Matte Painting And Environment Design - Basic

Become a digital artist in the first available course of its kind in Belgrade!


The course represents a mixture of matte painting basics combined with elements of concept art and environment design, which are applied in the creation of an environment - virtual surroundings and ambiances – for movies, commercials and video games.


Alongside a historical review and theoretical background, the course is primarily based on effective, practical techniques of digital painting and photo-editing, both in the preparation - design, and in the implementation of matte paint projects - tasks.


Crucial and more comprehensive part of the course is based on thematic project tasks, which use adequate approaches and techniques for learning to overcome various challenges and requests in matte painting.

Considering the level of required techniques and tools, this course at the same time represents an advanced level of Photoshop course, where one could learn knowledge and skills that can be applied in any area of digital creativity.


Basic information:

course duration: 10 weeks
requirements:  basic drawing and painting skills
                      Digital Image Editing*
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      *or  equivalent computer skills  
    **price based on minimum 5 participants
  ***internship available
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Course program


•  History of Matte Painting (hereinafter MP); analog vs digital
•  Matte Painting today - recent technology in use
•  Matte Painting as a part of VFX industry
•  Types of Matte Painting shots; production workflow, pipeline, demands (creative and technical)
•  Intro to environment design/concept art; Correlation between Matte painting and concept art/design, pre and post production.


•  Projects organisation, conventions and rules
•  Using pen tablet in Photoshop
•  Basic drawing and painting techniques for environment design procesing


•  Types of perspective
•  Using one point perspective system in natural environment creation process 
•  Aerial perspective and value; Using values in establishing space and volumes (value blocking)
•  Tools and techinques of digital sketching
•  Adjusting, management and brush customisations
•  Using linear and aerial perspective elements in creating sketches
•  Basic design rules
•  Brush economy, stylisation and simplification
•  Speed paint techniques and tools
•  Photo study techniques

•  Basic rules and elements of visual composition
•  Composition as an instrument of visual narrative and environment design
•  Practical use of composition techniques in creating sketches 

•  Digital photography-cinematography and Matte paint - conventions, terms, attributes
•  Photo referencing - research and management ; aestetic and techical aspects 
•  Basic photo editing tools; photo retouching, photo adjusting
•  Attributes of convincing photo composite (I) - light, color, atmosphere; comparative analysis
•  Day to night conversion

PHOTOBASHING  (project 02)
•  Photo manipulation and extraction techniques and tools
•  Working with smart objects and masks
•  Non-destructive photo editing techniques
•  Attributes of convincing photo composite (II)- image planes, local contrast , aerial perspective...
•  Scale and proportions, structures and image plane attributes
•  Project preparation - analysing assignment, gathering and organising photo reference, making mood-board, hero reference break down 
•  Working with plate; term, conditions and properties
Creating paint over sketch 
•  Photo elements extraction and integration - block in composition
•  Color correction; planes values reference matching; light articulation, final tuning

•  Types and usage of linear perspective
•  Using linear perspective in architectural environment creation; rules, distortsion, converging lines; creating geometric volumes
•  Setting up perspective grid 
•  Making concept sketches following perspective grid
•  Architectural photo elements - extraction and manipulation; transfering perspective from photo into orthographic view; perspective grid matching and aligning 
•  Photo elements block in following perspective layout
•  Color correction, atmosphere, light ...
•  Details and final tuning
CITYSCAPE MATTE PAINTING II - night version (optional)
•  Day to night conversion
•  Artificial light types and properties
•  Light integration into pre-made matte (matte from previous assignment)
•  Final tuning


•  PS is an abbreviation for Photoshop
•  BW is an abbreviation for Black&White




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* all literature is available to students at the Crater VFX Training Center library


Upon completion of the course students will receive Crater VFX Training Center Certificate.


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