Another Belgrade Houdini User Group will be held at our school!

Welcome to the second Belgrade HUG! Join us here in Crater, March 10.

At the Belgrade Houdini User Group #2 we will hang out with Bogdan Amidžić, Pero Lakić, Dimitrije Babović, Nikola Damjanov, and Doca Mladenović, which is organized by CGA Belgrade and our friends from Side FX.

This is a user group for the procedural 3D modeling / animation / VFX / gamedev software …Houdini! The very first Belgrade HUG was held last September as a kick-off event for the CGA annual conference – and we had a blast!

At HUG, everyone is welcome, from Houdini experts to complete beginners who want to get started with Houdini. This group is a mix of visual effects artists, animators, game developers, modelers, VR creators, motion graphics artists, and other CG creators.

See you on March 10 at the Crater Training Center (Knićaninova 3, Belgrade) at 6 p.m.


Session #1

Houdini VFX Fundamentals – Students project

Session #2

Breaking rules in traditional pipeline with KineFX
Doca Mladenović (Digital Asset Tailors)

Session #3

Grooming Characters in Houdini
Pero Lakić, Dimitrije Babović, Bogdan Amidžić (Crater Studio)

Session #4

Nodevember 2022: 15 projects in 30 days
Nikola Damjanov (Nordeus)