Like with every other good adventure, our first steps were driven by a desire for more opportunities and an unrelenting dedication to constant improvement.


Launched in 2012 as an extension of Crater Studio, we envisioned our school as a central landmark of the domestic VFX and CG industry as well as its gatekeeper: a place where upcoming and established professionals meet to learn, flourish and grow together while powering the growth of the community as a whole. We have been dedicated to this journey ever since.

Today, we offer a large number of specialized courses that provide the ideal supplement of knowledge, regardless of whether you acquired it independently, at work or at university. With practicing professionals and masters at their craft as course designers and instructors, we strive to give our students practical, applicable knowledge while helping them build connections within the industry and constantly working on new and better ways to play our part on their path to excellence.

In early 2020, we received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games and started a series of professional training in Unreal Engine. By the end of 2021, we have received the status of a Publicly Recognized Organization for Adult Education, which means that upon completion of some of our specialized programs, participants receive a diplomasupplement on acquired work competencies.

We do our work. And we help you be the best at yours.

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Education for the here and now

Focused and hands-on, our courses cut through the unnecessary noise and into the gist of the subject, workplace-approved.

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A program for professionals, by professionals

As industry top performers, our instructors are always on top of new industry developments and bring their insights into class, daily.

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Strategic skill and career development

Based on a modular approach and backed with mentorship support, our program allows you to carve out an individual learning path and map out the steps to your next career goal.

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Job search support

Through our Internship Program, as well as our vast partner network turning to us in their hunt for talent, you can get hired before you even start looking for a job.

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Bridging the gap

With formal education on the one, and industry leaders on the other end of our partner network, we are equipped to act as an intersection point between the two, balancing the needs and challenges of both.

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Community building

Combining what we know with who we know, our regular industry Events, such as CGA Belgrade conference, are there to provide the sparks necessary for a collaborative creative fire.

Ours Lecturers

Success is about what you know – but also, from who you learn!


Saša Živković

With thousands of educated trainees of all ages under his hat, Saša is an expert in IT-related education certified by Adobe and Autodesk. A consistently top-rated Autodesk instructor for Serbia, he was also licensed by the Institute for the Advancement of Education and Training to provide IT training to high school teachers.



Bogdan Amidžić
VFX Supervisor and FX TD

A rare breed of artist and programmer, Bogdan is a VFX Supervisor at Crater Studio with more than 12 years of experience in VFX production of feature films, commercials, and music videos. Always driven by the thrill of new challenges, he combines his love for scripting (MEL, Python, VEX) and illustration/ concept art to provide creative solutions and overcome insurmountable obstacles. Working many years as compositing artist, in the past few years, he has mostly been involved with 3D VFX in Maya and Houdini.

VFX in Houdini


Miloš Jovanović
Character Rigger and 3D Generalist

One of our most experienced lecturers, Miloš Jovanović, is a 3D Generalist and a Maya expert with vast experience in rigging, animating, and rendering. Challenges are his natural habitat, as he is constantly exploring new software. Familiar with both studio and freelance work environments, he shares his experience with the students and provides them guidance through all the stages of building a career in the VFX industry. As a team player, he enjoys getting the best out of people and helping them develop their skills.

3D Essentials


Dejan Vukadinović
Lecturer at VŠSS Belgrade Polytechnic

One of the first Crater Training Center instructors, Dejan is an expert in Concept Design, Digital Illustration and Matte Paint currently teaching Character and Concept Design at Belgrade Polytechnic School. A member of many award-winning projects, he has tried his hand in gaming, film, and advertising and participated in many competitions in the country and abroad. Graduated in Industrial Design from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, he has been with Crater Training Center since 2012.

Matte Painting and Environment Design


Dušan Ković
Texture Painter/Lookdev Artist

Award-winning CG artist hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia, Dušan is a jack of many trades and a master of photo-realism. Starting his career in gaming, his passion for photo-realistic computer graphics quickly led him into VFX and film where he found his focus in texture painting, shading, lighting and rendering. A graduate of Graphic Engineering and Design, he is currently working for Autodesk as a Texture Painter/ Lookdev Artist and Arnold/ Maya beta tester.

Digital Lighting, Shading and Rendering


Vladan Djiri Vasiljević
Compositing & Motion Graphics Artist

Vladan is a multidisciplinary digital artist from Belgrade with vast knowledge of the entertainment and feature film industry. He holds a long track record in teaching motion graphics and postproduction. As an urban culture tour-de-force, he has worked with Mixer Festival, Baraka Cultural Center, FRKA Film Workshop, and GameUp Festival, just to name a few. Companies like Nordeus and Crater Studio are also his regular collaborators. He is into movies, comics, video games, street photography, motion, and 3D graphics. Occasionally, he finds himself in the role of a party DJ.

Motion Graphics 2D: Animation in After Effects
Motion Graphics 3D


Nikola Vučenović
Compositing supervisor

A filmmaker and VFX artist, Nikola is a true master of the craft who uses technical expertise in visual effects to weave stories and build worlds. As a passionate innovator, he enjoys exploring different methods to achieve extraordinary results. He is religiously following all the trends and developments in the industry. He is always the first one to discover and use new technologies to improve storytelling and blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

Digital Compositing


Miličko Mijatović
Lead Rigger

A CG superstar with the privilege of having worked with Emir Kusturica, Nikita Mihalkov, Netflix and many other big industry names, Miličko has been building his career in 3D animation for more than two decades. Starting as a 2D animator, he quickly moved into 3D and found his focal point in Rigging. He has collaborated with Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Heineken and numerous domestic studios. He has also worked in the gaming industry, where he is certainly worth mentioning for his work on Casino Gaming. Now, he works as a Rigger at Bunker studio.



Matija Koraksić
Senior Digital Compositing Artist

Matija is an experienced artist who mastered the craft of composing many years ago in Crater Training Center. In Crater, he has had the opportunity to participate in an enviable number of exciting projects. He has studied literature but found his place in post-production as he believes that this profession sublimates most of his affinities. For him, compositing provides a perfect workflow dynamic with minimal repetition and monotony. Read more about Matija’s experience and career path in this interview.

Digital Compositing


Milan Krstić
3D Character Artist

Milan Krstić is a 3D Artist from Belgrade with vast experience in the video games and film industry. He graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and during his career he found himself in positions such as 3D Character Artist, 3D Environment Artist and 3D Concept Artist. His portfolio consists of various interesting projects, including video games Scorn and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, films Extinction and Knives Out 2 (Netflix), as well as TV shows The Arc and Krypton (extended DC universe). Milan currently works at the Belgrade Polytechnic where he teaches Digital Modeling and Character Design.

Organic Modeling #1
Organic Modeling #2


Stefan Lukić
Technical Artist

He got into the gaming industry as a result of his love for games and movies. Stefan started his career as a Texturing and Modeling Artist at Bunker Studio, and he continued to develop his career at Ubisoft as an Environment/Level Artist and a Prop Artist. Currently he is working as a Technical Artist at Playstudios and Lecturer at SAE Institute Belgrade. Among the projects he participated in The Crew 2, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline and Assassin’s Creed VR.

3D Essentials


Miloš Galović
FX Artist

Miloš is a biology teacher with an artistic soul who transformed into a VFX artist through dedicated study during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. His background in natural sciences has equipped him with a unique perspective, allowing him to perceive the world through patterns and identify these patterns even in seemingly unrelated phenomena. This skill has proven invaluable in his ability to recreate these phenomena within virtual environments. Despite being inherently lazy, Miloš has honed his proficiency in all things algorithmic as a means to maximize his efficiency. As a natural-born lecturer, he enthusiastically shares his expertise with others, embodying the philosophy that “Do it procedurally or don’t do it at all” is the key to achieving excellence in his field.

VFX in Houdini


Luka Đorđević
Compositing Artist

Luka is a dedicated artist who ventured into the world of VFX shortly after completing school. He chose the challenging path of a Compositing Artist, working tirelessly at Crater Studio across a diverse range of projects. Luka possesses exceptional patience and a keen eye for detail, qualities that are invaluable in the world of visual effects. Beyond his technical skills, he excels in imparting knowledge and offering constructive feedback to both aspiring course participants and seasoned intershipners, helping them grasp the intricacies of this intricate craft.

Digital Compositing


Dimitrije Dimoski
Junior 3D Artist

Dimitrije is a seasoned professional in the field of photo and video production, boasting extensive experience in understanding the intricate interplay between cameras and light. His fascination with the inner workings of major VFX productions spurred him to pursue a deeper understanding of the craft. Upon completing the 3D Essentials course at our school, Dimitrije swiftly transitioned into the role of an assistant instructor, where he imparts his knowledge and guides aspiring artists in their first steps within the VFX and Gaming industry.

3D Essentials


Uroš Jovanović
3D Generalista

Embarking on his journey into the world of digital art during his studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, Uroš strives for continuous evolution of his creativity within this realm. Today, as a 3D generalist with years of experience in architectural visualization, conceptual art, and the film industry, he focuses on crafting atmospheres, solving technical challenges, and creating and implementing diverse 3D models. Uroš’s passion lies in the creation of exceptional digital environments, be they interactive in nature or conceptual solutions.

Unreal Engine Essentials


Nikola Silić
Standup comedian

Nikola Silić is a standup comedian who works as a 2D/3D generalist with over 20 years of experience in film and TV production. Completed TTP (Train The Professionals) course for Unreal Engine at Crater Training Center. One of the Fellows of the first generation of the Epic Unreal Fellowship: Storytelling in Novi Sad. He is interested in animations, movies and whatever technology makes his life easier. In his free time, he works on 4,534 personal projects that he has started and is about to finish.

Unreal Engine Essentials

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