Organic Modeling #2Character Modeling and Texturing


The launchpad for a successful career in AAA gaming.

As a natural extension to our elementary course, Organic Modeling and Texturing is intended for rookies ready to take their organic modeling skills on an even higher level, whether that be of a human or an extraterrestrial being (as long as they come in peace).

The course’s curriculum is designed to equip students with advanced techniques and tools to develop their unique modeling styles and character designs. After completing the course, students will have the skills required for junior positions in game dev companies, i.e., they will know how to prepare their characters for production (texturing, retopology, UV mapping).

Click here to read more about organic modeling and why this profession became so popular in the film and video game business.

Introduction to the concept of topology
• Retopology and its process, with the focus on how and why it is done in the video game industry (the terms Loop and Patch).

UV Mapping
• Cutting LP models to obtain a UV map.
• Stacking a UV map in a UV space.
• UV size adjustment.
• Space optimization for UV parts.
• Optimization based on model characteristics and the importance of optimization.
• Retopology exercises (no mercy).

Texture Baking
• Processes by which main types of maps are baked, Normal map, Ambient Occlusion map, Curvature map (harder approach, without Adobe Substance 3D Painter).
• Exercise: Baking main types of maps and getting acquainted with the Cage and potential problems.
• Exercise: Baking main types of maps (again and again).

Adobe Substance 3D Painter
• Introduction to the interface and its demystification.
• Importance and use value of the software.
• Basic texturing.
• Introduction to functions for elementary workable texturing.
• Introduction to PBR (Physically-Based Rendering) textures, various types, effects they produce, how to get Normal maps, Displacement maps, Specular maps, Curvature maps, World Space maps, AO (Ambient Occlusion) maps.
• Student exercises directly on their personal models (homework).
• Posing the LP character of the student, arranging previously baked textures.
• Finishing work, texture stacking and review in the Marmoset Toolbag to get Beauty Shots.
• Finishing works, posed and fully textured in Marmoset Viewer, Turntable, animations with Mixamo, Idle, Run, etc.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive the Crater Training Center Certificate.

Milan Krstić

Milan Krstić is a 3D Artist from Belgrade with vast experience in the video games and film industry. He graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and during his career he found himself in positions such as 3D Character Artist, 3D Environment Artist and 3D Concept Artist.

His portfolio consists of various interesting projects, including video games Scorn and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, films Extinction and Knives Out 2 (Netflix), as well as TV shows The Arc and Krypton (extended DC universe).

Milan currently works at the Belgrade Polytechnic where he teaches Digital Modeling and Character Design.


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Start date
April 25th, 2024
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7 weeks (80 classes) 

basic computer skills
Organic Modeling I*
* or equivalent computer skills

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