able to watch a video showing the whole modeling process of our counter terrorist.If you want to improve your modeling skills, join us on the course which is about to start soon! ... >>

TWC 201610.10.2016

You could have visited us the past weekend on TWC 2016, World Championship, Counter Strike: Global Offensive at Kombank Arena, Belgrade, Serbia.For those of you who haven't been there, have a look at the photos from the event.​ ... >>

The World Championship in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, is being organised by portal and esport organisation E-Frag under the name #TWC2016. National teams will be competing for the prize pool worth 100.000 USD.We are preparing something exciting for those who come and visit us at our booth on this event, so don't miss it!See you in Kombank Arena in Belgrade on September 8th and 9th!Register for free tickets on E-Frag website . ... >>

Last night we granted two awards at 14th International Comics Festival's grand opening ceremony. The Best Comic book award, chosen by our representative in the jury, won "Pirate Hunter" created by Dijana Skoric (art & color) and Uros Stojanovic (story). The authors received a 950 EUR value voucher for courses at our training center. For the Best Costume on Cosplay, Ljubica Dolasevic had won a free "Digital Image Editing and Creation" course for her Maleficent costume.Have a look at the photos from the ceremony. ... >>

"Our dream is to place our company on the world map of the visual effects industry," said Milovan Mladenovic, executive producer at Crater Studio, in an interview for the Film Center Serbia portal. Read a full interview.. ... >>

We had a special guest yesterday - Nemanja Avramovic, a lucky winner of our IT Konekt contest. Namanja had won an opportunity to spend one day with Aleksandar Babic, Crater Studio's modeling artist. We presented Nemanja how does a work day of an artist look like and introduced him not only to modeling, but also to all other areas of VFX production. Have a look at the photos. A video of this interesting day is on its way soon ... ... >>

This weekend we had been guests at KompKamp Serbia, computers summer camp for children and teenagers age 8 to 15. It was great fun spending time with kids who are eager to learn more, and exciting to introduce them to the world of visual effects thought our After Effects workshop. Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic was an excellent leader of the workshop, as lecturer at After Effects course and compositing artist in Crater Studio. ... >>

One more group of interesting and creative students had stepped into the world of visual effects with us on "3D/VFX Essentials" course at our training center. Congratulations! Let's have a look at their last class.Next course is about to start soon - make sure you register in time! ... >>

Inspired by the 1991 blockbuster of the same title, Point Break is a story about a young FBI agent who gets infiltrated into a team of extreme sportsmen suspected to be behind a series of sophisticated robberies. This movie debuted at the end of last year. Crater Studio took part in the compositing of shots from the movie.Have a look at the exciting trailer... ... >>

Let's take a glance at day one of our first HOPA games workshop and see how did it go :) ... >>

In two days we will embark on a journey into the world of HOPA games with lecturers that are working in Mad Head Games. If you haven't registered for the workshop yet, make sure you do that in time on school@craterstudio.comTo find out more about this workshop go here. ... >>

The past weekend we have had awarded certificates to our first group of students on After Effects course for teens. Their final projects will be posted soon. Congratulations to all who participated in this adventure with us :)Use this summer to be creative and give life to your ideas! ... >>

If you are familiar with any of Autodesk programs, acquire an official Autodesk certificate recognised all over the world. This certificate could make it easier for you to find a job, advance in your career or just improve your knowledge. At our training center, which is an Autodesk certified training center as well as Certiport authorised testing center, you can take both user's and professional's certification exams.Come join us and get certified!Find out more about the exams here. ... >>

The premiere of "The Shallows" was held in New York two days ago. This exciting horror movie tells the story about young surfer Nancy and the great white shark. Crater Studio had participated on this project working on 3D animation and look development of the CG shark, as well as final compositing of the CG shark, CG water and background in close to 70 shots."The Shallows" release date across USA is Friday, 24th of July. Serbian release is on 18th of August. ... >>

The very first the Foundry's VFX User Group meeting in Serbia and region had happened in March this year within our Open Day event. Richi Paramo, The Foundry's creative specialist, had been holding the meeting. Have a look at what precious secrets had he shared with visitors. ... >>

Students from Nikola Tesla School of Electrical Engineering from Pancevo have brought liveliness into our studio and school today. Together we had fun and we hope we inspired them to use their skills within VFX industry.Have a look. ... >>

We are proud of the fact that some of the most interesting HOPA (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure) games have been created in Serbia, designed and brought into life by gaming houses that are constantly on the grow. One of the most successful one is, of course, Mad Head Games with whom we have started a shared project - 3D Workshop "HOPA/Adventure games scene modeling". This project aims to help you launch your career by adjusting and improving your knowledge to meet the requests of video games industry. The Workshop consists of two days by 6 hours sessions, guided by Sanja Lošić and Emil Esov, Mad Head Games Studio's producers. If you are familiar with some modeling and rendering programs like 3DsMax, Maya, Vray, and you want to learn more about making video games, register for 3D workshop ... >>

For those of you who haven't been watching live stream drawing of the winner from our studio, have a look at this video :)Once again, congratulations to the lucky winner Nemanja Avramovic! ... >>

We invite you to visit an exhibition "The Myth of the Constructor" - a multimedia project created by Maja Milovanovic, a painter who belongs to the new generation artists. The opening is tomorrow at KCB art gallery at 8 pm. The animation part of this project is a work done by our ex students, junior members of Crater Studio nowadays.Find out more about this project here: out more about this project here: ... >>

Watch live streaming of the announcement of "Spend a day along a Crater Studio's VFX artist Contest" winner on Monday, June 6th at 4 pm.We are anxious to find out who of you, our dear IT Konekt visitors, is going to win a working day with an artist of their choice here at Crater Studio and discover how it is to be in their shoes.Live stream link: ... >>

Follow up with students of Belgrade Polytechnics was last week. This time they had been our guests and we took them for a tour around Crater Studio, introducing them to our artists and their wide-ranging professions within VFX industry. Have a look ... >>

Last week we had visited Belgrade High School of Fine and Applied Arts and had presented to their talented students the world of visual effects through lecture on "VFX - Painting the Illusion", given by Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic, Crater Studio's compositing artist.Have a look. ... >>

If you want to be a part of Crater Crew and posses a solid level of visual effects knowledge, come to our offices to present your cv and work on May 28th from 10am to 2pm on our Recruitment Day. It is necessary to send us your CV, reel or portfolio with your works attached.Registrations for this event at: Step into a real world post production! ... >>

IT Konekt had ended - the whole vibe was great. We had met many interesting people and talked with them about our atypical branch in the IT industry - the world of the visual effects. Thanks to all of you who had been with us at our booth. You are all welcome to visit us at Crater VFX Training Center. ... >>

Come and visit us on IT Konekt on 20th and 21st of May at Hotel Yugoslavia and have a full experience of one working day of an VFX artist. All you have to do is to register at our desk and select your favorite artist you would like to spend a day with. At the end of IT Konekt we will live stream the announcement of the winner. ... >>

We hanged out yesterday with our dear guests from Secondary School of Electrical Engineering Nikola Tesla as a part of our Professional Orientation programme. ... >>

Visit us on IT Konekt on May 20th and 21st from 10am to 6pm at Hotel Yugoslavia.This unique event, the largest one of the kind in Serbia is created with the goal to support development of IT industry in Serbia and region, and to bring together companies, organisations, educational facilities, gaming scene, start ups and IT experts. This is exactly the reason why we will be taking part in it - to make connections with all of you who are interested in visual effects and those who might get interested in. During the event, Crater Studio's artists will showcase their skills on the spot. They will give you answers to your questions and the opportunity to discover how to start your career in the VFX industry.Come join us!The entrance is free of charge if you register here: ... >>

Find out what's it like to be working in both small and large vfx studios and what are their pros and cons from Marko Milicevic, widely recognized compositing artist, who had given an interesting presentation as a guest teacher at our OPEN DAY in March. ... >>

Today we have visited Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and gave a lecture presented by Marija Delibasic, Crater Studio's matte painting artist and Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic, Crater Studio's compositing artist. Students got an opportunity to find out how to make use of their traditional arts knowledge in digital world. Marija had graduated at the Applied painting department of this faculty and through her own example had shown students how to get into flow with new streams in modern art. ... >>

Video material from our Open Day is ready!The first one we are going to share is about very successful workshop Sphere evolution in which Marina Vasic, lecturer on Organic modeling and texturing course will guide you through basis and importance of Zbrush in organic modeling.Have a look and learn a new skill.Follow us and look up for our next week video! ... >>

A text about our courses on how to use your traditional arts skills and knowledge to become a digital artist has been published in May's edition of Svet kompjutera. In addition to the magazine there was an Educational Guide offering help for choosing the right high school or university in which Crater VFX Training Center had been presented in the past couple of years. An add for our 3D workshop HOPA/Adventure games scene modeling had been published also, aside from general informations about our school for visual effects. This workshop is the result of successful collaboration with renowned Serbian gaming house Mad Head Games aiming to facilitate career pursuit within gaming industry.Please send enquires at ... >>

Yesterday we had a pleasure to welcome Fifth Belgrade Gymnasium pupils at our Training Center. We showcased VFX industry, took them on a tour around the studio and gave them a chance to talk to our artists. ... >>

Mad Head Games, famous Serbian gaming company and Crater VFX Training Center are happy to announce 3D workshop HOPA/Adventure games scene modeling, with intention to give you an opportunity to enhance your knowledge in VFX industry and to kick-start your carrier. The workshop will last 2 days, 6 hours per day, throughout the year. Admission requirements include finished 3D Visualization course or 3D/VFX Essentials course, or  equivalent computer skills, portfolio and CV. Sanja Losic i Emil Esov, Mad Head Games' producers with great experience in video games industry, will guide you through this workshop. Registration had begun!Register here.Find more details about the workshop here. ... >>

We have visited Belgrade Polytechnics School yesterday during school's Expert Panel. Marina Vasić, Organic Modeling And Texturing course teacher, and Vladan Vasiljević Djiri, Crater Studio's compositing artist and After Effects for Teens course teacher, had given a lecture on Implementing design into movie magic. Apart from students, large number of professors had followed the lecture. Have a look. ... >>

Last week we had spent two days with students of the International School of Belgrade introducing them into VFX industry. Davor Kronja, compositing artist at Crater Studio had given a presentation "Visual Effects - A Window to the Movie Magic" for around hundred curious students on Friday. The very next day we had fun while 15 students were mastering advanced Photoshop skills on workshop held by Sasa Zivkovic, our Training Center lecturer. ... >>

This year's edition of RAF IT Days hosted Bogdan Amidzic, Crater Studio's compositing supervisor, who held a lecture VFX industry - new technologies in service of visual effects in movies on 1st April. Bogdan had presented a structure of a typical VFX studio in an interesting way and had showed how to use new technologies such as GPU processing, cloud computing and machine learning in the VFX industry, reviewing the differences between next generation video games and film effects, their differences and similarities. ... >>

We have visited Artimedia High School in Belgrade last Thursday and took their students on a journey to the world of movie magic. On this occasion Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic, compositing artist from Crater Studio, had given a lecture and unvailed some of the secrets of the visual effects proffesionals. Have a look ... ... >>

We are very proud of our Digital Compositing course students who did an excellent job with their finishing project - they worked on compositing and visual effects for the real life project - music video Nah Easy Timing for MadRed. This was a great opportunity for them to gain experience how to work in postproduction and within a team.For those of you who don't know, MadRed was formed in 2004 by Adam Rakic (MC Wack Wacko) and Borivoje Simic (MC Banzae) and since than they have been creating their unique sound through live shows, collaboration with various artists, experimenting with genres yet staying loyal to their raggamuffin roots. Their recently released album WHA GWAAN is a crown of their work, adding to Serbian music scene their special flare.We would like to thank to Bogdan Amidzic, ... >>

We are happy to announce cooperation with yet another educational institution, Belgrade Polytechnic College. First in a series of events will be a lecture on Use of graphic design in creating movie magic held by Marina Vasic, Organic Modeling and Texturing teacher and Vlada Vasiljevic Djiri, compositing artist from Crater Studio. As an announcement of this event we have organised a competition for the best designer poster and the winner will get to attend Digital Photography course at Crater VFX Training Center free of charge . ... >>

We will be joining the greatest regional online event that gathers the best IT companies, organisations, startups and gaming studios from March 31st to April 2nd. Visitors will be able to take a virtual tour through 4 floors: Job Floor, Gaming Floor, Startup Floor, and the one we will be located on - Edu Floor. All of you who decide to join us on our courses through the Conference will get 10% discount.See you on Edu Floor! ... >>

Students of the Belgrade's Faculty of Fine Arts from the Painting, Sculpture and New Media program modules visited Crater Studio this week. Having in mind that foundation of digital arts is to be found in traditional arts in the first place, we have tried to share as much information as we could with these young talented people about how to use their skills in the VFX industry. They listened to our lecture, have seen around the studio and had an opportunity to talk to Crater's artists. Have a look ... ... >>

OPEN DAY is over, but our doors are still wide open for visitors.Once summering the impressions is done, we would like to thank not only to our lecturer Marina Vasic, guest presenters Richi Paramo from The Foundry and Marko Milicevic, but also to our visitors, former and current students. During this event we were recruiting for new projects at Crater Studio, and we already have a pleasure to welcome couple of new colleges tomorrow. We hope you enjoyed hanging out with us and you went home feeling fulfilled. Take a peek at the atmosphere we had here on Saturday, recorded by camera of our regular guest Zlatko Milojicic, VFX Serbia's journalist. ... >>

"From the Design School to the profession of the 3D artist " is the title of a presentation at the Design School, Belgrade by former students: Marko Milankovic and Vesna Saula from Primer Studio, and Marija Jovkovic from Crater Studio. They talked about personal experiences on their way from high school to 3D and the industry of visual effects highlighting the importance of skills gained in school and how those skills helped them become professionals they are today. Have a look at the photos ... ... >>

OPEN DAY 201614.03.2016

Our door to the visual effects world will be open on Saturday, March 19th from 1pm till 6:30pmJoin us at Open Day and be part of the organic modeling workshop with Marina Vasic, feature film compositing presentation by Marko Milicevic and first Belgrade's The Foundry VFX Users Meeting. We created the program not only to provide you with an extraordinary experiance, but also to support your carrier.To take part in this program we kindly ask you to register here: For The Foundry's master class you need to register also here: pm - 3:30 pm WORKSHOPWorkshop Title: Sphere evolution Presenter: Marina Vasic, Organic Modeling TeacherWorkshop Description: Introduction to Organic Modeling in ZBrush3:45 pm - ... >>

In the darkness of Crater Studio's movie theatre Crater Crew had a pleasure to watch 'Ozone', a featurette, created by two authors -  Branko Sujic, director, director of photography and compositing supervisor and Mirko Milosevic, production designer and VFX supervisor last Friday.This post-apocalyptic love melodrama began it's life back in 2007. as an experiment of CGI application in cinematography. It grew into a real movie project fast. Scenes were filmed on green screen and had entered the post production phase in 2009. In 2012. the featurette was supported by Kickstarter community, and was finally released in 2015. Nikola Djordjic (VFX TD) and Nikola Vucenovic, compositing artist from Crater Studio (movie credits:lead compositing artist and color grading artist) together with the C ... >>

School holidays are over, and we are back in action again - introducing VFX industry to young people through our Professional Orientation Program. Students from "Kreativno Pero" High school have visited us today for the first time. We made sure they felt comfortable in our offices and got to know about various professions within VFX industry through lecture and conversation with artists from Crater Studio. Have a look .. ... >>

Engineering Animation students welcomed us warmly yesterday at CGI Warm Up Event which took place at University of Novi Sad - Faculty of Technical Sciences. Bogdan Amidzic and Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic, two renowned compositing artists at Crater Studio, attracted a lot of attention with their introduction story on VFX Industry and how to succeed in it. The most notable was a debate about new tendencies in computer graphics and future challenges it brings in research. Have a look at the photos: ... >>

Belgrade Winter Film Eco Camp for ages 7-20 starts on 1st of February and will last 14 days!You can send your registration at ... >>

Revit course!26.01.2016

The journey through the world of Revit and BIM technology began today in remarkable atmosphere, as you can see in the photographs.Registration for the next group is open and if you are interested, you can sign up now. ... >>

A discussion panel on the topic of VFX talents in the Western Balkans was held yesterday at the Museum of Cinematography in Belgrade as part of the British Film Festival - Film and Chips. Visitors had the opportunity to learn how VFX studios from northeast Europe succeed in satisfying the world's and Hollywood's high standards when it comes to visual effects. Petar Jovovic, supervisor of Crater Studio in Belgrade, as well as our colleges Alan Robertson from Digitalkraft and Kristijan Danilovski and Milivoje Gjorgjevik from the Macedonian studio, FX3X, took part in this discussion that attracted a big audience. See here how it all went. ... >>

Last Sunday we held a little ceremony for our first teen Photoshop course where we handed out certificates. This mini event was attended by our young and proud students, their parents and us. ... >>

Have a look at the Aesthetics and Applying 3D Art in Games lecture and presentation held by Emil Esov, senior producer and Djordje Manojlovic, senior 3D artist from Mad Gead Games at our Computer Graphics Meet-up mini conference.  ... >>

Happy New Year!24.12.2015

Spending this year with all of you - our colleagues, students, clients and friends, those from social networks and elsewhere, helped make our year a better and more successful one... Thank you !We wish you a successful and creative 2016! ... >>

Thank you for the year in which we have shared a lot of good, we were together when it was hard, we welcomed new colleagues and saw some others leave, we successfully completed 30 projects, four babies were born, we celebrated 33 birthdays and drank 750 bottles of beer...Here is to wishing you all a happy and successful 2016! ... >>

Yesterday, we had a group of students from the John Naisbitt University, Faculty of Art and Design, Industrial Design department and their professor Marko Cvetkovic for a lecture on the Synergy of analogue thought and digital creations held by our own compositing artist, Vladan ‘Djiri’ Vasiljevic. After the lecture they had a chance to visit the school and studio, where they had the opportunity to talk to artists. Have a look at how it went! ... >>

It is a time to think of yourself, of others, of your dearest, because knowledge is always a gift worth giving. Take advantage during this holiday period and gift someone a course, a new skill, a smile and more.From the 15/12/2015 to the 15/01/2016, receive a 10% discount upon registration to any of our courses!Have a look at the adult courses we offer as well as the courses for teenagers!Contact us with any questions you may have, we will help you chose the right course! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity; make the most of the promotion! ... >>

We are pleased to announce a collaboration with the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, Computer Graphics Department. A month ago we had a visit from Ratko Obradovic, head of the Engineering Animation program, as well as Igor Kekeljevic and Milos Vujanovic, his associates on the program. believe that FTN is currently the most progressive faculty in the country, which was confirmed by the interest of their students with whom we hung out with during our Computer Graphic Meet-Up, mini conference. From over a hundred participants, twenty- two had arrived from Novi Sad and are students of this faculty. ... >>

A big thank you to all who came out to our Computer Graphics Meet-Up mini conference last Saturday! To all the phenomenal speakers, and you young and creative people who were interested, and curious, and filled every inch of the space in the workshops and lectures, asking the right questions, showing your readiness for the topics being discussed. To all who travelled by bus, by train or by car from Becej, Novi Sad, Nis or Zajecar. You all confirmed how much we need more events like this, to learn, grow and share together. Those of you who were unable to attend the conference can experience it through the lens of our photographer, Tamara Zidar. ... >>

Last week we visited a high school, the First Belgrade Gymnasium, where Vladan ‘Djiri’ Vasiljevic, compositing artist at Crater Studio, held a lecture on the topic of ‘Visual Effects – a profession in expansion’. After the lecture we stayed to speak with students who were interested and gave them advice on what to study and also invited them to visit us next time, to tour the studio and talk to the artists. Have a look at the photos: ... >>

And last but not least, for the end of our Computer Graphics Meet Up, we have left the sweetest. In our cinema at 6pm, you will have the opportunity to watch the premiere of the movies from the Belgrade Eco Film Summer Camp. These movies were made by children and teens between the ages of 7 - 20. Our young friends wrote the scripts, filmed and edited three films with different genres but the same theme, ecology. This film camp was an initiative launched by Baraka Cultural Center (school of film, acting for film and theatre, editing and new technologies) and Crater VFX Training Center (Crater Studio's School of Visual Effects), with the goal to popularize art in film and film itself.Stay with us until the end of the conference and see these creative children's achievements! ... >>

Not forgetting about visual effects, our specialty, at our Computer Graphics Meet Up this Saturday, December 12th. Our lecture, Case Study, held by Petar Jovovic, founder and supervisor of Crater studio, and Bogdan Amidzic , senior compositing artist of Crater studio, will start at 3pm. As the title of the lecture implies, you will have the opportunity to see a breakdown of the work done on a shot from a movie that Crater Studio has worked on. We will not give away the film in question; we’ll let it be a surprise smile emoticon ... >>

VR, or virtual reality, is another interesting area in which you will be able to learn about at our Computer Graphics Meet Up on December 12th at 5pm from Branko Sujic, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade - Camera Department, and Nikola Vučenović, a fourth year student of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, also Camera Department. During the lecture, participants will become familiar with current developments and latest trends in the VR world with particular attention to the genres that are developing the most - games, videos, photos and social networks, as well as new mediums that are being developed in parallel. The lecturers will explain to the audience the basic techniques and problems that may arrise in the creation of VR videos and photos in mono a ... >>

Case 3D Creative Studio from Novi Sad will be making a guest appearance at our Computer Graphics Meet Up mini conference on December 12th. They will hold an interesting panel discussion on the topic of visualization in architecture and design at 1pm. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the experiences and challenges that the select present members of the team, Vladimir Lakic, Branko Matic, Dragan Buncic, Strahinja Drazic, Nebojsa Zaklan and Danilo Micic go through.For the last 10 years, Case 3D Studio has been providing services and development in the field of architectural visualization and architectural marketing. Their experience and passion, as well their following of new trends and technologies in the visualization field makes them very successful and professional ... >>

This week at Crater Studio we have another group of talented student modellers and programmers from Rade Koncar, School of Electrical Engineering, on our work experience placement. Under the mentorship of Crater Studio's programmer Milos Bulat and modelling artist Nikola Jovanovic, these students will work on creating a video game in the program Unity. Have a look at how they got on with their new team while getting to know what they will be doing this week. ... >>

We are pleased to announce a collaboration between Mad Head Games and Crater VFX Training Center in training students for the gaming industry, and all that with the goal of giving students a better chance at finding a job in the industry.The Mad Head Games team is comprised of experienced programmers, 2D and 3D artists and friends that gathered around 2011 with the vision of creating games and a unique style, from their heart, with attention to detail and a touch of madness. Today, given their love and passion for this art, they create stunning hidden object games that Big Fish Games publishes worldwide and are one of the most popular in this area.Mad Head Games will hold a presentation on the Aesthetics and use of 3D art in games at 2.30pm on Saturday the 12th of December at Crater VFX Tr ... >>

We recently held a competition for students of the Faculty of Construction Management, Department of Architecture from the Nikola Tesla Union University. They were given the task to make a poster announcement for their class visit to our studio and school. The prize, a voucher for our Digital Photography course was won by Iva Slavkovic, who along with her class mates, visited us today. Through a lecture, tour of the studio and discussion with the artists, we tried to show them a combination of digital technology and different aspects of their future work. Have a look at the work that won the competition and some photos from today. ... >>

The first mini computer graphics conference, Computer Graphics Meetup - Knowledge & Skills, will be held on the 12th of December 2015 at Crater VFX Training Center. Our aim is to bring together professionals from different areas of computer graphics as well as those who want to become a part of the industry and to share knowledge and experiences and contribute to the development of the fascinating art form that is computer-generated images (CGI) in our region.Program:WORKSHOPS10am Advanced Workshop 3DS Max - RenderingElements and correction rendering in Photoshop using renderselements2.30pm Aesthetics and application 3D art in games, Mad Head Games -presentationLECTURES1pm Case 3D ExperiencePanel discussion from company and team working in architectural visualizationand design, Case 3D fro ... >>

... >>

Last month we had a visit from Joselito Duric, one of the pioneers of 3D and computer animation in Serbia and our beloved host when we travel to Los Angeles. His professional story is very inspiring. He was born in Sombor, and at the age of 10 years was very serious with his interest in computers. Thanks to his parents foresight, he received one of the first Amiga home computers and started learning computer graphics on his own. The late 80's saw his first 3D commercial after which his career took off even though he was still in high school. After high school he came to Belgrade, to the first company that did 3D in Serbia, Pixel, where he worked Power Animator, the predecessor software to Maya. He later moved to Budapest and after a few years in the leading Hungarian studios, with a friend ... >>

Aleksa Gajic, famous Serbian illustrator, animator and comics author dropped by Crater today. Crater loves Aleksa! ... >>

Yesterday was the first day of the Crater Studio work experience placement for a select group of talented high school students from Rade Koncar School of Electrical Engineering. These young programmers and modellers have the task of creating a video game in the program Unity under the mentorship of Crater Studio's own programmer Milos Bulat and modelling artist Nikola Jovanovic. So far they have been familiarized with the work experience placement program, the basic pipeline and what we want to teach them - teamwork within a project. Have a look at how their first day went. ... >>

On Tuesday, Nikola Vucenovic, compositing artist, and Milos Bulat, programmer, both from Crater Studio, held a lecture on Virtual Reality (VR) and Programming at Rade Koncar School of Electrical Engineering for the Europe Code Week. This interesting event takes place for the third time across Europe and runs from the 10th to the 18th of October. In Serbia there are about twenty primary and secondary schools involved who are promoting programming through creative and educational activities as a new form of literacy in modern society. The ceremonial hall at the school was full and the greatest interest shown was in the presentation of Oculus Rift and the simple methods of making VR and video games. Have a look at the photos from the lecture. ... >>

Crater Studio looking for a Maya Technical Director to join our team!Job DescriptionMaya Technical Director/Maya TDJob summaryMaya Technical Director ideally should be a Maya expert. Maya TD will provide support related to Maya, scene layout, tracking, matchmoving, rigging, animation, modeling, lighting, dynamics, simulations, and will implement new tools and processes for a particular vfx or animation project or department.Qualifications/Requirements• Strong working knowledge of Maya is a must• Production experience in scene layout, rigging, animation, lighting, dynamics is an advantage• MEL/Python scripting experience is an advantage  • Strong understanding of the CG production process • Exceptional communication and organizational skills and good problem-solving skills ... >>

Our young friends from the Baraka at Crater workshops acted and assisted in filming a music video for the new version of the song 'Neukusu treba reći NE' and the students from Crater VFX Training Center worked on the visual effects. If you have not seen the premiere of the video  on MTV, have a look now. ... >>

A big thank you to all the young and creative people who visited us on Saturday at our Open Day for primary and secondary school kids. We hope you found it as pleasant and interesting as we did, and that you will come back soon. Our doors are always open for young people who are interested in the world of computer graphics, so we would like to invite you to join our group - Workshops and courses in the fields of film, animation and new media, where you can exchange experiences, show your work and ask questions that you are interested in. Have a look at the photos from Saturday ... >>

Our hosts yesterday were Mad Head Games and their HR, Tamara Milenkovic, in their Belgrade studio. This successful Serbian gaming house has over one hundred employees in their Novi Sad and Belgrade studios and is known for making HOPA games (Hidden Object Puzzle Games). Their team has so far released 14 original games through famous publisher Big Fish Games. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in the studio. We also met Petra Shepard Nikolic, who received a Photoshop course from us as a prize for the best costume at the Comic Festival Cosplay Competition. ... >>

Crater VFX Training Center is participating at the 13th International Comics Festival which opened on Thursday the 24th of September and will last until Sunday the 27th of September at the Student Cultural Center.We invite you to join us for a lecture by Bogdan Amidzic, a lecturer from our training center and lead compositing artist at Crater Studio, on the theme of 'Visual effects in video games based on comic book heroes' on Sunday September 27th at 6:15pm in the hall of the Student Cultural Center.Every day during the festival you can find us at the comics hall and learn more about our school of visual effects and the courses that we offer for adults and teenagers. ... >>

Yesterday was the grand opening of the 13th International Comics Festival. Our training center awarded two prizes – one for the winner of the heroes from the world of comics and fantasy Cosplay contest for the best costume, Petra Nikolic, who was awarded with a certificate for the Digital Image Editing and Creation course for her representation of DC Comics Deathstroke and a course by choice was rewarded to Milica Stevanovic for the best comic strip in the under 15’s category.Have a look at photos from the event ... ... >>

Feature film EDEN opens today, September 18th, in theaters across America []. The film will also be released on iTunes [].If you're close by some of the theaters, do not miss the opportunity to catch it. Crater Studio was involved as the main studio in charge of visual effects. The film is about an American football team who suffered a horrific plane crash and ended up trapped on a deserted island. ... >>

Join us for an afternoon in a creative atmosphere on Saturday the 3rd of October between 12 and 5 pm for an Open Day at our training center. This event is intended to open the doors to the visual effects industry and the field of computer graphics, animation and film. In addition to the Photoshop, After Effects, 3DS Max and Maya presentations, you can attend film and theater acting, animation and new media workshops with our friends from Baraka Cultural Centre.Due to the limited number of spaces, applications should be sent to: ... >>

Yesterday we had a visit from the 1st year BA/BSc (Hons) Interactive Animation students from the SAE Institute. Through talks with our VFX artists, we wanted to show them the process of post-production and where the each different artist fits in in that whole process. ... >>

Crater VFX Training Center is seeking a Modeling and Texturing ‘s course lecturer/ lecturers to join our teaching team! ... >>

As of September, we are launching three new courses for teenagers, which will open our doors and the world of visual occupations to young people aged 13-17. In today's world, children get familiar with computers very early on and are mainly consumers of finished content. Our goal is to show them how they can become creators and direct their potential towards the creative use of computers. Enrollment is ongoing!Courses for teenagers ... >>

Have a look at our friends Vuk Saletovic and Ivan Nedeljkovic from Studio Baraka on the 'Beograde, Dobar Dan' show on Studio B, where they introduced the public to our joint project, the BLEF - eko summer film camp for kids and youth aged 7-20. ... >>

Yesterday in the studio we experimented a little. We filmed and photographed different sequences looking for a way to get the desired effect to use in compositing for one of our projects. Have a look: ... >>

Japanizam 201508.07.2015

During last week and over the weekend you had a chance to visit us at 8th annual Japanizam festival dedicated to Japanese pop culture, in which our school of visual effects rewarded Hana Popovic a free of charge Photoshop course for winning 1st place in the free theme-drawing competition. For more information about the winners of this year's Japanizam contests, have a look here: ... >>

We invite you to visit us tomorrow afternoon at Dom Omladine, the youth center, for the 8th annual Japanizam convention, the largest regional festival dedicated to Japanese pop culture. This year's theme is "Yokai" which is the Japanese name for the ghosts and phantoms, ogres, bogies and other mystical creatures from folklore which appear in horror stories. Japanizam starts today and runs until Sunday the 5th of July with a varied and interesting program. If you attend, be sure to stop by our booth to meet us ... >>

Petar Jovovic, the founder and supervisor of Crater Studio, gave a lecture on the technological innovations in the film and gaming industry during the Tehnomegdan IT Conference. Have a look how this interesting lecture went ... >>

Crater Studio and Crater VFX Training Center invite you to a lecture by founder and supervisor of Crater Studio, Petar Jovovic. The topic of the lecture will be 'Technological innovations in the film and gaming industry' which will be held at the Tehnomegdan IT Conference on Friday 19th of June at 12:35pm at the Privredna Komora Srbije, Terazije 23.This year's Tehnomegdan conference will be dedicated to gaming, starting from 10am, where you will be able to familiarize yourself with the various segments of the industry. At Petar's lecture, you will learn more about the technological innovations such as the improvement of image quality over time, scanning data from reality (cameras, LIDAR drones, small face and body scanners, motion capture), motion control systems and their use in camera mo ... >>

Crater VFX Training Center and Cultural Center Baraka invite you to Baraka at Crater's summer camp: BEOGRADSKI EKO FILM - BLEFThe camp is a summer educational program for ages 7-20, with the theme of raising environmental awareness in kids through a short movie. Our idea is to go through the whole process of film-making, from pre-production and filming, which will be held mostly outside, to post-production - film editing, animation and visual effects, which they will be putting together on computers. Children will be engaged in: screenwriting, recording assistance, camera work, sound, acting, editing, visual effects, animating and more.Camp will be held from the 27th of July to the 21st of August, Monday - Friday from 9 - 5pm at Kalemegdan, Kej 25 Maj and at Crater VFX Training Center, Kni ... >>

Students from Rade Koncar School of Electrical Engineering visited our studio and training center yesterday. Our mission was to demonstrate the possibilities of achieving a career in the VFX industry, as well as the specifics of individual pathways within it. Have a look ... >>

Students from Nikola Tesla School of Electrical Engineering from Pancevo, as guests in our studio and school of visual effects, had the opportunity to familiarize with the VFX industry as profession of the future, and different pathways within it. Have a look ... >>

Yesterday's lecture at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis about the Technological Innovations in the Film Industry by the founder and supervisor of Crater Studio, Petar Jovovic, was well visited and followed with great interest. Have a look ... >>

Join us and find out how the development of technology affects the film industry in a lecture by Petar Jovovic, the founder and supervisor of Crater Studio. The lecture, organized by the Faculty of Electronics branch of Multimedia Technologies in Nis, will be held on Thursday 4th of June from 12 am,. ... >>

Today at the opening of BEST Design Week, Compositing artist Bogdan Amidzic introduced visitors to Crater Studio and our school of visual effects, Crater VFX Training Center. Have a look at the photo's from the event ... >>

Recently, Petar Jovovic, the founder and supervisor of Crater Studio, and executive producer Milovan Mladenovic, visited Lightstream Animation Studios in Petaluma, California. The atmosphere was excellent as they hung out with friends Jamy Wheless and John Helms, founders of the studio and colleagues from the VFX industry. Have a look ... >>

Crater VFX Training Center invites you to the opening day of the Board of European Students of Technology BEST Belgrade's 5th annual design and branding seminar - BEST Design Week, this Saturday, the 30th of May at Accademia del Lusso (ADL d.o.o, Bulevar Despota Stefana 68c) The Design Insight program, which begins at 11am, will feature a number of companies and associations from different IT sectors that encourage and contribute to the education of young people in our region. One such company being Crater Studio, who's presentation you can catch at 1:15pm. Join us and find out more about what we do and who we are! ... >>

Once again we welcomed students from Ribnikar Primary School as part of our professional orientation program. In addition to a lecture, a screening of an animated film, a tour of the studio and discussions with the artists, we introduced them to our weekly Baraka at Crater, kids and youth, film, acting, animation and new media workshops. Have a look ... >>

Yesterday we had another group visit us from Drvo Art Technical High School. We held a presentation, a walk through the studio and talks with the artists so as to bridge the gap in their knowledge of the VFX profession. Have a look at how their visit went ... >>

Today at our training center and studio we hosted students from the Drvo Art Technical High School. Through a presentation, we prepared them for a tour of the studio and talks with the artists so that they could find out about the different pathways in the VFX industry. ... >>

Have a look at the photos's of the wonderful art, photography and short live action/animated film works by high school students from the seventh Beokulis festival held last night at Uroborus gallery. The exhibit is open till the 12th of June. ... >>

Join us today at 7.30pm at Uroborus gallery for the opening exhibit of the seventh Beokulis (Belgrade Kularov artistic expression of high school students) organised by gallery Kuloar, the Mathmatics high school and gallery Uroborus. The exhibit, which will be open till the 12th of June, will showcase selected and awarded works of high school students in 3 categories: art, photography and short live action/animated film. The award ceremony was held today at the Mathematics high school and Crater VFX Training Center awarded 3 prizes for the live action/animated film category.1st place : "The years the grasshopers ate"Authors: Ana Đelmaš, Jelena Stanišić, Katarina Janjetović, Miloš Budimir, Veljko Popović, Nevena Timotijević, Dorotea Damjanović, Brana Pantelić, Igor BojkovićMentori ... >>

In the April edition of Svet kompjutera, the best selling computer magazine in Serbia, we had an advertisement published for our visual effects school, Crater VFX Training Center, with an extended program of courses. In its program, we have included Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya courses for children and young people aged 12-17. We also presented the Baraka at Krater program of film, acting for film and theater, animation and new media workshops for children and young people aged 6-17, which are organised in cooperation with Baraka Studio.  ... >>

A group of students from the Graphics High School visited our studio this week. Through a talk, a tour of the studio and hanging out with our artists, they had the chance to find out not only about the VFX profession, but also about the possibility of learning and getting a job in the VFX industy. ... >>

Today at 3.40pm, Crater Studio will take part in the RAF IT Days seminar with a talk from compositing artist Bogdan Amidzic, who will give a lecture on the topic of 'Visual Effects - a profession in expansion'. ... >>

Foundry Visit20.03.2015

The Foundry has recognized Crater Studio as the leading post-production studio in the region and Crater VFX Training Center as the leading teaching center for their software. We hung out with Tom and Vitaly from London and we had a great time! Here they are with the compositors from Crater Studio. ... >>

Crater Studio wishes to welcome the students from Crater VFX Training Center who are taking their internship with us. This is the first internship of its kind, where we have gathered students from several courses for an in-house project, which the students themselves participated in filming. Have a look at the interns and the working atmosphere. ... >>

Last week we had two schools visit us, Rade Koncar School of Electrical Engineering and the High School of Information Technology. As before, we sought to introduce them to the possibilities of a career in the VFX industry as well as all the path's they could take. ... >>

The famous Icelandic artist Björk liked the animated music video we created with Ercan Alister Kosar for the Swedish band Fastwalkers' single "Brightest Star". Björk edited the video for her song "New World" and we think it's a great match. Take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts. ... >>

This week we had students from Lola Technical High School visit us. After a lecture they had a tour of the studio where they got to talk to some of the artists and learn about all the pathways in the visual effects industry.  ... >>

This past week we have had another class visit the studio. The high school students from the School of Architecture had the opportunity to get to know about different pathways in the VFX industry and also about the learning and career opportunities available. Have a look ... >>

This year, we have continued on our mission to promote the VFX profession among younger generations. We hosted students from the Stari Grad School of Electrical Engineering and held a presentation for them, as well as a tour of the studio and gave them time to talk to the artists. The students had a chance to learn about the different branches of visual effects and the steps needed to get a job in the industry. Have a look... ... >>

The best selling and most respected computer magazine in Serbia, Svet Kompjutera, released an commercial for our training center in their new edition. ... >>

Crater Studio crew gathered on December 31st 2014 to celebrate the successful year. In a friendly atmosphere, with great food and sharing presents, we had a great time on the last working day in the past year. ... >>

We would like to give a special thank you to the team of designers at De:Work Studio for their creative solutions in decorating our center, for their delightful t-shirt designs and for brightening up a gloomy autumn day. A success shared by the many visitors who attended the event :) ... >>

Now that the Open Day is over, we are gathering impressions :) We enjoyed the company and we plan for it to become an annual event in the upcoming years. The Training Center team would like to thank the many visitors who attended the event, the former and current students, and the lecturers who were there to give course information. We would also like to say a big thank you to the Crater Studio team for their warm welcome during the studio tours and for the presentations of their work. We are also grateful to everyone who played a part in organising the Open Day; from the catering and beverages to the photographers :) ... >>

Avid courses 25.12.2014

During the Open Day at Crater VFX Training Center, visitors had a chance to hear about the Avid certified courses: Media Composer Editing Essentials and Media Composer Effects Essentials. Have a look at the photos from the presentation... ... >>

Open Day22.12.2014

On December 18th, we had an Open Day at Crater VFX Training Center. We were joined by former, current and potential new students, lecturers and artists, to share experiences and find out about the courses. They took a tour of Crater Studio and talked to some of the Crater's VFX artists. ... >>

Crater VFX Training Center and Studio za decu "Vrt" (Children's Studio Vrt) present a new program- Creative Animation, a Photoshop workshop for children ages 6 - 11. The program was developed with the goal of inspiring children to become creators, rather than just consumers of finished content. This also allows them a glimpse into the diverse profession of visual effects opening up possible future career paths. Follow us on our Facebook page Kreativna Zanimacija ... >>

Open Day 201410.12.2014

Crater VFX Training Center OPEN DAY on December 18thDiscover the place where magic of visual effect happens!Join us at our Open Day on December 18th, from 2pm to 8pm at the Crater VFX Training Center in meeting of new and old students with teachers from Crater VFX Training Center and artists from Crater Studio. Just for you, we have prepared studio tour, presentation of our new Avid courses, movie projections and much more. You will get answers to all of your questions through socializing and an engaging program of events.Number of requests are limited.Sign up via ... >>

Movie Eden, a story about members of an American football team who survived a horrific plane crash, will be premièred next year. From the start, Crater Studio worked on visual effects as the main visual effects studio. From the VFX consultations with producers and director after reading test scripts, over six weeks of supervision on the set on the islands of Malaysia and a few days on set in Los Angeles, Crater Studio made effects for more than 80 frames of the movie including replacement of backgrounds, creating CG airplanes, explosions, a stadium with CG audience...  ... >>

The premiere of the documentary film Hero 1914 is on Wednesday, December 3rd, at 9pm on the national television RTS. The movie is written by Filip Svarm, directed by Nikola Lukic, and represents the struggle and suffering of ordinary Serbian soldiers and peasants during the World War One. Crater Studio crew created visual effects for thirteen shots in this documentary. ... >>

Premiere of the movie Shadows, the master work of a young director Milos Ljubomirovic, will be held on Tuesday, November 25th, in the Great Hall of Belgrade's Dom Omladine. Crater Studio crew participated in the post-production of this short movie and worked on compositing, simulations of fire and texture of the cross in one of the scenes. Take a look at the teaser ... >>

Autodesk Open Doors was held today at Crater VFX Training Center. Take a look... ... >>

Today, Crater Studio hosted Serbian Film Association which organized training for actors in front of the camera in our training center. Participants learned how to get into castings for international projects from Andjela Stamenkovic and Aleksandra Sirkic, from the agency Sav Taj Glumac, and much more.Take a look at the photos from this event. ... >>

Take a look at the photos from the award ceremony at the Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film No. 9 , held on October 17th, in Belgrade’s Dom Omladine . At this event, Koskar award for best visual effects was given to the brothers, Andrija and Mladen Tomasevic, for their work on the visual effects in the short horror film Night watchman by Marko Marinkovic. The main prize is the course of choice, free of charge, at our training center. ... >>

On November 14th, at its authorized center Crater VFX Training Center, Autodesk will organize Open Doors - event where you can take Autodesk Professional exams. Prices of exams are reduced from 90 to 30 euros. This is a great opportunity to confirm your knowledge in AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, 3DS Max, Maya and receive a valuable certificate that can help you in further career. You can send your applications until the beginning of November via e-mail: or call us on: 011 / 2620-597 ... >>

An ad for our school of visual effects, Crater VFX Training Center, was published in October’s, birthday edition of the best selling and most respected computer magazine in Serbia Svet Kompjutera. ... >>

World premiere of the new movie by Russian director and Oscar winner Nikita Mikhalkov, Sunstroke, in which post-production Crater Studio participated, was held on Friday in the Sava Center. The premiere was attended by a large number of people from the public and cultural life of Serbia and Russia. After the screening, the audience greeted the main protagonists and the famous film maker, who sang them a Russian song. Take a look... ... >>

World premiere of Sunstroke, the new movie from Russian director and Oscar winner Nikita Mikhalkov, will be held tomorrow, on October 3rd, at Belgrade's Sava Center. Numerous representatives of the Serbian film industry took part in filming of this movie. One of the VFX studios that worked on this project was Crater Studio, which is responsible for animation, matte painting and compositing in more than 30 shots of the film. The movie is based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner Ivan Bunin and story take us in the twenties of the last century on the Crimean peninsula, following the evacuation of white Russians after the Civil War.  ... >>

Take a look at the photos from the Cosplay competition held yesterday at the 12th International Comics Festival. Winner of the competition is Vladimir Veskov who was awarded for the costume of Deadpool with free of charge course of visual effects in our training center. ... >>

Get 10% summer discount on all our courses until the end of August. Join us and become a part of the world of computer graphics and visual effects. ... >>

During the weekend you had a chance to visit us at Japanizam, the largest regional convention dedicated to the pop-culture of the country of the rising sun. Within the various programs, Manga workshop was held, and Crater VFX Training center has awarded a prize - free of charge course Digital Image Editing and Creation for the best manga drawing. Take a look at the photos from the event... ... >>

During the Mikser festival you had the opportunity to visit us at the gallery Stab, where our school of visual effects was presented. For this special occasion we gave out discount cards for the courses. Check out the photos... ... >>

The best selling computer magazine in Serbia, Svet Kompjutera, has published an advertisement for our school of visual effects, Crater VFX Training Center, whose aim is not only the education, but also the affirmation of the VFX profession through participation in many cultural and educational events such as Comic Book Fair, Mikser festival, Knowledge Factory, Professional orientation and others... ... >>

A movie poster for the new film by Emir Kusturica On the Milky Road, was published in the CANNES MARKET NEWS - The Official Daily on May 17th, the fourth day of the festival in Cannes. Leading protagonists of this movie are Monica Bellucci and Emir Kusturica himself. Crater Studio is in charge of post-production and visual effects. ... >>

An ad for the Character Animation course at our training center was published in May’s issue of Svet Kompjutera magazine. In addition to the ad, a guide for admission to high schools and colleges was also published including the Crater VFX Training Center  on its list. A large number of students has passed through our training center and we have helped them to use their talents and develop their skills and begin their careers in the VFX industry. ... >>

The eight grade pupils from Sveti Sava elementary school visited Crater Studio today as part of the Professional orientation in Serbia program. During their visit they were introduced to the VFX profession and the opportunities it provides. See how it went... ... >>

Crater Studio hosted pupils from Petar II Karadjordjevic elementary school as part of the Professional orientation in Serbia program. They were introduced to the VFX profession through a lecture, a visit to the studio, and a chat with our artists. See how it went... ... >>

Aleksa Gajic, our famous animator, illustrator and comic book artist, will be a guest lecturer on the Animation course, which starts soon at our training center. During a one-week Master Class he will introduce the students to the history, theory and philosophy of animation – from its beginning to what it is today. That's why we decided to hold a small interview with Aleksa:Where did you learn animation?Way back in 1992, I caught a short segment on TV about an animation studio, Bikic. The segment showed the studio which showed the artists drawing, supplies everywhere, paint, pinned posters from movies everywhere, illuminated tables and so on. There was no doubt about it - this is it, I thought. The very next day I was there with my drawings and the desire to come after school to work. ... >>

Crater Studio, has created a movie theater on their premises for their own needs and the needs of Crater VFX Training Center. The cinema is equipped with a projector, Sim2 M50 and a professional projection screen Enlightor 4K with a black background. The Sim2 professional M50 projector is designed for  E-Cinema and offers the high quality projection and the ability to display content such as pre-show, post-production, pre-views, advertising, edutainment and more. The latest generation of chips provides the exceptional brightness (5000 ANSI Im), resolution of 1920x1080 (1080Op) and 3000:1 native contrast ratio, as well as crystal-clear, uncompressed HD images. It also features the ability to adjust the colour characteristics using Live Color Management, a bit-rate of 10-bit/per color e ... >>

We notify all of the participants that the competition for the best project in the field of applied arts and design is over. The winner of the contest is Mihailo Radosevic, who will have a chance to choose any course in our training center free of charge, as well as second prize winner Nemanja Lukic, who will have 70 percent discount and third prize winner Jelena Majorovic, who will get a 50 percent discount on any courses they choose. Other contestants will get a 25 percent discount on courses of their choice. Thank you all for your participation!Mihailo RadosevicNemanja LukicJelena Majorovic ... >>

Bogdan Amidzic, a compositing artist from Crater Studio, held a lecture today during the RAF IT Days 2014 seminar at the School of Computing. Take a look at the photos... ... >>

Bogdan Amidzic, a compositing artist from Crater Studio, held a lecture about visual effects on the 3rd of April at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Take a look at the photos... ... >>

Bogdan Amidzic, a compositing artist from Crater Studio, held a lecture about visual effects for students of the Faculty of Mathematics, on Friday 28th of March. Take a look at the photos... ... >>

Petar Jovovic, the founder and supervisor of Crater Studio, held a lecture Visual effects - profession in expansion at the Faculty of Applied Arts, on Monday 24th of March. Besides the students, the lecture was also attended by their professor Rastko Ciric, one of our best animators and illustrators and co-founder of the Festival of European Student Animation. Take a look at the photos from this event. ... >>

Crater VFX Training Center announces a competition for the best project in the field of applied arts and design.All students of the Faculty of Applied Arts are eligible to enter the competition.1st  prize - course of choice, free of charge*2nd prize - 70% discount on course of choice*3th  prize - 50% discount on course of choice*Send us a link to your entries or email them to us at by the 10th of April.The competition results will be announced on April 14th on the Crater VFX Training Center's website*course list available on our website. ... >>

Crater Studio has joined the program Professional orientation in Serbia, initiated by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the German organization for International Cooperation Giz. This way, we get a chance to help young people who have yet to choose their future professions.  From the 17th to 28th of March, eighth grade pupils from elementary schools Vladislav Ribnikar and Drinka Pavlovic will have the opportunity to learn, through  lectures, all about the process of creation of 3D animation and visual effects in a project, and about various professions within the VFX industry. They will watch a short animated film, The Rise and Fall of Art by our famous comic book artist, animator and illustrator Aleksa Gajic, and then through a visit of the stud ... >>

The best selling and most respected computer magazine in Serbia, Svet Kompjutera, released an ad for our Training center. A large number of students have completed courses at Crater VFX Training Center. Majority have stayed on as interns and some are now permanent members of our team. ... >>

Enrol for any of the courses at Crater VFX Training Center by December 31st and you'll get a 10% discount in 2014. Discount applies to all courses: D i g i t a l  I m a g e  E d i t i n g  a n d  C r e a t i o n 3 D  V i s u a l i z a t i o n 3 D / V F X  E s s e n t i a l s M o d e l i n g & T e x t u r i n g D i g i t a l  L i g h t i n g R i g g i n g A n i m a t i o n D i g i t a l  E f f e c t s E n v i r o n m e n t  D e s i g n  a n d  M a t t e P a i n t i n g  D i g i t a l  C o m p o s i t i n g All students will master the skills needed for the creation of VFX for feature film, television shows, commercials, video games and architectural visualizations. Students, who show outstanding talent, will be offered internship at Crater Studio. ... >>

In June 2013,Crater Studio has begun work on the visual effects for the upcoming movie directed by Emir Kusturica, titled On The Milky Road. The filming took place at several locations in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina. Petar Jovovic (VFX supervisor and founder) and Milovan Mladenovic (executive producer) supervised on the movie set and were consulted for scenes that required visual effects. Check out photos from the set… ... >>

The eighth Festival of Serbian Fantasy Film begins today in Belgrade Youth Centre and will last untill October 19th. You will be able to see domestic and foreign films in the genre of fantasy and horror. 20 domestic movies will compete for the Koskar award in the categories of best film, best script, visual effects, special achievement and the best film chosen by the audience. The jury, whose members are the screenwriter and director Dejan Nikolaj Kraljacic, producer and director Milan Todorovic and comic book artist and animator Aleksa Gajic will decide who wins in the mentioned categories. In addition, the audience will be able to see fantasy and horror films from the US, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Norway . In the hall outside the Great Hall of the BYC yo ... >>

The big interactive traveling exhibition with workshops and competitions Your magic world will begin on Tuesday, September 10th 2013 in the gallery of the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade (Takovska 8) and it will last until September 24th. Art workshops will be held during the weekdays from 11am to 3pm.The exhibition will be attended by more than 1,000 children, and in seven art workshops they will have the opportunity to create costumes and real characters, stories and landscapes of the fairy tales in various techniques (comics, caricatures, animated cartoons, clay, painting techniques). Children will work with artists, students of the Faculty of Philology - Department for the German language, and art educators from Children's Cultural Center Belgrade.With this project, the Goethe-Inst ... >>

We invite all comic book fans to visit the 11th International Comic book Showroom, which begins on Thursday, September 26th, and which will last till Sunday, September 29th 2013.On the first day of the Comic book fair in Happy Gallery of the Student Cultural Center in Belgrade, was the awards ceremony. Crater VFX Training Center has awarded Stefan Katanic with a free of charge course in our Training Center.Comic books and digital visual effects both create the illusion of fantastic new worlds – said Petar Jovovic, founder and supervisor of Crater Studio, who held a lecture at the Comic book showroom about the Influence of comic books on the development of visual effects in the film industry. Check out the photos... ... >>

We invite you to visit the largest educational IT event in the region, Knowledge Factory, in Podgorica, on September 24th and 25th organized by ComTrade company.Founder and supervisor of Crater Studio, Petar Jovovic, will hold a lecture about the Visual Effects in Hollywood movie industry. ... >>

This year, Djordje Milijanovic completed the course Environment Design and Matte Painting at Crater VFX Training Center. After his graduate work, he was invited for internship, and soon after that he got a job at Crater Studio. He immediately started working on Crater Studio projects, and such a start of his career helped this young artist to quickly acquire the necessary knowledge..Djordje Milijanovic, a Matte Painting artistWhen did you start to show interest for visual effects? ... >>

Bojan Milovanovic has completed the course 3D/VFX Essential this year (teacher Dragan Miokovic), and then the Digital Lighting course with teacher Ivan Vasiljevic. After proving his talent and desire to advance in the industry, Bojan was given a chance for internship in Crater Studio, where he could apply the knowledge gained in the Crater VFX Training Center. The practical work was a remarkable experience for him, and he used it in the right way! After the internship, Bojan was given a job as a digital lighter in the Crater VFX studio.Bojan speaks about his first impressions in this interview.cBojan Milovanovic, a Digital LighterSince when have you been interested in the field of visual effects and animation? Can you pinpoint a moment when you decided this will be your calling?I know this ... >>

We invite you to join us on Saturday July 6th, from 11am-6pm on Japanism, the only regional festival dedicated to the Japanese pop culture, which will take place in the Belgrade Youth Centre. The inspirations for this year's festival are superheroes, so most of the program will be on this topic. Visit us at the booth of our friends from Computerland. This amazing event that ends on Sunday is organized by Sakurabana, the Belgrade Youth Centre and the Japanese embassy under the patronage of the city of Belgrade. ... >>

Crater Studio has released a new showreel in 2013.Showreel 2013 on Vimeo ... >>

Crater Studio, the regional leader in 3D animation and visual effects, and the SAE Institute, the world’s largest educational network for audio and film production, interactive animation and implemented multimedia, have signed a cooperation agreement. See how it went… ... >>

Crater Studio participated in the Mikser Festival, held from May 28th to June 2nd 2013. The event brought together professionals and enthusiasts through a variety of transcultural projects supporting the development of the creative economy at a national and regional level.Founder and supervisor of Crater Studio, Petar Jovovic, gave us an interesting lecture on Learning visual effects through an open education system. He spoke about the need for non traditional trends, which are the evolution of the current rigid educational system.Students of the 21st century are self-motivated and self-disciplined, he/she chooses the method and pace of learning, makes his/her own structure of subjects and determines priorities. He/she is permitted to use any means necessary if they lead to the same goal - ... >>

SAE INSTITUTE AND CRATER VFX TRAINING CENTER Cooperation agreement and joint courses with dual certificates Belgrade, Jun 7th 2013 On Friday June 7th at 2pm, SAE Institute and Crater Studio, the founder of the school center - Crater VFX Training Center, will present a new cooperation agreement and announce the beginning of a series of joint courses in 3D animation. SAE Institute, the largest educational network in the field of creative media, and Crater Studio, the regional leader in 3D animation and visual effects, with this agreement want to improve education in one of the most sought-after professions today. This agreement also opens the possibilities for the best students on the course 3D/VFX Essentials, the first in a series, to get a chance for an internship at the studio, col ... >>

A team of ten people from Crater Studio visited FMX in Stuttgart in 2013. FMX is the leading European conference for animation, visual effects and video games, and lately it has become one of the most important international conferences in the industry. Check out their impressions about participants, lecturers and representatives from famous studios at the link bellow.vfx-iluzija-osvrt-na-fmx2013 ... >>

The idea of VFX Serbia came about several years ago in response to the demand for professionals with an insight into the state of the local VFX industry and as a platform for promoting the industry. The goal was to create a base for local artists and studios, bringing together related disciplines and forming a coherent perspective on the local film, video production and post-production industries so as to represent the collective creative potential. Creating a website was the logical solution, as it offers fast, easy access and transparency. was launched in August of 2012 and works in conjunction with all the most popular social platforms, predominantly the VFX Serbia Facebook page.  ... >>

The band Zemlja Gruva have a new song Sudopera and music video. Post-production for the video was done by Crater Studio.Sudopera on YouTube  ... >>

A famous Serbian TV station, Studio B, broadcasted live from our studio for their daily show. Watch it here… ... >>

Respected magazine and website Campaign India featured an article and a video of recently finished Nestle Kit Kat Dancing Babies ad for which Crater Studio did post-production and animation. Read the whole article >>Find out more at ... >>

Crater Studio and Crater VFX Training Centre wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We know that all your dreams can be told by using visual effects. We will help you tell your story. May all your creative dreams come true! ... >>

Crater VFX Training Center has awarded the first prize - free of charge course 3D Visualization, to the winner of Warhammer Fantasy Battles tournament, Miljan Otovic, at the Gaming Festival at the Belgrade Youth Centre. Congratulations to Miljan! ... >>

42% DISCOUNT16.11.2012.

An additional 10% discount on the basic course, Digital Image Editing and Creation for applications till December 1st 2012. The course on Photoshop, whose price is already reduced from 180 to 140 Euros (all together with VAT), now costs only 126 Euros. Sign up quickly… Send applications to e-mail: or call the following telephone numbers: 011 / 2620-597, 011 / 2620-624, 063 / 565-132 ... >>

During the highly visited job fair held in facilities of Technical faculties, we have presented the work of Crater VFX Training Center to visitors. Many young people were interested in the courses… ... >>

Crater Studio, within the promotion of school for computer animation and visual effects, Crater VFX Training Center, announces: Autodesk Open Door Event by day / Party with Zemlja Gruva by night Wednesday, November 7th, Crater VFX Training Center in Knicaninova 3 In the morning hours we will hold the testing for free Autodesk Certificates, which will last until 6pm. At 7pm we will start a cocktail party that will mark the beginning of cooperation of the filming of a new music video for the band Zemlja Gruva. By the end of this year, the band will publish a new CD, 5 Dina u Zemlji Gruva, on which you will find 5 interesting versions of Dino Dvornik’s songs. The video for the first single from the new EP, Maniac will be done in co-production with Crater Studio and Creative Team. Visi ... >>

First courses are starting at Crater VFX Training center J  ... >>

Crater VFX Training Center participated at the Festival of Serbian Fantasy Film in the Belgrade Youth Centre. We had great time…   ... >>

Crater VFX Training Center announces: Autodesk Open Doors Certification Event 2012 on Novembar 7th  2012. Sign up for free Autodesk Associate and Professional exams for 3Ds Max and Maya software packages. Join the hundreds of thousands of Autodesk certified professionals across the globe. Autodesk ® Certification is accreditation program, that is recognized by the industry, and which can help you to succeed in your career. This program provides benefits for, both, you and your employer. The certificate you get at the end of the exam is a confirmation of your high level skills and knowledge and can accelerate your professional development, boost your credibility in the profession and improve the productivity of your employer. Sign up for the exams via e-mail: ... >>

Contest results 15.08.2012.

We are announcing that the contest for best work in the field of visual effects, 3D and computer animation is finished. The winners are: First place – course free of charge,  for Predrag Novakovic Second place – 70% discount on the wanted course for Milica Cepic Third place – 50% discount on the wanted course for Tamara Lukic   We would like to express our gratitude to all the contestants... ... >>

Crater VFX Training Center in cooperation with Computerland  offers you special discounts on the courses! With a purchase of a Wacom graphics tablet in stores Pyramid and Computerland, you’ll  receive 10-30% discount on the courses in Crater VFX Training Center: • Digital Image Editing and Creation • 3D and VFX Essentials • Environment Design and Matte Painting  Discount applies until November 1st 2012. * 30% discount refers to the first five who apply ... >>

1st prize -  free course of your choice2nd prize - 70% discount on the price for the course of your choice 3rd prize - 50% discount on the price for the course of your choice Send your work or links to our e-mail:  by August 4th 2012. The winning work will be published on August 15th 2012 on the Crater VFX Training Center’s site: and Facebook page Participation in the contest is permitted only with original work... ... >>

Crater Studio on TV show Biljana za vas. ... >>

Crater Studio  presents Crater VFX Training Center on VFX Showcase, July 4th in KC Grad Discover the magical world of visual effects Everyone interested in visual effects (VFX) and without prior knowledge of VFX, as well as those who have already made some initial steps into 3D computer animation, will have the opportunity to discover firsthand the art of creating effects for movies and television. The VFX Showcase will be organized by Crater Studio and Crater VFX Training Center on July 4th, starting at 7pm in KC Grad.VFX Showcase will be a live demonstration of fitting footage and computer-generated animation. Attendees will be able to witness live HDR shooting with chrome ball for lighting. They will also learn how to calculate the motion of the camera and objects from a fo ... >>

Ivan Vasiljevic, Crater VFX Training Centre lecturer, held a presentation about the VFX profession in the High School of Engineering and Artistic Crafts, Tehnoart Belgrade... ... >>

A Serbian TV station, Studio B, broadcasted a segment about our VFX Training Center. Check it out… ... >>

Crater Studio is busy holding lectures at Universities across Serbia, presenting the idea behind Crater VFX Training Center, it's educational subsidiary, with main purpose of promoting the vfx profession through education, making the Serbian VFX market more globally competitive.Crater held a workshop for students on May 15th 2012 at the Faculty of Mathematics during May - a month of mathematics (M3). This popular science event is organized by the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, SANU, Center for science promotion, together with various educational institutions. M3 gathers around 2.000 visitors daily in 15 towns in Serbia, aiming to bring mathematics to common people promoting it as a game and passion. We are happy to announce that our artists ... >>

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