Unreal Engine Essentials


Become an Unreal Engine specialist and create interactive, real-time content using gaming technology!

Carefully designed and approved by Epic Games, this course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of creating linear and interactive content in Unreal Engine 4, no matter if the content is created for film, video games or other interactive applications. The course offers practical knowledge and insights into UE tools that are essential for creating and delivering a project from initial concept to final product. Students will have a practical assignment during this course.

The program provides an overview of how to prepare and insert 3D and 2D assets, work with Unreal Engine 4 editors such as material editor, particle editor, foliage and terrain editor. Students will also learn to work with the light and create levels, work with animation for skeletal mesh actors, and to apply Sequencer editor in order to create cinematic elements or render films. They will create interactive characters and NPC (non-playable characters) as well as interactive objects using a blueprint system. Node-based visual programming allows different ways of creating multiple interactive characters without writing codes and many different ways of using UI systems, which students will get familiar with. By the end of the course all the students will have a finished project ready for distribution.

This course is great for anyone who has basic knowledge and experience in 3D, but would like to advance to creating real-time content, which is becoming increasingly present in all areas of 3D graphics.

Introduction to Unreal Engine 4
• Short overview of basic level design concepts.
• Overview of Unreal Engine 4 UI and its most used tools.

Level design
• Importing models and textures and working with the material editor.
• Detailed overview of the Terrain and Foliage tools.

Lighting in Unreal Engine 4
• Types of lights.
• Light baking and the difference between static and dynamic lighting.
• Reflections and post process effects.

Working with animations
• Preparation and import of skeletal mesh assets and its animations.
• Working with the Sequencer editor for linear narrative structures.

Particles and visual effects
• Overview of Cascade and Niagara particle editors.
• Visual effects through special materials.

Blueprint system
• Overview of the Blueprint editors.
• Blueprint communications.
• Using Animation blueprints for creating a player controller character.

Basics of Artificial intelligence
• Overview of behavior trees.
• AI communication with its environment and the player.

Packaging the project
• Putting all the elements together into a playable level.
• Packaging and project distribution.

Upon completion of the course students will receive the Crater VFX Training Center Certificate.

Darko Subotin
Assistant Professor @ the Faculty of Drama Arts

Darko discovered his passion for 3D graphics when he was a teenager. Afterward, he found himself in a role of a 3D generalist creating 3D renderings for an interior design company. After finishing his undergraduate studies, he worked both as a 3D generalist and 2D Artist for a gaming company called Eipix Entertainment. While exploring the world of 3D computer graphics, he realized he enjoys sharing knowledge with others. So, after gaining his master’s degree, he kicked off his academic career as a teaching assistant at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. There he was teaching Animation and Visual Effects as part of the Audiovisual Media study program. Darko also works on various other short-term projects ranging from video games, VR/AR projects to creating animations for projection mappings and theater. He has a soft spot for real-time rendering technologies and likes using them when creating animated movies.


530 EUR for classes in Serbian
795 EUR for classes in English cat. 1*
1060 EUR for classes in English cat. 2*
VAT included. Class is 45 minutes
* Country category list

60 classes

basic computer skills
3D Essentials*
* or equivalent computer skills


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