Studying ONLINE at Crater

Crater Training Center’s virtual classroom is designed so that our students who enrolled online receive the same quality of class as those who are studying in person at school. Here we explain how this looks like in practice.

What sets our online class apart from the rest is that they are not pre recorded. This decision was made out of the desire to address the problems that arises during learning real time and to enable our teachers a direct contact with the students.

This means that online attendees follow the course at the same time as those who are in the classroom and can communicate with the teacher like they are there, physically, at the Crater Training Center.

Before the initial class, students receive a set of House Rules for online attendees. After that, teachers and students introduce themselves to one another so they could see each other face to face as soon as possible and tear down the barrier that students’ fear created, thinking that them being online will cause them to be less of a priority, which is never the case.

During class teachers regularly check if online students are following along, whether or not did the internet connection break or was there any other technical problems. Furthermore, after attendees finish the assigned task, teachers check whether they were successful, which at the same time reinforces the quality of the online class.

Our online attendees’ testimonials can confirm all of this:

Teacher Saša Živković has done an amazing job with the course this large in a short period of time. We went over very important details in regards to the software and have made a good fundament for further self development and learning. As an online student, I haven’t run into any problems with communication and work. In contrary actually, this method of learning was highly beneficial due to my other responsibilities and personal organization. This was not my first online course that I have attended at Crater Training Center and I would highly recommend anyone to give it a shot.

– says Teodora Černoh, our online student on the course 3ds Max.

However, in the end we had to look into the technical requirements that our potential attendees need to fulfill in order to apply for an online course:

  • Computer (desktop PC or laptop) meeting at least the minimal requirements regarding the software in question. However we would recommend a stronger configuration (before starting class, detailed informations are given directly by our coordinators);
  • A solid internet connection, around 8mb upload and 10mb download;
  • 2 monitors (or a following combination: monitor + TV or monitor + tablet) in order to have one screen for following the teachers lecture and the other for student to work on;
  • Mouse (touchpad is not an adequate stand-in);
  • Headphones with a microphone.

In case you are interested in enrolling in a course at the Crater Training Center in this learning method you can contact our coordinators for more information at  or calling +381 62 840 1100.