Learn VFX In Houdini with Support from Mad Head Games

We’ll say this over and over again, don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the best…

Our dear friends from the award-winning studio Mad Head Games have decided to share a scholarship to ONE young artist from the CGA community interested in honing his or her skills in the procedural software Houdini FX. The competition was premiered during the first day of the CGA Belgrade 2022 conference.

The VFX in Houdini course is organized and held at Crater Training Center, starting November 22, but can also be attended online. The lecturer is Bogdan Amidžić, visual effects supervisor and technical director at Crater Studio with over 30 film titles under his belt.

The VFX in Houdini course offers a basic overview of the methodology and tools used to create top dynamic effects as it is done in a genuine professional production environment. Designed to prepare students to create a full-CG VFX shot for both film and gaming, it covers all typical CG tasks necessary to complete a standard VFX render, as well as a level in Unreal Engine. Through the development of the scene, the students learn how to navigate through the complexity of Houdini’s node-based workflow.

The course lasts 13 weeks, and the regular price of the course is 930 euros – meaning this is quite an opportunity for knowledge-hungry 3D artists.

The competition is organized by our school  the training itself will take place, while the Mad Head Games team will decide on the winner of this valuable scholarship based on the answers provided in the application form,

The application deadline is November 1, 2022, at midnight!

The scholarship applies to Serbia-based and Serbian-speaking artists only.


We wish you the best of luck.