Next round of Summership at Crater has begun

Last Friday we welcomed a new group of interns that will during the summer work in our school post-production for one non-commercial film project.

Crater’s summer internship represents a simulation of a working environment guided by the mentorship of our studio’s colleagues. This way interns will get a chance to get familiar with the dynamic work processes in post-production, as well as how the team operates being a part of a larger studio. Some of them have already met on Friday where Bogdan Amidžić our VFX Supervisor, presented a breakdown of a few hand-picked projects Crater Studio has worked on.

This time group consisted of seven modelers as well as an animator. The majority of them signed up for the internship directly from our courses, or they found out about this opportunity through their faculties.

“When it comes to this group I anticipate that they will be satisfied, that they learn as much as possible, and perhaps even get hired by our studio. In the past couple of years, all of our groups performed well, got well together, and joined forces to contribute greatly to our passion project. I believe that for all of them, just like it was for me, the internship was a priceless experience and that it helped them understand the world of visual effects and their place in it.”, says Marija Rakić-Lovrić, our school’s coordinator and a former student of the 3D Essentials course.

After having successfully completed the internship at Crater, the best participants often receive a job offer in local studios. The fields range from post-production, video game development, and design, to other creative and advertising agencies. However, having our former students and successful interns stay and work at Crater Studio is not an uncommon occurrence either.

May the rest of the internship unfold in an equally good atmosphere.