Organic Modeling andTexturing II


The launch pad for a successful career in AAA gaming.

Advanced Organic Modeling takes character and creature creation to the next level. A natural extension to our Introduction to Organic Modeling, Advanced Organic Modeling continues to reveal the many powerful character-building options of Zbrush and allows students to develop their unique modeling style. Designed to prepare students for junior 3D modeling positions in the gaming industry, this course equips them with the skills necessary to make characters production-ready, including texturing, retopologizing, and UV mapping.

Introduction to the concept of topology
• Introduction to HP (High Poly) and LP (Low Poly) topology.
• Basic terms: Vertex, Polygon, Edge, Triangle, Quad, Mesh.
• Retopology and its process.
• The process of retopology (gaming), the terms Loop and Patch.

UV map cutting process
• Cutting LP models to obtain a UV map.
• Stacking a UV map in a UV space.
• UV folder size adjustment.
• Space optimization for UV parts.
• Optimization based on model characteristics and the importance of optimization.
• Retopology exercises.

Baking of maps
• Importance and familiarity with the process of baking maps.
• Processes by which basic UV maps are baked, Normal map, Ambient Occlusion map, Curvature map (difficult way, without Substance Painter).
• Exercise: Baking of basic maps to get acquainted with the Cage process and potential problems.
• Exercise: Baking basic maps.

Substance Painter
• Introduction to the interface and its demystification.
• Importance and use value of the software.
• Basic texturing.
• Introduction to functions for elementary workable texturing.
• Introduction to PBR (Physically-Based Rendering) textures, various types, effects they produce, how to get Normal maps, Displacement maps, Specular maps, Curvature maps, World Space maps, AO (Ambient Occlusion) maps.
• Exercise of students on their own models (homework).
• Posing the LP character of the student, arranging previously baked textures.
• Finishing work, texture stacking and review in the Marmoset Toolbag to get Beauty Shots.
• Finishing works, posed with Full textures in Marmoset Viewer, Turntable, animations with Mixam, Idle, Run, etc.

Upon completion of the course students will receive the Crater VFX Training Center Certificate.

Saša Ristić Krieger
3D Artist @ Freelance
Winner of Golden Plaque at Golden Pencil of Belgrade

Although he began his journey in 2D as a young comic book geek, Krieger’s innate curiosity quickly drew him into 3D and the unlimited possibilities offered by this area. A hardcore Z-brush fan, he is attracted to the principle of digital sculpting, where intuition and creativity are the main factors in the process, with the reward of the incredible feeling of materializing a character. Other than characters and mythological beings, he has worked on souvenir designs, book illustrations, even weapon replicas! In love with his job, he has worked as a Concept Artist and Lead 3D Artist in numerous leading studios and found his flow as a freelancer working on passion projects related to Slovenian mythology. At Crater VFX Training Center, Krieger offers free advice in the hallways and teaches Organic Modeling I and Organic Modeling and Texturing II.


680 EUR for classes in Serbian
1020 EUR for classes in English cat. 1*
1360 EUR for classes in English cat. 2*
VAT included. Class is 45 minutes
* Country category list

80 classes 

basic computer skills
3D Essentials*
Organic Modeling I*
* or equivalent computer skills


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