Choose a career in the creative industry at the exclusive event in Crater

We close up February with an Open Day! Our instructors and creators of fantastic projects will use this opportunity to share secrets of the 2D and 3D virtual surrounding - but prosperous occupations that attract artists of the digital age.

Event will be held on Tuesday, 22 February from 17h (UTC +1) on our website under the tab LIVE and will be split into two presentations.

First presentation, 2D and motion graphics, and will be held by multidisciplinary artists, Vladan Djiri Vasiljević and Dejan Vukadinović, while Crater Studio artists, Bogdan Amidžić and Sanja Mišković, will speak about 3D workflow in the creative industries.

The lecture is followed by an Q&A segment on the video communication platform Zoom, where you will be able to freely ask anything and everything about artist job positions and sought software skills in local studios. In addition to that you will be able to hear directly from the lecturer and Crater Team relevant information about all of our courses and our Educational Programs for Film and Games.

To take part in the event we recommend registering HERE.(Yet keep in mind that all lectures will be held in Serbian).

Make use of this opportunity to ask us anything that interests you about our courses and job opportunities in the creative industries.

Zoom Q&A – live with Crater representatives

Doors Open Days at the Crater Training Center is an excellent chance to get to know digital artists from our little staffroom “face-to-face”. During the lectures, and especially in the Q&A part, they will give their best to answer all your questions relating to the vast range of digital branches and processes that make working in the creative sector all that more luring.

At the Crater Training Center, aside from the individual specialized courses there are also Educational Programs that are constructed in a way to directly answer to the industries demands, and we are utmost proud that we can highlight that some of them are accredited by the Ministry of Education. With the help of these programs we are able to shape future professionals for the job positions that are only growing in demand – and all that in the creative and entertainment sphere that really is a true honor to work in.

You will hear more about them on this very event – and our Crater colleagues from the VFX post-production department will lighten up all of those who would like to set their course to the film & VFX world.

Let’s meet the CG dream team that will host this event!

Bogdan Amidžić works as a VFX supervisor at Crater Studio for films, commercials and music videos. He considers challenges as an opportunity to move boundaries, and sees his job as a place where he managed to combine love for programming (MEL, Python, VEX) and illustration & concept design. After graduating at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, he worked as a compositing artist for a long time at Crater, only to later specialize in 3D visual effects in softwares like Autodesk Maya and Houdini. He shares all his knowledge selflessly with his fellow coworkers, so you will see him behind the desk at our Digital Compositing and VFX in Houdini courses.

Sanja Mišković is an all around artist, academic sculptor and 3D artist at Crater Studio. After gaining a dependable amount of experience in graphics design and photography, she overqualified for 3D modeling – right here at our school, on the course of 3D Essentials. After successfully completing the course, Sanja stayed for an internship at the studio, and subsequently got hired. Today she leads a team in the 3D departman.

Vladan Djiri Vasiljević is a multidisciplinary digital artist that acquired his vast rich working experience in the film industry, post-production and motion graphics. He worked with all well known art collectives in Belgrade, as well as the company Nordeus, and all that in addition to being a ever loving guest at conferences like CGA Belgrade and GameUp. Interestingly enough, aside from all of this, he sometimes works as a DJ. In our school, Djiri teaches courses Motion Graphics 2D, Motion Graphics 3D and After Effects (for adults and teenagers).

Dejan Vukadinović is a concept art expert, digital illustration and matte painting, and he teaches the subject Concept art and Character Design at Belgrade Polytechnic. He has worked on various awarded projects, and has left his artistic stamp in the film, advertising and gaming industry. He achieved his formal education on the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, on the departman for industrial design, and has been holding a course Matte Painting and Environment Design as an instructor at Crater Training Center for a whole decade.

Miljana Jovović has been the leader of Crater Training Center for a full decade, ever since she had given herself completely to education. She entered the creative industry as an architect, but didn’t stay long in this line of work. As an executive producer she has led Crater Studio through a few grand projects. She is a co-creator of CGA Belgrade, the first international conference dedicated to computer graphics in the region. You will get to meet Miljana in the Zoom Q&A room where she will speak about our education program.