5 reasons why you should learn Photoshop

If you’re thinking whether you should sign up for a Photoshop course, learn Photoshop online by yourself or even if you’re just contemplating whether learning this program is worth your time at all, we give you five reasons why Photoshop could be beneficial for your professional and personal life.

Since the beginning of pandemic, we’ve all come to enjoy the benefits of working from home. A lot of people have used their quarantine time to pick up new skills or learn something for their own amusement. Either way, picking up new skills goes long way when it comes to all the changes we’ve been facing so far. Creating visual content has become our everyday routine. While the brands fight for customer’s attention in the vast pool of internet content, without a good visual it’s highly unlikely to stand out in the online world dominated by Google, Facebook and Instagram. If we add the fact that Covid-19 pandemic has drastically accelerated digitalization and moved many jobs into virtual space, it’s evident that any additional tool for online world is more than welcome. Among a variety of online applications such as Canva, Pixlr and Stencill, Photoshop was and still remains a golden standard for technical and visual literacy.

1. Photoshop is used in many creative and popular industries

Industries such as photography, print, graphic design, web design, motion graphics, advertising, but also digital marketing, digital production, social media management and many other online jobs that revolve around visual content rely on Photoshop. You’ll notice that more often than not job descriptions include basic knowledge of Photoshop either as a necessary requirement or bonus skill. Even if you’re not applying for the position of Graphic Designer.

2. It can help you advance in your career and your everyday work

Apart from the industries that require Photoshop on daily basis, this knowledge can open up a new path towards career advancement in the industry you’re already working in or at least help you grasp the project processes in product design or content coordination. Even a simple work presentation can get a special look thanks to Photoshop.

3. It’s basis for entering Computer Graphics industry

Whether you want to become a 3D Artist, Compositing Artist for film or Environment Artist for video games, you need to know your way around Photoshop. All our courses require basic knowledge of Photoshop – and for a good reason. Apart from helping you navigate other, more advanced programs like Maya, Zbrush or Nuke, Photoshop is often used for a variety of editing or adjusting purposes by artists. For example, Motion Graphics course at our Center lets you combine After Effects and Photoshop for different techniques, while certain jobs like Matte Painting use only Photoshop at advanced level.

4. It can be used as a creative outlet in your spare time

Application of this program is very wide when it comes to personal use – from retouching your own photos to creating a CV that is visually mesmerizing. It can help you learn a lot about image composition and what makes a good photo. Over time you’ll perception of good or bad visual narrative will change as you learn more. Besides, it’s always a good idea to find a new creative outlet that is energizing and relaxing.

5. It can help you land a side job

One of the most practical benefits of knowing your way around in Photoshop is the fact that you can get a side job and earn some extra cash thanks to it. By the time you perfect your skills, you’re already having a steady side income. And apart from the financial satisfaction, there’s also the satisfaction related to having created something out of scratch. Not bad, eh?

If you’re getting ready to make a career leap into CG industry as a 3D Generalist, Motion Graphics Designer or Environment Artist, make sure you check out our Starter or Professional Packs where you can sign up for Photoshop course at a discounted price.

Tamara Milovanovic
Sasa Zivkovic