CGAcademy: Talent Sandbox, exclusive all-day event

Join us on a unique tour through the creative industries with the CGAcademy education platform. The event is intended for high school and college students, undergraduates, but also young artists who are just starting their careers.

The main part of the event will be held online at the CGA’s website on Saturday, April 9th. The program is intended for Serbian speakers only and includes:

  • online sessions in the main program,
  • interactive activities on the CGA Discord server,
  • digital student fair,
  • live workshop with Nordeus.


10:00 Nordeus x CGAcademy: Make your first career step!

The workshop is intended for students of digital arts passionate about 2D and 3D game art. The Talent Acquisition team from Nordeus will guide the participants through the process of creating a competitive job application, including interview simulations.

The workshop will be held on Crater’s premises in Belgrade.


15:00 Know The Flow: How do we create memorable ideas?

The panel will feature our colleagues and former students from the Ovation BBDO advertising. Nemanja Obradović and Milan Petrović will talk about the creative processes in the production environment. The team will show how to inject new life in the well-known references and play the card of collective consciousness through campaigns, animation, video, and other creative tools. Our lecturer on motion graphics and video design, Vladan Điri Vasiljević, will moderate the panel.

15:30 #tfw you go beyond game development

The Derail Valley success story will be told by Aleksandar Manja (AltFuture, Level Up Serbia). His presentation will provide insight into the world surrounding the game’s development and reveal and will show us why community management is crucial for indie game developers.

16:00 State of Unreal Engine Ecosystem in Serbia

In this interactive Q&A session, Adam Kovač from Novi Sad’s 3Lateral (Epic Games) will talk about the big update. He will also provide information on education and careers within the Unreal Engine ecosystem (for creators, educators, researchers) and how to get engaged.

16:30 Art Challenge: 3D modeling in ZBrush – live-in program

Milan Krstić is an experienced 3D Character Artist, professor at the Belgrade Polytechnic, and new lecturer of Organic Modeling in Crater Training Center. Milan will show off his skills by modeling a fictional character live before the audience.


On the same day (from 13:00 to 15:00), more than 10 regional colleges will present their programs via an interactive Zoom Q&A session. The program is intended for Serbian high-schoolers only.


CGAcademy consists of educational content to help students and entry-level artists work their way up in the VFX, gaming, animation, and CG industry. With CGAcademy sessions, you won’t wander off the right learning path.

At the end of 2020, we launched the first free online training within the CGAcademy program. Talent Sandbox exclusive event will be our most ambitious endeavor to date.

The program is organized by Crater Training Center, co-founders of CGA Belgrade.