Organic Modeling #1Character Sculpting


Master the basics of digital sculpting in one of the most popular software in the creative industry – ZBrush.

This course is ideal for those who already wield the skills of 3D modeling and would love to present their sculpts in a digital environment. Students will master the tools, techniques, and methods essential for creating memorable and unique computer-generated characters and assets for video games and film.

ZBrush stands as an industry standard when it comes to digital modeling and sculpting, and with this course, students will get an introduction to this software and its capabilities. In this course, students will gain a good understanding of elementary skills for organic modeling and poly painting. They will also build a solid foundation for further perfecting and developing their artistic style.

Click here to read more about organic modeling and why this profession became so popular in the film and video game business.

Basic course ZBrush Organic Modeling
• General introduction to the ZBrush software.
• History of the software and its origin.
• Applicability of the software in different industries.
• The place of the software in the film and gaming industry.
• Representative examples of its application from the mentioned industries.
• Getting acquainted with the graphic environment and adapting it.
• Introduction to the tools and main features of the software.
• Get to know the most commonly used tools in more detail.
• Introduction to tools that facilitate repetitive actions.

Application of learned tools on simple shapes
• Application of the Standard Brush tool.
• Application of the Clay Buildup Brush tool.
• Apply the Move Tool Brush.
• Application of the Damian Standard Brush tool.
• Application of the Clay Brush tool.

Surface masking
• Introduction to the tool for masking surfaces on the basic mesh.
• Application and typical situations when used.
• Graphical environment of tools and modes.
• Apply masks to get the shape, color or texture on a simple shape.

DynaMesh tool
• Introduction to one of the most important functions of the software for which he became famous.
• Introduction to the graphical environment of tools and applications on simple forms.
• Exercise for applying DynaMesh tools with learned Brush tools.

ZRemesher tool
• Introduction to the tool for automatic topology change.
• Familiarity with the graphical environment of the tool and when applied in accordance with the “ZRemesher Guides Brush”

Guides Brush
• Coordinated application of DynaMesh and ZRemesher tools

Plugin Decimation Master
• Introduction to the process of decimating a large number of polygons by triangulation without losing detail.
• Situations in which it is used and what are the additional functions.
• Use value of the decimating.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive the Crater Training Center Certificate.

Milan Krstić

Milan Krstić is a 3D Artist from Belgrade with vast experience in the video games and film industry. He graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and during his career he found himself in positions such as 3D Character Artist, 3D Environment Artist and 3D Concept Artist.

His portfolio consists of various interesting projects, including video games Scorn and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, films Extinction and Knives Out 2 (Netflix), as well as TV shows The Arc and Krypton (extended DC universe).

Milan currently works at the Belgrade Polytechnic where he teaches Digital Modeling and Character Design.


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Start date
September, 2024
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7 weeks (80 classes) 

basic computer skills
* or equivalent computer skills

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