Slide WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER Is your resume getting dustier and your calendar busier? Our streamlined courses and flexible schedule make it easy to fit learning into your daily routine, while our practical approach allows you to start integrating new knowledge into your workflow immediately.
Setting aside time to learn something new while staying on top of your regular job duties or studies is no easy feat. We are here to help! Learn more about in-person, online and hybrid delivery options on our Admissions page. Header picture for SOFTWARE TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONALS
Slide GET CERTIFIED Make that CV shine like a diamond! We are an authorized training center for Adobe and Autodesk, which means that you are eligible to receive a globally acclaimed, official certificate after successfully completing the course.


Add a software badge to your CV!

Keeping in mind the difficulties of learning new skills with work pressures piling up daily, our courses are digestible and streamlined, packed with actionable knowledge that you can start applying immediately in your daily work.

Courses are designed for professionals working in industries that could benefit from 3D visualization and computer graphics.



Upon wrapping up the course and successfully submitting the final project all students receive a Crater Training Center Certificate as proof of successfully completed education.

Students also obtain a Certificate of Completion issued by the respective software company, an official recognition that they have sat through the required hours of the course.

As an authorized training center, we offer our students the possibility to sit exams for official higher-level certification: User and Professional Certificate in the case of Autodesk, and Associate and Expert Certificate in the case of Adobe.

These certificates attest to a level of proficiency in a specific software and are not a part of the course itself.

User/Associate Certificates refer to a basic, while Professional/Expert Certificates refer to an advanced knowledge of the software package according to criteria defined by Adobe and Autodesk. As such, they are subject to additional fees and can be organized regardless of when the course was completed.

For more information about fees and exam dates, feel free to get in touch with us at