Capitalize on your knowledge of 2D to visualize your ideas in 3D entirely using AutoCAD.

While AutoCAD dominates drafting CAD market, there is a great number of strong players that are competing at 3D software market. What AutoCAD makes standout is the fact that when you master creation of 2D drawings you don’t need to invest too much time to make next step and learn how to visualize your ideas. AutoCAD offers wide variety of 3D tools needed for basic and advanced modeling. When you project gets it 3D shape AutoCAD provides a library of realistic materials, predefined light templates and rendering settings to enrich visualization of your ideas.
Companies that gather architects, civil and mechanical engineers, project managers, city planners, and other professionals need all in one CAD software solution, and AutoCAD is exactly that kind of software.
Due to a huge number of tools and options, it’s not always straightforward to find the best method to take the advantage of all the possibilities offered by AutoCAD. Therefore, most of the AutoCAD users do not utilize the full potential of this program.
This course will help you to gain all the important skills to be able to visualize your ideas. Additionally, you’ll learn some tricks that will save you lots of time in your efforts to address some typical problems met by AutoCAD users worldwide.
This course is in compliance with Autodesk Official Training Courseware. Upon completion of AutoCAD 2D course, if you want to become Autodesk Certified Professional, this course might be your second and also very important step in reaching this goal.

Introduction to 3D Modeling and Visualization
• Introduction to 3D modeling and visualization concepts
• Setting up hardware for 3D modeling and visualization using AutoCAD
• Navigating and working in AutoCAD 3D space
• Predefined visual styles
• Using UCS (User Coordinate System)
• Types of 3D models (solids, surfaces, meshes)

Creating Solid Primitives and Surfaces
• Creating solid primitives
• Creating solids from 2D profiles
• Creating surface primitives

Editing 3D Models
• Changing position and orientation of 3D models
• Editing solid models
• Adding details to solid models
• Duplicating 3D models
• Getting Information from 3D objects

Creating Composite Models
• Crating 3D models along path
• Creating 3D models using multiple profiles
• Using Booleans
• Creating complex surface 3D models

Creating 2D Documentation from 3D Models
• Sectioning a solid model and generating 2D geometry
• Creating 2D drawings from 3D models

Mesh Modeling (Free-Form Design)
• Creating mesh primitives
• Editing meshes
• Converting solids to mesh models

• 3D scene setup
• Using and modifying predefined visual styles
• Creating cameras and views
• Using Sunlight (daylight) system
• Using different types of light (Point, Spot, Distant, Web)
• Using predefined materials and creating custom materials
• Editing materials
• Rendering a scene

Final Project

Upon completion of the course students will receive the internationally recognized Autodesk Certificate of Completion, as well as the Crater VFX Training Center Certificate.

Saša Živković
Education Manager @ Crater Training Center

With thousands of educated trainees of all ages under his hat, Saša is an expert in IT-related education certified by Adobe and Autodesk. A consistently top-rated Autodesk instructor for Serbia, he was also licensed by the Institute for the Advancement of Education and Training to provide IT training to high school teachers. In collaboration with Computer Library Čačak, he has authored four AutoCAD instruction books.
A multi-talent, Saša also worked on various projects related to stage design, advertising, and business process monitoring software implementation. Formally educated as a Naval Architect at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, he has spent his life expanding his knowledge of computer graphics and its cross-industry applications. At Crater Training Center, he teaches AutoCAD 2D, AutoCAD 3D, 3ds Max, Teen 3ds Max, Architectural Visualization, Photoshop, Teen Photoshop, Digital Editing and CreationArchitecture Student Module 1 and Architecture Student Module 2.


170 EUR for classes in Serbian
255 EUR for classes in English cat. 1*
340 EUR for classes in English cat. 2*
VAT included. Class is 45 minutes
* Country category list

30 classes 

basic computer skills
AutoCAD 2D*
* or equivalent computer skills


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