10 jobs that use Photoshop

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding learning Photoshop is what jobs use this software in particular. In certain cases knowing Photoshop is practically a must if you want to work professionally in the field, but on other occasions knowing your way around this software comes in handy unexpectedly.

Photoshop skills are often campared to Microsoft Office Word and basic digital literacy. Although this doesn’t have to be the case in most fields of work, it doesn’t hurt to add another digital skill to your list of skills no matter if you use it for personal or professional purposes.

Although there are a lot of professions who need Photoshop daily, some of them include jobs such as:

1. Graphic designer
2. Web designer
3. Photographer
4. Architect
5. Interior designer
6. Industrial designer
7. Fashion designer
8. Landscape designer
9. 3D modeling artist
10. Marketing manager and Social media manager

Tamara Milovanovic
Sasa Zivkovic