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Courses in our virtual classroom take place via a dedicated learning platform, where you can ask questions in real-time and communicate with the lecturer and other students during class, as in a real classroom.

In the last eight years, we have nurtured a highly interactive approach to education with an emphasis on knowledge sharing, exchange of experience and mentoring, because we believe that our lectures’ professional experience and the quality of group communication make the difference between good and exceptional education.

In order to create an online learning experience parallel to that of the classroom in the physical space, we have employed our experience and paired it with new technologies and the benefits of distance learning.

If you would like to join us in a virtual classroom, let us know in the APPLICATION OF INTEREST!

WHY choose distance learning at Crater Training Center!

Learning remotely - from home, while the real learning environment a student can experience in the classroom is being paralleled.

Online classes are held in small groups of up to 6 students, so the lecturer has more time to devote to each student individually.

The continuous presence of the lecturer during class simulates that in the physical classroom which results in the high quality online education, because of the Q&A and tips and tricks that the students get on the spot from the lecturer who have acquired their professional knowledge for decades. Our lecturers are experienced in interactive, online distance learning, as we have held virtual on-demand courses so far. Read our online students' experiences below.

Don't know enough about how the software or hardware work? Don't worry, the detailed instructions we have prepared will guide you through the entire process of setting up an online learning system at your home. Our team is available to provide you with the remote IT support if needed.

Attending our online courses gives you more than just knowledge, it gives you access to the community of current and former students who are interested in the same topics as you are and can assist you in the building of your career and it’s advancement.

"The online course option has helped me take a course in Digital Compositing while being able to fit the classes with my business responsibilities. It's great when you can listen to lectures from your home and not have to worry about transport and travel to the other city. Bogdan created the dynamics of the classes in line with my previous knowledge and he was always available for consultations, so I learned a lot in this course."    
Jelena Kuzmic - Technical modeler, 3Lateral, Novi Sad - Digital Compositing 

"When I decided to improve my knowledge of 3D and Motion Graphics, it was clear that it would take place at Crater Studio. In addition to their reputation, the reason for this decision was their accessibility and openness in meeting my needs, since I opted for an individual course and I wanted to do some "mix" of courses, which meant creating a brand new program for me which has covered absolutely what I wanted.

If I were to comment on the school itself and the employees, I would describe it as one big welcoming family, which meets the needs of everyone. The "tailor made" course for me lasted almost 2 months, and only a small part initially took place in the premises of Crater Studio. I asked them, with the consent of my lecturer, to switch to an online course, since in my opinion it is a much better option. If you have two monitors so you can watch the professor's lecture at one and work at another, this is by far the best combination for me! More advantages of online courses are: arranging clases dates with the lecturer flexibly, you are not worried about the waiting public transportation or the weather outside, you can sit in front of your computer in your home clothes and focus on the lecture.

After completing the course, I did my final assignment, using the newly acquired knowledge, which aired at the Dev9t Festival last year.

I am not writing this only on my own behalf, but also on behalf of friends and acquaintances to whom I have recommended this school, and who came out of it as modelers/designers ready to work in the studio or freelance."    

Lazar Mladenovic -  Principal Designer at Skytra -an Airbus company - After Effects 

"The Coronavirus emergency has happened about halfway through my course, and I had two choices: take a break and wait for the state of emergency to end or go to online classes.

My choice was online classes, because it was very important for me to have continuity of learning. Any break would bring me back to the beginning, which was not an option for me.

Secondly, very important to me, the advantage of the online course is that there is no waste of time in arriving and leaving the premises of the school, which allows me to go through the lessons one more time immediately after its finish, while its still fresh, or to do the exercise my mentor set as home assignment. The time that would take me in transportation from point A to point B is now being used in a much smarter way.

The third important point is that I sit at home, at my computer, where I simply feel comfortable and don't have to waste time to adjust to another working environment. 

Nemanja Vukmirovic- Motion Graphics Artist, 3D Generalist, Animator, Gigatron - Motion Graphic 

"Since I have already been planning a trip abroad at the beginning of the course I suggested the Crater Training Center team to allow me to continue this course online, joining remotely to their live classes in the classroom and actively participating.

I was delighted that they immediately began to consider this idea and within a week I received a confirmation that it was possible by installing the necessary software on my laptop that would be logged in from abroad, where I’ve moved in a meanwhile, to the classroom of the Training Center where I would be automatically assigned to one of their computers where the lecturer would watch all that I do in 3ds Max. I was also able to listen to lectures and everything that was going on in the classroom in terms of constructive questions from students and problem solving. I was also able to follow the live stream of lectures and repeat them on my computer.  

My experience with this type of online learning has more than one hundred percent justified both the quality and the amount of knowledge I have picked up.

I recommend Crater Training Center's online classes to all those who want to have the best quality trainers in the best training center for VFX career in Serbia, in my opinion, which is part of a real and serious large-scale production such as Crater Studio."

Zoran Tomic - 3D Artist, Dublin - 3D Visualization

1. What are the technical requirements that I need to fulfill?

To be able to participate in the classes from home, there are a few technical requirements you need to meet:
  • A computer that meets the minimum requirements for working in the software you want to learn (find it at the software website)
  •  Two screens - one to work in the software and the other to keep track of what the lecturer is doing. You can use two monitors or connect a TV to your computer as a second screen.
  • Stable internet with a minimum speed of 10/3 mb/s
  • Microphone and headphones
  • Keyboard and mouse

2.  What is the enrollment process?

To enroll in the course you need to:

  • Complete the Application form
  • Pay a deposit to book a seat on the course (which is included in the price)
  • Sign in the documentation for registration, scan it/take a picture and send it back to us
  • Do a stand-alone technical test for connecting to our virtual classroom using the detailed instructions provided by us.
  • Attend a group testing class with the lecturer

3. What happens if a class is cancelled or rescheduled?

As with any live, on-campus course, a class may need to be cancelled or rescheduled. If an instructor needs to postpone a class, the administrative staff will simply extend the class one week or set up an appropriate date for a make-up session. A notification will be sent to the class with information pertinent to the re-schedule.

4. What happens if I miss a class?

If you are unable to attend a class session, simply notify us. You will be able to get a lecture recording and go through the class on your own.

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