Train the Trainers Education Project Renewed for Second Season

The Crater Training Center team is proud to announce that we will continue training faculty professors in the most popular program for creating interactive content.

After completing a vastly successful round of educational training for highly-skilled educators, we launched the second series of specialized courses called Train the Trainers. This time around, the lessons will be held online. The project is designed to prepare university professors, mostly from art and technical faculties in Serbia, to incorporate Unreal Engine into their study programs. Moreover, after completing the course, they will also be able to use the newly developed skills in future commercial projects.

Once again, in the mission to educate university professors in Unreal Engine 4, we join forces with 3Lateral as part of the development platform for Epic Games. In his introductory lecture, Uroš Sikimić, Business Development Lead from the company, explained the goal of this project:

“The video game development sector, and the interactive technology sector in general, has been identified as a sector with high potential in our country. As representatives of the industry, our mission is to integrate a relevant curriculum into academic programs, which will prepare students for future working positions. “

The Unreal Engine Essentials course is included in the regular program at the Crater Training Center, intended for anyone who wants to create content in real-time. It provides detailed knowledge of the UE4 tools for creating linear and interactive content, regardless of whether the content is created for the film, video games, or other interactive applications. We are currently accepting applications for a new round of the Unreal Engine Essentials starting in the summer.