Organic Modeling I- ZBrush


The only course needed to get started with ZBrush, Introduction to Organic Modeling is the gateway into the world of 3D creation.

Designed for artists looking to expand into organic digital sculpting, this course covers tools, techniques and tricks necessary to create memorable, unique computer-generated characters and assets in both film and gaming. Based in Zbrush, the industry standard modeling and sculpting program, it provides students with a comprehensive overview of the many applications of this powerful software. Upon completing the course, students will have a strong grasp of basic modeling and polypainting, as well as the confidence to continue improving their skills and developing their individual modeling style.

Basic course ZBrush Organic Modeling
• General introduction to the ZBrush software.
• History of the software and its origin.
• Applicability of the software in different industries.
• The place of the software in the film and gaming industry.
• Representative examples of its application from the mentioned industries.
• Getting acquainted with the graphic environment and adapting it.
• Introduction to the tools and main features of the software.
• Get to know the most commonly used tools in more detail.
• Introduction to tools that facilitate repetitive actions.

Application of learned tools on simple shapes
• Application of the Standard Brush tool.
• Application of the Clay Buildup Brush tool.
• Apply the Move Tool Brush.
• Application of the Damian Standard Brush tool.
• Application of the Clay Brush tool.

Surface masking
• Introduction to the tool for masking surfaces on the basic mesh.
• Application and typical situations when used.
• Graphical environment of tools and modes.
• Apply masks to get the shape, color or texture on a simple shape.

Dynamesh tool
• Introduction to one of the most important functions of the software for which he became famous.
• Introduction to the graphical environment of tools and applications on simple forms.
• Exercise for applying Dynamesh tools with learned Brush tools.

ZRemesher tool
• Introduction to the tool for automatic topology change.
• Familiarity with the graphical environment of the tool and when applied in accordance with the “ZRemesher Guides Brush&quot.
• Coordinated application of Dynamesh and ZRemesher tools.

Plugin Decimation Master
• Introduction to the process of decimating a large number of polygons by triangulation without losing detail.
• Situations in which it is used and what are the additional functions.
• Use value of the deciming.

Upon completion of the course students will receive the Crater VFX Training Center Certificate.

Milos Vukovic

Milos is a master of applied sculpture at the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Belgrade, who transferred his profession and skill from the real to the digital world. As an academic sculptor, he performed at art exhibitions in Paris and Belgrade, as well as throughout Serbia, and as a 3D artist he worked on making 3D figures and miniatures on 3D printers in Voxellabu, developing the computer game “Scorn” as a 3D modeler. After that, he found his place in Belgrade’s Ubisoft as a weapons and the environment artist, among other things in the game “Ghost Recon Breakpoint”. He combined his love for games and sculpture in ZBrush, which enables him to sculpt digitally in the true sense.


630 EUR for classes in Serbian
945 EUR for classes in English cat. 1*
1260 EUR for classes in English cat. 2*
VAT included. Class is 45 minutes
* Country category list

80 classes 

basic computer skills
3D/VFX Essentials*
* or equivalent computer skills

Intership available