Teen After Effects

You have probably watched one of these movies; Sin City, Iron Man, The Aviator, Captain America, Pacific Rim, Pirates of the Caribbean and wondered “Hmm, how could they do that?” The answer to this and many other questions lies in two words: After and Effects.

I would like to make a super cool effects on footage that I filmed with my friends: After Effects
I’d like to make an intro for my Youtube channel like in Hollywood movies: After Effects
I did my first gaming video but it should have slightly better color, and have text and my voice: After Effects
I have a shot riding a skateboard but the camera is shaking a little, how do I stabilize the footage?: After Effects
I came up with an idea for a cartoon but I don’t know how to draw well, how could I do it?: After Effects
We shot in front of a green screen, and I want it to look like we’re in the Star Wars movie with a background and us fighting with light-sabers?: After Effects

The work on this course in After Effects allows you to become familiar with one of the standards in the industry and to learn how to create effects, do compositing, make the opening and ending credits, do animation, color correction, and learn good green screen techniques in a production environment.

The potential benefits for your child:
• the course helps direct your child’s energy towards useful activities
• it will help them to understand how to make effects and how they are used in the film
• it will reinforce an attitude for continuous learning, which will become a mantra for future generations
• develop a sense of organization and work in a digital environment
• use creative thinking to produce unique content
• teamwork
• opens up career paths and the opportunity to later advance in the field of post-production

• After Effects Layout
• Starting a New Composition
• Importing Footage
• Basic Tools
• Basic Layer Transformations
• The Timeline
• The Power of Pre-Comps in After Effects

• What are Keyframes?
• Position, Opacity, Size, Rotation Animations
• Easy Ease
• Smooth Text Motion
• Puppet Tool in After Effects
• 3D layers and animations

• Working with Shapes
• Creating Shapes with Mask Tool
• Editing a Mask
• Using the Pen Tool
• Mask Animations

3D – Thrird Dimension
• Introduction to 3D
• 3D Animations
• 3D layers and animations
• 3D cameras and camera animations
• Using the Camera Tool

Layer Styles in After Effects
• Drop Shadow
• Glow
• Stroke
• Layer Style Animations
• Working with Shape Layers in After Effects

Green Screen in After Effects
• Introduction to Green Screen
• Keylight 1.2 Effect
• Adding a Background
• Rotoscoping
• Compositing

Working with Effects
• Text – Preset Animations
• Fractal Noise
• Radial and Linear Wipe Effects
• Color Correction Options in After Effects
• Utilizing Effects and Presets in After Effects
• Working with Adobe Photoshop
• Transfer Modes
• Motion Tracking
• Stabilization in After Effects
• Working with Lights in After Effects

• Time – Freeze Frame
• Time – Stretch & Reverse Time
• Time – Remapping
• Re-timing Footage

Motion Graphics
• Logo Animation in After Effects
• Creating an Illustrated Title Sequence in Photoshop and After Effects
• Integrating Motion Graphics with Live-Action Footage
• Bringing Photographs to Life with 3D Layering in After Effects
• Kinetic Typography

Tip & Tricks
• Exporting from After Effects – Best Quality and for YouTube
• Exporting with a Transparent Background
• Rendering tips

Upon completion of the course students will receive the Crater VFX Training Center Certificate.

Vladan Djiri Vasiljevic
Digital Compositor and Motion Graphics Artist @ Freelance

A multi-disciplinary digital artist from Belgrade, Djiri has a combined knowledge of the entertainment and feature film industry, as well as a track record in teaching motion graphics and postproduction for more than four years. An urban culture tour-de-force, he has worked with Mixer Festival, Baraka Cultural Center, FRKA Film Workshop, Nordeus and GameUp and follows closely developments in gaming, movies, DJ-ing, graphic novels, comic books, street photography, motion graphics and 3D. At Crater VFX Training Center, Djiri is the Course Instructor for After Effects,Motion Graphics 2D, Motion Graphics 3D and Teen After Effects courses.


180 EUR for classes in Serbian
270 EUR for classes in English cat. 1*
360 EUR for classes in English cat. 2*
VAT included. Class is 45 minutes
* Country category list

36 classes

basic computer skills
Teen Photoshop*
* or equivalent computer skills

Students works