Supported by Epic Games, we are introducing professionals to Unreal Engine 5

The subsidized edition of the Unreal Engine Essentials course is the first in a series of training within the Train the Professionals initiative.

We launched the initiative with the aim of training 30 professionals from the regional 3D scene to work in the most progressive tool for creating interactive content, supported by our partners from Unreal Engine Educations and 3Lateral (Epic Games).

Thanks to them, for this occasion we lowered the final price of the training from 530 to only 70 euros!

The training is primarily intended for professionals who are actively working in visual arts with at least two years of work experience. To participate, you will have to go through a selection process based on your technical experience, the quality of previous work, and your motivation.

The competition for participation in the training lasts until midnight on August 31 and is open to professionals from Serbia and the region.

Classes will be held during October and November in our classrooms, and students outside of Belgrade will follow them online.

After the official part of the training, this exceptional experience will be enriched by specialized lectures by industry experts who will bring the work processes in their studios closer to the participants.

The training is intended for Serbian-speakers only, so read about it HERE.