Introducing 3D Essentials: Our Best Selling Course in 3D Art

This is a story about a decade-long partnership with Autodesk and its influence on the local CG industry.

2021 has brought many exciting new projects, collaborations, and experiences. Its finale will mark a significant jubilee: 10 years of partnership with Autodesk, our allies in numerous education and business ventures.

Our collaboration dates back to the early days of the school. In January 2012, CTC became a certified Autodesk training center, and the very same year, we started with the VFX trainings that included Autodesk software packages. The high demand for talent and skills-based courses in software such as Autodesk Maya showed us that we chose the right path. A few years later (officially in 2019), we introduced specialized game art courses for training in the video game industry. 

For the past 10 years, over 1,500 attendees have taken our certified courses, and their number is continuously growing. Moreover, we are proud to say that most of these amazing people are still working in the creative industries. Of course, the success would not be possible without a small but strong “army” of lecturers from Crater Studio, as well as other companies. All of them are top professionals in the fields they lecture in with a minimum of five years of active work experience in creative industries.

Time has shown that Autodesk software attracts many digital artists eager to hone their skills in rigging, animation, scene lighting, and rendering. The 3D Essentials course certainly stands out as a fan favorite, which is why we are calling it our best-seller. This course offers an excellent base for further specializations in the field of computer graphics, and in addition to technical skills, participants are given detailed insight and first-hand advice from seniors in the computer graphics industry.

Jedan od završnih radova sa kursa 3D Essentials. Autor: Nenad Nenadič

– I am satisfied with the course and the acquired skills. I learned a lot not only about modeling but also about the industry itself. The lecturers were paying attention to each of us and were open to answering all of our questions, says Nenad Nenadić, a 3D Essentials course-goer of his experience in Crater Training Center.

After completing the 3D Essentials course, our students usually opt to further specialize for jobs in video game art and post-production. On the other hand, some of them turn to video design. Precisely for these reasons, we have expanded our offerings by a number of new courses, but also through career counseling programs, mentoring, internships, and special education initiatives.

Thanks to the support of our partners, such as Autodesk, we are able to adapt the program of each of our courses according to the needs of companies interested in providing their employees with quality education. We are always open to suggestions and collaborations with new clients, whether through specialized game art and VFX education or software training.

Autodesk has also provided us extensive, ongoing support in organizing the CGA Conference dedicated to computer graphics. The next episode of this chapter awaits us next month, so make sure to clear up your schedule for November 18 and 19, 2021. That’s when the latest edition of the CGA Belgrade online conference will play out under the slogan Embracing Metaversity..

Cover image: Aleksandar Mišić, 3D Essentials generation 2017

Crater Training Center, 2021.