Teen Maya Advanced

Develop visual storytelling skills using the same tools as the Fortnite game designers!

You have liked Autodesk Maya and want to become like a pro? Games are a very unique medium to work with as an art form, because unlike almost every other form of expression, games are interactive. Learn the advanced tools used in developing modern video games and create assets, characters and environments in 3D.
Potential benefits to your child:
• the course helps direct your child’s energy towards useful activities
• it helps them acquire knowledge that will be helpful in choosing a career as they will already have real life skills
• it reinforces the attitude for continuous learning, which becomes mantra for future generations
• planning and project development
• using creative thinking to produce unique results

How to prepare before modeling a realistic model:
• Learning about the model and their anatomy
• How to find good references and blueprints
• Analyzing different parts of the model before starting
• Adding an Image plane and positioning it correctly

Advanced Modeling :
• Advanced learning the use of CV Curves
• Fundamentals and Intermediate use of NURBS
• Learning more about Surfaces and useful tools it provides
• Insert Knot
• Extrude Curves using NURBS
• Deeper knowledge of polygon modeling and geometry
• Learning how to overcome different modeling issues
• How to approach modeling small and complicated details
• Advanced learning and usage of known modeling tools:
• Edge manipulation
• Soft Selection
• Booleans
• Bevel
• Extrude

How to make your modeling easier by Naming and Creating a Hierarchy:
• Outliner and Attribute Editor
• Parenting
• Creating a locator for pivoting key elements
• Placing the model in a more natural position

Optimizing your model for gaming industry:
• History of modeling in gaming industry
• Learning the difference between traditional and gaming modeling
• Learning how to repotology and optimize your model

Advanced knowledge of Rendering and Lighting:
• Learning Mental Ray
• How to make high quality renders
• Deeper knowledge of lights and how to use them to make more realistic renders
• How to use shadows and image base lighting to your advantage

Advanced use of materials and textures:
• Fundamentals of Hypershade
• Creating and manipulation mental ray Nodes
• How to use different kinds of material: dgs, blinn, phong…
• Specular Shading
• How to use Connection Editor
• Deeper knowledge of UV’s and the UV Editor

Substance painter fundamentals:
• Learning the UI and navigating the viewport
• Learning how to use brushes and templates
• Laying down materials
• Quick overview of Substance painter rendering

Video games and Visual effects production:
• Organization of a video game/visual effects project
• Work ethic
• Approaching work with aim of attaining the best possible results
• Interpersonal relations in the workplace

Art and visual effect:
• Art history
• Applying art in the gaming/visual effects industry

Upon completion of the course students will receive the internationally recognized Autodesk Certificate of Completion, as well as the Crater VFX Training Center Certificate.

Stefan Plavšić
Founder @ Ensionix

Attracted to the 3D modeling and VFX industry thanks to his love of video games, movies, and anime, Stefan is a graduate of the VFX Animation School in Barcelona where he got a Master’s Degree in 3D Modeling. Formerly a 3D artist in Crater Studio and now a freelancer, he owns the company Ensionix, publisher of the competitive photography app PhotoLoot. He teaches Teen Maya Essentials and Teen Maya Advanced courses at Crater Training Center.


290 EUR for classes in Serbian
435 EUR for classes in English cat. 1*
580 EUR for classes in English cat. 2*
VAT included. Class is 45 minutes
* Country category list

48 classes

basic computer skills
Teen Photoshop*
Teen Maya Essentials*
* or equivalent computer skills