Crater Training Center: Anniversary

In this text, CEO Miljana Jovović looks back at the past 10 years that Crater Training Center has been active in the field of informal education in our country.

As I am putting the final touches on the anniversary celebration of a decade-long journey of Crater Training Center, I catch myself in self-reflection only fitting for this kind of a jubilee. Having our original education programs accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, was like finding a missing piece to complete the picture – and put a cherry on top. The whole corpus of activity that we have made into reality is gaining global recognition in our industry as its demand is growing more than ever before.

While memories during these years rush through my head, I am recollecting people, events, and projects. When I put them all on paper, numbers speak for themselves.

  • 220 completed courses
  • 1500 student enrollments
  • 38 lecturers
  • 14 amazing team members throughout the years>
  • 120 interns
  • 250 scholarships
  • 23 awarded contests
  • 110 guest lectures in universities and schools
  • 400 visits organized to Crater Studio
  • 85 companies that are hiring our students
  • 54 organized events (whether that be on-site or online)
  • 5 annual CGA conferences
  • 3 achieved ISO standards.
Za deset godina, kroz Craterove školske klupe prošla je čitava "armija" polaznika. Svakome od njih dužni smo veliko hvala na ukazanom poverenju i pažnji. Uslikano u leto 2019.

Here, I would like to point out to the conclusion by the World Economic Forum showing that during this time of rapid growth in technological automatization that leaves many professions behind, and the rising fear of being replaced by robot, there has been an unforgettable paradox – human capital becomes the currency of our age. Research shows that the market will be in a deficit of 85.2 million workers by 2030. Due to these facts, more than 1 billion people will have to be overqualified for new job positions all while their orientation training becomes faster, more agile and focused purely on the needs of the employer.

After looking back upon the diligent and committed work in forming the national talent base in computer graphics, I can safely say that the aforementioned are exactly the principles by which Crater Training Center has been operating for the whole decade.

Abou us - our team - crater training center
Tim Crater Training Centra, slikano u jesen 2021.

To say I feel huge gratitude and respect towards everything we have worked on is an understatement. And our work is entirely focused on people. They are the ones that give – energy, love, knowledge, money, time – and the ones whole receive it all back. These transactions have to go both ways. Everyone is giving and receiving something.

I am grateful to be working with an amazing team of colleagues and educators every day. They truly are amazing people with whom I share the same values, great enthusiasm, and passion for education. Our wider family includes partners from CGA, followed by our partners from the industry (primarily from software companies such as Adobe and Autodesk thanks to the long list of our certified courses). Then there are wonderful lecturers from other educational institutions, faculties, and schools with whom we have worked continuously all these years.

Last but not least, I’m the spotlight on our students, future masters of the craft, and the ones who will carry on their knowledge and skills to the next generation, in an endless cycle of evolution.

Miljana Jovović, CEO of Crater Training Center

Cover photo: Uroš Dožić, taken in Novi Sad, 2021 at the opening of the first-ever CGA event away from Belgrade.