Virtual Environments Lab: Watch the Final Cinematics and the Aftermovie

In summer 2022, we organized a unique learning experience regarding virtual environments for video games, film, and television. It was called Virtual Environments Lab as it was exploring different aspects of creating environments for different digital sets.

The program was focused on the Unreal Engine 5 workflow and presented a two-month prep process for the sixth edition of the CGA conference – particularly for its online edition. All of the four environments created at the Lab were used in the conference livestream production. It is interesting to note that one of them was simulating a level in a video game, the other a movie set, another one a broadcast studio, and there was an atmospheric “general environment” as we like to call it, too.

Here’s how they all turned out… 

This was the CGA’s very first summer program aimed at students and enter-level artists, yet most importantly, it was an exciting opportunity to create such unique projects with the local CG community.

We filmed the entire ordeal in front of the green screen in the studio of our dear collaborators from Atomic Visual Support, while the magnificent Dane Blačić, CGA’s Technical Director, ensured the smooth experience.

The Lab’s art direction was guided by Dimitrije Miljuš andr Stefan Knežević designed the key visuals. To read more about the program, its mentors and guest lecturers, please visit the Lab’s dedicated page.

Or simply take a final look at our little adventure in its official aftermovie. Enjoy!

The environments premiered on September 23rd, 2022, during the streaming of the conference online program. Almost all the sessions will be available for replay at the CGA’s YouTube channel.

Virtual Environments Lab was organized by Crater Training Center and supported by our friends and sponsors from 3Lateral (Epic Games), Mad Head Games, Case3D Proptech Solutions, Crater Studio, Ubisoft Belgrade, UNA TV.