Adobe InDesign is a professional program for designing and producing multi-page publications such as books, newspapers, catalogs and brochures.

The big advantage of this program over its competitors is that it integrates well with other Adobe packages such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
With Adobe InDesign, you can do cutting-edge preparation for all types of printing, in all different sizes, as well as on-screen PDF display and other formats.
A thorough knowledge of this program can be an advantage because the practical application of the program is not as widespread as of Photoshop or Illustrator, and for some types of work such as preparing a book for printing, this program is essential.
In this course you will learn the basics of typography and will master the techniques for working with multi-page documents. You will learn how to define styles, use transparency and colors. You will also learn how to create professional spreadsheets and charts.
The course syllabus is a well-balanced combination of lectures, demonstrations and individual work led by a certified Adobe instructor.

Getting familiar with workspace
• Introduction to InDesign
• Working with panels
• Working with menus

InDesign basics
• Gudies
• Preflight (error checking)
• Adding the text
• Working with graphics
• Working with objects
• Presentation mode

Setting up a document and working with pages
• Document setup
• Master Pages
• Adding pages
• Page layout and page erasing
• Resizing pages
• Adding sections and page numbering
• Printing and Bleed Guides

Working with objects
• Layers
• Text framing (Text Frames)
• Frames for graphic elements
• Wrapping text around graphics
• Transforming and aligning objects
• Grouping objects
• Lines and arrows

Advanced work with text layout
• Text input (Flowing Text)
• Linking texts across multiple frames
• Paragraph styles
• Column set up

Changing text
• Solving the missing font issue
• Find text
• Text formatting
• Spell check

Working with typography
• Working with fonts
• Column fine-tuning
• Adjusting paragraph alignment
• The first capital letter (Drop Cap)
• Adjusting the space between letters and words
• Line Breaks Adjustment
• Setting up tabs
• Adding special lines (Rule) between paragraphs

Working with colors
• Creating new colors
• Applying colors
• Making different shades of color
• Gradients

Working with styles
• Paragraph styles
• Character styles
• Character styles within paragraph styles
• Object styles
• Table and cell styles
• Changing styles globally
• Insert styles from other documents

Inserting and modifying graphics
• Inserting graphics from other programs
• Working with links
• Display Quality
• Graphics, File Types and their masks (Dropped Backgrounds)
• Working with alpha channels
• InDesign library

Creating tables
• Creating tables
• Modifying rows and columns
• Formatting tables
• Adding graphs to a table cell
• Creating a Table Header

Transparency work
• Adding transparency to graphics
• Adjusting transparency
• Transparency and Adobe Illustrator files
• Adding transparency to text
• Working with effects

Print and exporting
• Pre-printing check and adjustments
• Creating a PDF for print
• Packing files

Creating PDF files for forms (interactive PDF)
• Adding a form field
• The order of the field
• Adding a button
• Exporting an interactive PDF file

Upon completion of the course students will receive the internationally recognized Adobe Certificate of Completion, as well as the Crater VFX Training Center Certificate.

Stefan Lakić
Graphic Designer @ Freelance
Scholarship: Young Talents of Belgrade
Scholarship: DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
Member of Association of Film Artists of Serbia (UFUS)

Film and TV Camera graduate turned graphic designer, Stefan holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Media from the Bremen University of Arts in Germany and an Adobe Expert certification for Adobe Illustrator. Starting as a camera assistant during his university years, he was awarded Best Student Award for Academic Year 2005-06 at the Academy of Arts Belgrade and went on to receive a talent scholarship from the city of Belgrade. In 2010, he became a Member of Association of Film Artists of Serbia (UFUS) thanks to his work as a director of photography in documentary movies. After having an internship at Lifestream Creations GmbH in Bremen, Germany, he returned to Belgrade and started working as a freelance graphic designer. He teaches Illustrator, Teen Illustrator, Graphic Design and Printing, InDesign and Architecture Student Module 1 at Crater VFX Training Center.


180 EUR for classes in Serbian
270 EUR for classes in English cat. 1*
360 EUR for classes in English cat. 2*
VAT included. Class is 45 minutes
* Country category list

18 classes

basic computer skills
* or equivalent computer skills


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